Tips for packing gardening equipment for transport

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Packing gardening equipment for transport can be quite challenging. On top of all the planning, and organizing you have to do normally, you also have to pack your clippers, dibbers, and dibbles properly. Given the fact that these are quite sharp objects, they are quite a huge transportation risk. So, learning how to properly relocate them is key to a stressful and carefree move.

gardening equipment
We recommend that you pack your shovels and rakes together in a bundle. Don’t forget to wrap them in proper padding tho!

Thankfully for you, Spyder Moving Services is here to help. We are a family-owned moving company with over two and a half decades of experience under our belt. And today, we are going to share with you our favorite tips and tricks that will surely make relocating your gardening tools that much easier.

Tips for packing gardening equipment for transport

Before you open your first cardboard box and start packing your gardening tools, we recommend that you declutter. This is single-handedly the best way to organize anything before packing.

  • There are a lot of methods out there on how you can do this. However, we recommend that you gather only the absolute essentials. While for other items you can use warehouse storage. This will not only save time packing, but it’s also better for the environment as you are not using as many moving boxes as you would normally use.

On the other hand, you can also just hire movers Brandon MS and not have to worry about having to pack your tools at all. You can just let the professionals do all the work. After all, these people spend their lives perfecting the best way to pack your belongings and making your move, as stress-free as possible. So, why not use that to your advantage?

A power tool
Don’t forget to properly pack your power tools. It could mean a world of difference!

Bulky gardening equipment

However, some people don’t want to use packing and unpacking services. And that’s completely fine. However, there are some things to watch out for when packing your tools when relocating.

  • Make sure to pack your hand tools in appropriate toolboxes.
  • Wrap power tools in blankets, and rags, and put them in moving boxes. Power tools are quite an expensive piece of equipment. So make sure not to just leave it in a toolbox. We always, and we mean always, recommend packing it in proper packing materials before relocating.
  • Use the opportunity to clean your tools before you pack them. Most people just pack their tools without cleaning them under the guise of “I’ll do it later when I unpack.“. However, what most people don’t account for is the fact that when you start unpacking you are going to be terribly fatigued from the move. So, we recommend that you clean your tools before packing your belongings!