Tips for sorting personal documents after moving

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Have you moved recently, but you’re not sure how to deal with your documentation afterward? Anyone who has ever moved has been there. Sometimes it’s hard to find the items that you simply know where you packed. That’s why movers Mississippi have decided to help you make the sorting process easier! It’s important to keep your documents sorted because you never know what kind of emergency might pop up and you’ll need to have them at your arm’s length. To find out more about how to approach sorting personal documents after moving, keep on reading!  

Make an online inventory to begin sorting personal documents after moving

The first step to being organized is making an inventory. To start sorting personal documents after moving, you’ll need to:

  • Go through all the documents and sort them by date and type 
  • Enter their name and date in the Excel, google sheet or similar type of organizing program. 
  • When you continue on organizing, you’ll be able to search for the document easily on the computer and enter more relevant information about it as you go forward. 
  • Some of those pieces of information might be, for example, that some document has expired or you can note the place or folder in which you left the document. 
man searching for an item
To begin the sorting process, gather all the documents in one place and divide them by date of issue and place.

Get plastic folders

Plastic folders where you can insert different types of documents can be of great help. Use the transparent ones so that you can easily see inside the folder. If you have moved to different locations, make different labels, for example: Moving to Hattiesburg MS. Sort all of the documents in different folders and make sure that the folders can be closed. That will keep the dust and moisture away and prolong the life of your documents. Some people use photo albums to sort the documents, so if you think that this might work for you, give it a try. It’s a useful method if you don’t have a lot of documents – but let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

Label the boxes

After you’ve sorted the documents, it’s time to label the folders and boxes. If you get professional help from reliable movers like movers Olive Branch MS, you won’t have to worry about this. But if you want to do it on your own, know that it’s not a very tedious task. You should label each folder by writing the type of documents that are inside. That way, you won’t have to dig through all of the folders to find what you’re looking for – you’ll have it written in front. Get plastic boxes and place folders in them. Make sure you also label the boxes and write the content on top of them. The plastic boxes will be another barrier that will promote the longevity of the documents.

sorting personal documents after moving
Sorting personal documents after moving is easier when you have a moving company helping you out with the relocation process.

Sorting personal documents after moving is easier with help

In the end, don’t forget to use your inventory and mark where you’ve placed all of your documents – in which folder, and after that, in which box. That way, whenever you need, you can find out where your document is easy. If you have a lot of documents and boxes that you want to store in the attic, but they seem too heavy – give us a call. We will gladly give you a hand and help you transport your precious boxes to a safe place.