Tips for packing your dining room

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Preparing your dining room for a move takes more effort and consideration. Due to the fact that packing your dining room largely entails packing china, crystal, flatware, and dining room furniture, you’ll want to pay close attention to how each item is packed. Due to the fragility of china and crystal stemware, careful packaging is required to help prevent damage during delivery. We at Spyder Moving Services TN are here to deliver our finest tips for packing your dining room.

Tips for packing your dining room

Packing your dining room will go much easier with these few tips for packing your dining room. If you don’t have time to pack up everything or you’re moving in a hurry, don’t hesitate on calling our Memphis movers and packers to help you out.

If you’re moving in a hurry, don’t hesitate on calling professional packers to help you.

1. China & Glassware

Fine china and crystal glassware are priceless heirlooms that must be packed carefully for shipment. If you can’t use the original packaging for your china and glassware, these simple tips will help you protect them during your transfer.

  • Wrap each china item separately. Protect your china by wrapping it in bubble wrap or foam, then wrapping it in clean paper or packing paper. Begin at one corner of the paper and wrap diagonally, tucking overlapping edges. Finish with two newspaper sheets for further protection.
  • Pre-sectioned glassware boxes enhance durability and protection from movement. Wrap your glassware in the same manner. You will need a solid layer between each row of glasses if you are using non-sectioned boxes. Padding the box’s bottom and between the lenses is a must.
  • Fill the carton with foam cushioning and crushed packing paper to prevent shifting and movement.
  • Label your package Dining Room with a ‘Fragile’ sign.

2. Cups

Cups fit well in pre-sectioned boxes. Use two layers of clean paper or packing paper and a protective layer of newspaper to wrap each cup. Make a sectioned cup divider box by placing each cup upside down in it, and then add a layer of cushioning on top. We suggest you start calling moving companies Lakeland TN and getting free quotes if you’ll be using a moving company. Your cups and all your fine chine will be safe with us. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association approved all of our vehicles.

3. Flatware and silverware

If you don’t want your silverware to tarnish, wrap it in plastic wrap, then seal it with newspaper and tape. You can pack items individually or as a bundle. If your flatware and silverware will be stored in a chest, make sure the items are well cushioned so they don’t slide around. Use clean paper to carefully wrap silver bowls, serving plates, and tea sets. Place neatly in the box and cover with newspaper.

packing your dining room: flatware and silveware
When packing your dining room, make sure that your wrap your silverware and flatware carefully.

Figurines, Sculptures, and Other Artifacts

Use soft tissue, tissue paper, or a piece of paper towel to delicately wrap each delicate object. Mirrors, frames, and plaques can all benefit from an extra coating of the newspaper. Protecting glass figurines with a towel is an excellent idea. Make sure that you arrange all of your things in a single layer on top of each other in your shipping container. Packing your dining room will go much smoother if you use the services of our Oxford movers. They can move your whole household in no time.