Tips for packing and moving an armoire

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Moving home is no easy task. You must forge a plan, organize packing, and find movers in Mississippi ready for this job. And the whole deal becomes much harder if you possess robust and hard-to-handle furniture. packing and moving an armoire Is one of those tasks that will drive you nuts. So, let us help you with this one and provide a step-by-step guide on how to handle it. Let’s relocate together!

Prepare the environment before you start packing and moving an armoire

Like in any other relocation, you must inspect the environment first. It is a good way to secure everything end ensure your home is safe to work in. Also, this way you will realize how complex the whole project is. And you will know how much robust furniture you possess as well as all other household items. This will lead you toward the number of packing materials required and your moving budget. You will realize that packing and moving an armoire won’t be an easy task and you’ll have to purchase a few more packing materials to protect it right.

Once you have all the info written down on your moving checklist, you can call your movers and let them help you further. Together you will figure out which Memphis moving services will make your relocation easier and finally calculate the precise moving cost. Therefore, inspect your home thoroughly and note everything down so you won’t have any surprises later.

Get some help

Moving heavy furniture is no job for a single person. This means you should seek some help from your friends, relatives, neighbors, or movers. Firstly, locate all the furniture you can’t move alone and then ask your friends to invest an hour or two just for this part. They do not have to stay the whole day. Let them help you with the hardest part then release them from the site.

A guy moving boxes with a dolly
Enlist professional movers to help you with your heavy furniture.

But because moving robust furniture is a dangerous task as well, maybe it would be best to leave this one to professionals. Find your Tennessee long distance moving companies and give them a closer look. Ensure that your moving experts possess all the tools and requirements for the job. More importantly, they must be licensed and permitted to work within the moving industry. Hence, compare prices, services, and read a few moving reviews. Confirm that your moving company is a legit one and utilize the amazing services they offer.

Use the right tools for the job

Now, it is extremely important to use the right tools and materials when packing and moving an armoire. Such a piece of furniture is heavy, hard to handle, and easily breakable. Not to mention that some of us possess an antique version of it which can be quite expensive if damaged. Or completely irreplaceable. So, obtain the following and secure your valuable piece:

  • Cover – You can wrap your armoire in a cardboard box and wrap it all around with the packing tape. But a much better solution is to use blister packs or foam wrapping designed for this occasion. It might be a bit more expensive but it will protect your furniture in the right way. Also, it is a reusable material so you’ll have it for your next move.
  • Paddings – The best way to protect the corners and edges of your armoire.
  • Packing tape – Obtain the higher-quality one and don’t be afraid to apply several layers to strengthen the whole batch.
  • LabelsLabel your wrapped armoire with a clear sign in case it is an expensive or fragile one in question.
  • Dolly – Use a moving dolly to transport your furniture in case it is a smaller piece. If it’s a big one, you’ll have to use more manpower and carry it to the moving truck manually.

Let’s get ready for packing and moving an armoire

Ok, now you know half of it. But before you begin with all the stages we mentioned, you must prepare your armoire for moving. Firstly, each piece of furniture you are moving must be empty. It is easier to move and there is less chance for moving mishaps. Also, you might damage the items inside so it would be a bad idea to move any piece of furniture with the items inside. The only exceptions are the pillows and plush toys. Now, after you empty your armoire, clean it thoroughly before wrapping it up. You want your furniture fresh and clean in your new apartment.

Bathroom shelfs
Empty your armoire before attempting to move it.

Then, you should tape down the drawers or remove them completely and transport them separately. Also, remove any glass pieces like doors, small windows, or ornaments. And finally, as we mentioned before, label each piece in the right way. This will raise the awareness of the content your movers are transporting.

Protect your furniture adequately

You can always add an additional layer of protection to your valuable furniture. We already stated that the best solution is bubble wrap. But this does not stop you to toss a blanket, sheet, or tarp over it as well. It is even advisable to have at least two layers of protection if you are moving a valuable piece of furniture. But do not worry, if you are unaware or do not know how to wrap your furniture adequately, consult with your movers. They know all the techniques and have all the tools to do it. Maybe it would be wise to purchase packing services Memphis and let your movers cover this part completely. They will bring the materials, wrap your furniture, and load the moving truck. All within a few hours. Think about it.

Use bubble wrap for packing and moving an armoire
Bubble wrap is the best protection for this occasion. Use it well.

Load the moving truck

If you do not know how to do it, do not attempt this one at all. There is a way to load a moving truck safely. Lifting heavy objects to such a height and moving it around inside a moving vehicle is a serious task. Hence, let your movers do it instead and you can only supervise. Of course, you’ll learn a few moves and maybe next time you can do it. But this time around, let your movers use the tools, knowledge, and experience to load and transport your armoire safely. And if you think that this is not enough and you fear that something might get damaged, you can always obtain moving insurance. Get one from your movers or from an insurance company.

Ok, now you know how packing and moving an armoire looks like. It won’t be a big deal if you follow the steps we listed above. But if you find a reliable and experienced moving company, it will be even easier. More importantly, much safer. Good luck and have a safe journey.