Tips for packing wooden furniture

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Packing some of your belongings for moving is easy. Such things are, for example, your clothes and bedding. But, packing wooden furniture is far more complex. Most of it is large and bulky. So, if possible, you’ll have to disassemble it before packing. This further means that you need to know how to do it. You’ll need to have the right tools. And to know how to pack individual pieces of wooden furniture.  Are you organizing a DIY relocation? In that case, make sure you or your friends can do it right. However, if you are unsure, it is better to seek professional help from companies like Spyder Moving Services. They know how to pack and protect your furniture the right way.

How to pack and move your wooden furniture

Here are some tips to help you pack and move your furniture. They can be especially helpful with a DIY move.  By following them, you will be able to pack a lot of your furniture. However, do not forget that, in the case of complicated pieces, it is better to hire professional help.

So, let’s see what are the basic steps in packaging wooden furniture:

  • Get the right moving supplies 
  • Make sure you have the tools for disassembling/reassembling furniture
  • Inspect and clean your furniture
  • Disassemble the wooden furniture
  • Wrap and pack your furniture properly
  • Load and fasten packed pieces to prevent damage during transportation
  • Unload and reassemble it in your new home


Couple wrapping a couch with a white cloth while packing wooden furniture.
For packing wooden furniture you need good packing material.

The moving supplies that you will need

Packing wooden furniture is a bit different from packing anything else. You will best protect it by using the following moving supplies:

  • Moving blankets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Sofa and mattress covers
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Furniture pads
  • Packing tape

Moving blankets come in various sizes. So, look for those that will best suit your needs. Also, you can either buy them or rent them from the local movers in TN. The rest of the moving supplies you can easily get at reasonable prices. Besides, when using packing tape, be careful not to stick it directly to the furniture surface. Wooden surfaces are sensitive. So, the tape will surely destroy them. 

Tools for disassembling/reassembling furniture

In most cases, the basic tool kit will be enough. However, keep in mind that you will also need better tools for some pieces. In that case, it is best to seek help. This is an additional reason why hiring a moving company is a good idea. Their team will have better tools. In addition, the use of better tools will reduce the possibility of furniture damage. And also, disassembly will go faster.

Moving is an excellent time to inspect your furniture

Wooden furniture can be damaged easily. And it can happen even while you use it in your home. So, moving time is excellent to inspect it thoroughly. In case you are preparing it for transportation, pay attention to:

  • scratches
  • cracks
  • broken parts

Packing time is also great to clean your furniture from any kind of dirt. Moreover, you can make repairs, and coat it with a protective layer. This way, your wooden furniture will look fresh and new in your new home. 


Tekton Screwdrivers, Sockets, and Combination Wrenches.
In most cases, the basic tool kit will be enough for disassembling your furniture.

Make sure your wooden furniture is completely dry before packing

If you decide to repair and clean, make sure the furniture parts are completely dry before packing. If you pack them wet, it will certainly lead to problems. No matter how long they will be wrapped. A humid environment favors the rapid development of fungi and mold. So, they can easily grow on wet spots, damaging your furniture pieces. So, they can develop even during the time needed for moving from Mississippi to Tennessee

It is not necessary to emphasize what would happen if you packed the parts before the coating on them was well dried. And that’s the last thing you’d want to see when unpacking parts in a new home. Also, if your furniture has upholstery, clean and dry it well. And when packing, protect it properly from dirt and dust.

Disassemble the furniture so that you can pack it more easily

Whenever it is possible, disassemble your furniture. It will help you to pack and protect each piece better. Luckily, nowadays, most furniture is rather simple. And that is good news. You will have to work less. This, you will need less time to complete the task. 

However, you might have some antiquity furniture. Such pieces will demand more time, better skills, and better tools. And finally, some pieces of furniture you will not be able to disassemble. So you will have to find a way to pack them. The most important thing is that such furniture is well protected while you are moving to Tennessee.

Steps for furniture disassembling

You can disassemble the furniture in the way that suits you best. However, our recommendation is to follow this order. With a systematic approach, you will not forget to remove some pieces. Also, when disassembling parts, always mark them. That is, put a sticker on each part indicating which piece of furniture it belongs to. This will take you a bit more time. However, it will be incredibly helpful in reassembling.

Remove legs and tops from your wooden furniture

Removing lags, if possible, will make packing and transportation easier. After removing the legs, wrap them separately. Do the same with the tops. After the whole piece of furniture is disassembled, put the legs and tops in a box with other belonging parts.

If removing is not possible, wrap the legs well. This will prevent them from sustaining damage. Also, if left unprotected, they can easily damage other objects.


A person using bubble wrap on a chair while packing wooden furniture.
Some pieces of furniture you will not be able to disassemble.

Take off all the removable pieces from dressers and desks

Take off all removable pieces. That means all handles, knobs, casters, finials, and other small pieces that can come loose. While doing so, place them in self-sealing plastic bags. Stick a label on each bag, so to know which piece of furniture they belong to.

Remove the drawers and wrap them carefully

You might have some unbreakable things inside drawers, like clothes. In such a case, you can leave them in the drawer. That way, you will save up on packing boxes. Also, you will save up on space inside the moving truck.

Disassembling beds, sofas, and chairs

When you are disassembling beds, separate all their parts. First, take off the mattress. After that, remove the headboard and footboard. The last step is to take apart the bed frame, to make it easier for packing and transporting.

From sofas and chairs, you will usually have to remove cushions and legs. Most people are using vacuum bags to pack the cushions. That way, they can squeeze cushions and save up on space. However, the long-distance movers Mississippi are not recommending it. Shrinking the cushions too much is usually destroying their shape.  

Wrapping and packing your wooden furniture in a proper way

Wrapping is an important step in furniture moving. Properly packed furniture will be well protected during the loading, unloading, and transportation times. When wrapping each piece, take especially care about the sharp corners. Add corner protectors, or put additional layers of wrapping materials onto them.

When you are wrapping the wooden furniture, don’t put bubble wrap directly on the wooden surface. Any kind of plastic wrap may damage it. Instead, use the moving blanket or furniture pads first. Apply the plastic wrap over the blankets, and fasten them with the packing tape. This way neither blanket nor plastic wrap will fall off. Just be careful to avoid packing tape catching onto the wooden surface, as it is very adhesive. And it is hard to remove it without damaging the wood. Corrugated cardboard sheets are also excellent protection for wooden furniture. It is especially handy to separate flat furniture pieces.


Wooden chairs on a porch at sunrise.
Following the tips for furniture packing, you will enjoy having it in your new home.

Enlist friends for helping with packing and moving the furniture

In case of DIY moving, ask your friends to help you with packing and moving. Their help will be welcome in both cases. First, packaging takes a lot of time. So, with the help of a friend, you will finish it earlier. Secondly, when it comes to moving furniture up to the truck, you can’t do it alone. Unless you carry some smaller pieces, like a chair. For moving most furniture, at least two people are needed.

Things to consider when carrying furniture

Before you take the first piece to the truck, make sure of the following:

  • that the doorways and hallways are wide enough for your furniture
  • the path to the truck must be cleared of any clutter
  • that you have the right moving tools (you may rent a dolly or hand truck. You will also need moving straps and a skid board)
  • make sure to cover the floors, or get the furniture gliders (to prevent your wooden furniture from damaging the flooring)

In case you realize that all this is too complicated for you, hiring professional packing services is always a good solution.

Load the furniture onto the truck

When loading a truck, it is important to load heavier pieces of furniture first. By doing so, you will distribute the weight evenly. And, that will make the driving of the truck easier. Also, when loading items onto the moving truck, fasten them well. That will prevent them from moving during sudden braking. Or when driving in sharp curves. If not fastened properly, pieces can easily move. So, they can bamp into another piece and cause the damage. 

Also, during loading, make sure to put the lighter things on the top. And, you can additionally secure the load. Put the cushioning between the furniture parts. Or divide them with additional cardboard sheets. As you can see, the proper loading of a moving truck is as important as proper packing. Both will help you bring your wooden furniture to its new destination in excellent condition.

Staging the furniture in your new home

Packing wooden furniture is a delicate job. It is fragile and even a little mistake can cause irreparable damage. Furniture is not cheap. And, in case you have some handmade furniture, you should be even more careful. So, it is very important to get the proper moving insurance. And this is especially important for DIY moving. Moving on your own, you will not have any insurance unless you purchase it. But following our advice, we hope you have reached your new home with ease. So, now you can start with reassembling and staging. And enjoy in your new home. And in well preserved wooden furniture.