Tips for packing books and photographs

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If you are a huge reader, you probably have a lot of books in your house. It sounds perfect until you have to move. Books are both heavy and fragile. They can get easily damaged if you don’t pack them properly. The same thing applies to photographs and pictures. They hold your precious memories so you need to protect them properly as well. For this reason, you should hire Spyder moving services TN. If you want to contribute to your relocation, here are all the tips for packing books and photographs. 

Declutter your items 

Usually, you would have more books than you really need. You might even have two editions of the same book. For this reason, it is time to declutter all the books that you no longer need. This way, you will save money both when hiring Oakland TN movers and getting all the necessary packing supplies. On the other hand, you probably cannot declutter your photographs so just move everything that you have. 

packing books and photographs that a person is holding
Find a solution for books that you will declutter

What to do with books that you decluttered? 

When you decide which books to move and which books you need to get rid of, you need to do something with them. First of all, you can donate books to your local library. In addition to this, you can also sell books to local bookstores. Lastly, if books are in really bad condition, you will need to recycle them. 

Get the right boxes and packing supplies 

When selecting boxes for your books, you need to find small or medium-sized boxes. If you choose a single large box, books can easily overtake the weight limit. This could break the box and your books will end up damaged. As for your photos, it would be best if you can get put them all in a photobook. Then, you need to put a photobook in the box. This is how your items should be packed when long distance movers Memphis come to pick them up. 

Packing books and photographs in a rolling suitcase 

Since you have to move your suitcases as well, why not use them? You can put your books in your suitcase too. This is a good solution because you can avoid the whole heavy lifting issue. However, you will have to secure the suitcase in the truck or let movers Somerville TN do it instead. Furthermore, pay attention to the following. 

  • Pack hardcovers upright 
  • Papers go on the side 
  • Fill in any empty space 
  • Label the boxes 
books on the shelf
Find suitable boxes for all the books and photographs

Carrying and lifting boxes 

Lastly, when you are done with packing books and photographs, you need to load the moving truck. Since boxes containing books can be quite heavy, you need to be careful. Do not lift the boxes using your lower back but rather, use your knees instead. If you cannot do it alone, you should ask someone to help you. This can be your friends, family members, movers, etc.