Tips for packing wooden furniture

Packing again… The biggest drag in the whole process of moving. It can consume so much time and if you do not do it properly, it that can make you even more anxious. That is why you have to know some things. The most important thing is to finish packing before the move. It is one of the most important tips to make move easier. On the other hand, you have to know how to actually start packing wooden furniture and we are here to help you do that.

Protection during packing wooden furniture

The most important thing to do here is to protect your furniture. Problem with wood is that it is fragile. Of course, not in a classic sense but it can be scratched and damaged very easily. You certainly do not want that because it will lower down the esthetics of your furniture. When packing wooden furniture, it is important to protect all corners and surfaces because even a small thing can damage your property.

What packing supplies to use?

Packing wooden furniture is a little different from anything else that you have to pack. The best chance for you to protect your furniture is to use:

  • Moving blankets
  • Plastic sheets
  • Packing tape

Moving blankets

When you want to pack and move wooden furniture, you absolutely have to use moving blankets. There are various sizes so you just have to see what suits you. You can buy them by yourself or rent them from most moving companies in Mississippi. The choice is yours.

Plastic sheets

The second most important thing that you have to use on this occasion. Plastic sheets are not expensive so everyone can get them at a reasonable price.

Packing tape

Everything that you pack, you have to secure it properly. This is done with packing tape but there is one difference when moving wooden furniture. The most common mistake that people do is that they tape directly on the surface of the furniture. Avoid this mistake because it can ruin the looks of your furniture.

You just have to use them when packing wooden furniture
You can’t go without packing tapes

Disassemble the furniture if you can

Furniture nowadays is quite simple and that is certainly a good thing. You do not have that much to work on in order to pack it properly. But if you have a piece of furniture with lots of parts that can be damaged during a move, it is better to disassemble it. Of course, you will have to pack every piece of furniture and secure it during transport. This is a more secure way to transport wooden furniture because you disassemble the fragile parts of it and pack them separately.

Pack all parts separately
Disassemble the furniture before packing!

Remove the drawers and little stuff

It is very important to do this if you want to pack wooden furniture. The reason is simple. No matter you strong you tape them, they can make big damage during transport. Many people make this mistake and regret instantly. Remove all the drawers and little stuff from your furniture and pack them separately. This is the best way to be safe and not to worry that something will happen during the move.

How to pack wooden furniture?

We have come to the packing part of this process. It is very important how you pack things. If you do this properly, there is a high chance that nothing will happen to it during transport. After you disassemble your furniture, you have to wrap it with moving blankets that you have. This will prevent any scratches to come up. Then you have to tape the free sides and make it firm. It sounds like an easy task, but it really is not. For example, moving to Oxford MS can be troublesome if you do not pack properly. Tapes may come off and then you have a problem. Be sure that you tape the sides properly and be sure that tapes will not come off during transport.

Ask your friends for help

This is a very good solution to your problem. Who better to help than your friends that want just best for you, right? Well, you can be wrong. It all depends on the skills of your friends. Even though they want the best for you, they may not have that much experience with packing wooden furniture for the move. Be wise when choosing because you can have many problems once you unload the truck.

How to load a moving truck?

It is one thing to protect your wooden furniture with packing but a whole other to protect it while transport. In order for your furniture to survive the move, you have to be wise when loading a moving truck. The key is to distribute the weight properly. What we mean by this is that you should not put anything heavy on top of your furniture. As we said before, wood is fragile so there is a chance that it will break during the move. Put the heaviest things first. After that, you can put your furniture in the truck.

Do not put heavy items on top of the furniture
It is important to know how to load the moving truck

Hire professional help?

When it comes to packing wooden furniture, you have to be extra careful. A little mistake can be fatal and your furniture can get ruined. If you want to avoid that, it is always better to hire professionals that will do the thing for you. We understand that you skeptic but most moving companies have years of experience in moving business. There are many services that you can choose from. They will use different approaches depending on the size of your move, distance, etc.


Packing wooden furniture is a delicate job. It is fragile and even a little mistake can make you regret buying it in the first place. There are many tips for this job and if you do them right, there is no need for you to stop buying the wooden furniture. There are three most important things in order to be safe. Disassemble the furniture, pack it properly and load onto a truck. If you do this right, you can be relaxed and enjoy the trip!

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