Tips for packing household appliances

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Moving can be a quite complicated process. Packing an entire household and moving it from point A to point B is not an easy task, even if you are moving just across the street. What makes moving that complicated is the fact that moving presents a big change, and most people are often afraid of changes. Additionally, moving is not something that we do every day, so people often find themselves in uncharted waters. The packing process can also present a challenge. Sure, packing your clothes and books is not that complicated, but what about packing bulky pieces of furniture, expensive artwork, or heavy home appliances? Fortunately, there is an easy solution. You can transfer the task of packing household appliances to your Hattiesburg movers today, you just have to pick up your phone and make that call.

On the other hand, if you want to try and do it yourself, you are in the right place. Stay with us, we have prepared a short guide that will help you with this task.

Professional movers and packers

Hiring professional packers is the fastest way of preparing for the move. Don’t forget that these are the people that do this job for a living. Therefore, they are certainly more qualified than you are. Additionally, professional packers know sophisticated packing techniques and have the right tools to pull the task off. Packing services will cost you a bit extra, but you will get plenty in return:

  • You will save a lot of time on packing and unpacking.
  • You will be able to concentrate on other important duties be it other moving-related tasks or your work and family.
  • Your belongings will be in safe hands. Hiring professional packers ensures the safety of your belongings during transportation.
  • Less stress. You will need to keep your cool during this period. By getting Spyder moving services you will lower the stress levels significantly.

Get packing supplies

On the other hand, if you wish to pack your home for the move on your own, you will have to get some moving supplies. Moving supplies are essentially the tools that you need to make the moving process easy and systematized. So, here is what you should get for this occasion:

  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Styrofoam peanuts
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Marker pens
  • Sticker labels
  • Basic tools like screwdrivers and scissors

You can find most of these tools at any DIY store, or you can order them online. If you wish to save some money, call your friends who recently moved and see if they have some leftover moving supplies.

Picture of a couple and cardboard boxes. Packing household appliances requires moving supplies
Get some moving supplies if you wish to pack on your own

Packing household appliances like juicers and blenders

So, now when we have all the right tools let’s proceed to packing. We will start with the small kitchen appliances like juicers, blenders, toasters, coffee grinders, waffle makers, and so forth. You get the picture. Before you pack these small appliances make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned and dry. You can now start packing them for the move:

  • Use the original box. The best way to pack small appliances is to use their original box. That is, of course, if you still have it. Put the appliance back in its box and apply some packing paper or old newspaper to fill any leftover gaps. This technique will prevent it from tumbling inside the box.
  • Use a plain cardboard box. If you don’t have original packaging, you will have to improvise a bit. Disassemble the appliance and pack any glass or fragile parts separately using bubble wrap or some soft fabric like old clothes. Pack plastic or metal parts using packing paper and put them inside of a cardboard box. Seal the box using packing tape.

    Picture of a toaster
    Use original boxes for packing household appliances like blenders and toasters

An important tip for packing household appliances

Some appliances come in several pieces. Check whether you still have the user manual. If you do, put in the box so that you can assemble them back again when you arrive at your new place. This same technique should be applied for various small and medium-sized home and garden appliances like vacuum cleaners, electric grills, fans, and so on.

Large appliances

As you can see, packing small appliances, clothes or books is not that hard. You just need a bit of time, good organization, and all those moving supplies we have mentioned before. On the other hand, packing large, heavy and bulky  items like fridges, stoves, dishwashers, and dryers can be quite tricky. These items are also somewhat fragile. Therefore, you should use certain techniques when packing large appliances:

  • Get measuring tape. Doublecheck if the appliance will fit your new place before packing.
  • Get everything out of the way.
  • Prepare the appliance for packing. By this, we mean to clean and defrost the fridge or to remove any leftover water from the dishwasher.
  • Get the user manual and see if you can disassemble the appliance. Take photos during the process for easier reassembling.
  • Use packing supplies plus wheel dolly and straps for easier maneuvering.
  • Use bubble wrap, cardboard plates, and other protective materials to prevent scratching and damage.

Important tip: If the appliance is rather old, or you feel it won’t match the design of your new place, consider buying a new one. You can then discard the old appliance and save your money and time.

Picture of a fridge
If you are not sure how to pack your fridge call professional packers

Packing electronic devices

Electronic devices like computers, sound systems, and TV sets are also home appliances and an important part of our daily lives. In any event, you will have to pack electronic devices when moving. Speaking of computers, you are probably going to take your laptop with you, but you should always back up your data using cloud services. For stereos and TV sets use the packing techniques we mentioned before. Because these are fragile items use several layers of protection like bubble wrap, packing paper, and old clothes. Finally, label the boxes with these items asFragile”.

As you can see packing household appliances is not that difficult when you have the right tools and know the best packing techniques. If you don’t trust your capabilities you can always call professional packers. Good luck.