Tips for relocating office inventory

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Corporate moving differs greatly from residential moving. It usually means that you will have to relocate a lot more people, furniture, machinery, and belongings. When doing a commercial more, there will always be a lot more steps and you will need to take more time to organize the whole move. Here, the most important advice is to start thinking on time and to be organized. You need to think about everything involved in relocating office inventory and how much of the inventory you actually need to take with you even before you start contacting commercial movers. There is a lot of tips for relocating office inventory and for relocating an office in general, and they are listed below.

Notify all of your personnel on time so they have enough time to adapt to the idea of relocating offices.

Office relocation can be difficult

Every move is a stressful process. However, office relocation can cause office morale and productivity to diminish. The reason for this difficulty is that the move will surely be a great change of pace for everyone included in the business. So, before you get to relocating office inventory, you will need to think about the office personnel. You will need to give everyone enough time to adapt and figure out what is their role in the process of this move.

Notify about the move

After you have communicated your move internally, with your personnel, you will also have to communicate it externally. This means it is time to notify all of your partners (local or international). You will also have to notify all of your affiliates, and your suppliers. Think about how will your relocation affect any and all of your partners, suppliers, or clients? You will need to communicate your new contact information and be clear on how the relocation might have an impact on your deadlines.

Another task before the move will be to create a change-of-address list and to update the company address listings. Some of the websites that will need a new address are business accounts, company websites, social media accounts, banks and financial institutions, accounts receivable and payable, and listings on Google, Yelp, and other review sites.

You will need to devise a plan and give everyone a role in the office relocation for it to go smoothly.

Start planning on time

When it comes to commercial moving, planning is half of the job. You will need to contact Tunica MS movers on time and give them all of the information about the office inventory and if there is any machinery that will need special attention during the relocation. Remember that you are not doing this alone and that you have your team with you. Assign tasks to your team and figure out who will be doing what in regards to the move. You cannot start relocating office inventory at the last minute.

Where to start when relocating office inventory?

The first thing you will need to do is to review your current lease. Will you have to cover a deposit or a fee if you break your lease early? What are your responsibilities if it comes to property damage during the move? After you have studied your current lease, it is time to get quotes from moving companies. You will need to find a moving company that can suit your needs in your area.

Additionally, you will need to pick a moving coverage. The best piece of advice is to invest in your moving coverage and to pick a higher moving average than the industry standard of 0.60 dollars per pound. Moving coverage is really important because your operations may be backtracked if a piece of your machinery gets damaged. After you figure out your moving coverage, it is time to set your budget. Having a set budget will prevent you from overspending.

How to pack up

Have everyone pack up their desks before relocating office inventory. If everyone is responsible for their desks, the move will go a lot smoother. When it comes to their personal belongings, everyone should pack up their own things. However, you should give them a due date. It is important that they know the date by which all of their stuff needs to be packed so they can prepare in advance.

Office inventory
Office relocation is the perfect time to spruce up your office with new inventory such as furniture and decorations.

For other kinds of office inventory, such as furniture and machinery, you should contact professional packers and movers. A lot of the time office inventory requires special ramps and forklifts for it to be packed, and it will cost you more to rent out these machines and buy packing supplies than it will to leave it to professionals.

Another great tip is to look at your office inventory before the move. See if any of your furniture is run-down or on its last leg and if it needs to be replaced. The same goes for outdated office décor. Moving is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your office and give it a new, modern look.

Measure and label everything

The last piece of advice is to be aware of the differences between your old and new working space. You will need to see if the inventory from the old office fits into the new office. Another great piece of advice is to label everything so you will take no time unpacking your office and getting back to work. Office relocation really can be a walk in the park if you give yourself enough time and organize everything accordingly.