Tips for packing your gaming console

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When moving, packing your gaming console must be done very carefully to avoid any damage. We, at Spyder Moving Services TN, believe that you own a lot of gaming consoles, and their packaging and transport are something that can potentially burden you. Transporting items that have high material value or sensitivity requires additional attention and a plan. Given that fragile items require additional precautions, risk analysis is necessary if you want them to arrive in one piece. To safely transport them from point A to point B, you will need to apply the appropriate measures and pack your gaming console like a true professional. So take some time and carefully read and apply the following tips to protect and pack fragile items when moving.

Get packing material for your console

Once you’ve singled out all the consoles you plan to relocate, you should have a good idea of ​​what packaging materials you need. To protect your items well when moving, you will need the following:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Self-adhesive packing tape and duct tape
  • Wrapping paper
  • Newspaper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Flexible cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Sticky notes
Playing game console - packing your gaming console
Be careful and safely pack your gaming consoles when moving, they are good fun

New boxes or original packaging for packing your gaming console?

Every moving company will tell you that the best option is to pack the consoles in their original packaging. Those boxes contain various chambers and partitions that are specially designed to protect the console. Cardboard boxes can become unsafe with time, so invest in new boxes that are sturdy, dry, and easy to carry. If you are concerned about potential damage, use extra strong cardboard boxes which can be provided by Memphis movers and packers.

If you cannot use the original packaging, nor buy new boxes? Make sure that the old boxes you have are solid and undamaged. It is always a good idea to additionally strengthen the bottom of the box with quality self-adhesive packing tape. However, using professionals is always a better option. Spyder Moving Services is one of the best moving companies Lakeland TN and they have ideal packing solutions for all your needs.

Be sure to secure the consoles in the boxes

Another important tip when packing consoles in the boxes: is to not leave empty space and eliminate the possibility of movement. Make sure to fixate and secure your items firmly. For starters remove the cables and accessories and pack everything separately. Wrapping paper is the first line of defense for fragile items. You should use it in abundance to absorb shocks and fill the empty spaces in the boxes. Also, wrap them individually in bubble wrap, wrapping paper, or newspaper before placing them in the boxes to prevent damage and breakage. Also, on Better Business Bureau you can see all accredited companies as they are focused on advancing marketplace trust.

A box marked fragile - packing your gaming console
Mark your box clearly to avoid damage when packing your console

Mark boxes with “FRAGILE”

Clearly mark those boxes that contain sensitive items. It’s important that the packing and unpacking service team is aware of which boxes need to be handled with extreme care. After packing your gaming console, close its top tightly with self-adhesive tape and label it “fragile” on at least two sides. For better organization and navigation, each label should contain a description of the contents of the box and a label of the room in which it should be placed.