Tips for spring-cleaning your Memphis home

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Even if you might not believe it, it is already time to think about spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is something that people do every year, to greet the warmer weather with a clean home. It is also important for the health of everyone living in the household, especially if you have someone that suffers an allergy. Maybe it is more important now than ever, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you just moved in or are just moving out with the help of Spyder Moving Services, this is something that you should do. Giving your whole house a deep clean might sound dreadful, but with the right tips and tricks, spring-cleaning your Memphis home will be a breeze.

Tips for spring-cleaning your Memphis home

Spring-cleaning your Memphis home might sound like something difficult to do, but it doesn’t have to be. Moving also doesn’t have to be difficult if you hire some moving companies in Macon TN. With the right approach and preparation, you will give your home a deep clean in no time. Our best tips are:

  • Stay organized by making a schedule
  • Clean from top to bottom
  • Don’t forget the walls and windows
  • Don’t skip the kitchen and bathroom

    Person spring-cleaning your Memphis home
    Making a schedule will help you stay organized while spring-cleaning your Memphis home

Stay organized by making a schedule

If you make a schedule, chances are that you will be more organized during the whole process. Hiring some professional movers Memphis TN will make your whole moving process organized. Walk through your home and take a look at everything that needs to be cleaned. What areas need the most work? What are the places that you usually skip during routine cleaning? It is best to start with the dirtiest places since you will be the most motivated to work when you are just starting.

Clean from top to bottom

When it comes to cleaning your whole home, this is a really good piece of advice that you should take. We also advise you to hire some residential movers Memphis. Starting from the ceiling down will save you time because you won’t have to clean the same surfaces twice. The dust and debris will fall from the ceiling to the floor, and therefore you should clean the floor last.

Don’t forget the walls and windows when spring-cleaning your Memphis home

Everybody cleans their floors, but someone rarely puts attention to the walls and windows. Dust doesn’t just accumulate on the floors, but on other surfaces as well. You don’t have to do much here though. A damp cloth is everything you need. Just use it to wipe down the walls and blinds, and remember to do it from top to bottom.

Picture of groceries in the fridge
Don’t be afraid to deep clean your kitchen

Don’t skip the kitchen and bathroom

Chances are that you usually skip a kitchen and bathroom deep clean during a regular cleaning routine. Now that you are doing a deep clean, it shouldn’t be skipped. Clean the surfaces that you usually don’t put attention to, like the inside of the fridge and cabinets. You can also invest some extra time into moving your fridge and stove and cleaning behind it also. When it comes to the bathroom, put some time into organizing your bathroom cabinets. There are probably lots of expired or unused cosmetics and medications that you don’t need anymore. If there is something expired, make sure that you dispose of it the right way. Items that are still in a good state can always be donated to someone.

Tips for spring-cleaning your Memphis home

As you can see. spring-cleaning your Memphis home is not difficult if you prepare properly for it. Put on some of your favorite music, and get to work. You will feel so much better and easier once you finish. And you will have a home that’s ready for the warmer season. We wish you happy cleaning!