Tips for packing and moving an aquarium

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Moving can be extremely complicated if you have a lot of fragile and valuable objects with you. You’ll have to purchase better packing materials, organize adequately, and find Mississippi moving company that you can trust. And one such item is an aquarium. A complicated and fragile one indeed. So, let us help you with packing and moving an aquarium and ensure it will reach the other side unharmed.

A good moving company is a must

Right from the start, we must tell you that no matter how your packing and moving an aquarium looks like, if you are using the wrong moving company, it won’t be good. So, to find the right Memphis moving services, you must search online and compare prices and services. Once you find what you were looking for, give them a call. And you must confirm the following:

  • License and permits
  • Tools and equipment
  • Sizeable and safe moving vehicle
  • Enough knowledgeable manpower
  • Desired moving services
packing and moving an aquarium is easier with a moving company
Find a moving company with the knowledge and the tools to perform this delicate task.

When you confirm your moving crew is legit and ready, you can give it a go. Just make sure your search for Tennessee long distance moving companies the right way. Never choose the first one you find nor the one with the cheapest moving service.

Packing and moving an aquarium requires delicate handling

Yes, you must complete a few tasks before you can relocate your tank. Firstly, run to the nearest pet store and obtain a few essentials. You’ll need baggies to hold your fish in and a net to catch the little rascals. If you have both, then you are fine and you won’t have to make the trip. And ensure you have enough food for upcoming days because maybe you do not have a pet shop at your new address. At least not close to your home. Also, you can consult with them on the best way to relocate your fishes from the tank into the holding containers without hurting them.

Packing and moving an aquarium – tips and tricks

Now, let’s pack your fish tank like pros. The first step is to empty your tank. Of course, you’ll take enough water from the tank to fill the baggies where your fishy friends will stay for a while. Then, empty the rest of the water and pour it into bottles and take it with you. As soon as you arrive at your new place you’ll use the same water for a while. Soon enough you’ll prepare the whole new batch for your friends to swim in. Ok, once your fish tank is empty, you should take all the decoration, gravel, and miscellaneous items and clean them thoroughly. Put it all in a dedicated moving box and you are ready.

Blue fishes swimming in the open
Be careful and gentle with your fishy friends.

Sadly, this one you must pack yourself simply because it is a delicate matter. You do not want movers to break your aquarium or endanger your fishes. But for the other belongings in your home, you can use packing services Memphis and skip the whole boring packing process. It is an affordable way to pack, unpack, and relocate. Think about it.

How to move it without breaking it

Packing and moving an aquarium is one thing, but get it out of the house, in the moving truck, and unload at your new home is an entirely different thing. So, an adequate cushion and packing materials are required. You must have enough blankets, bubble wrap, cardboard corner pads to secure it from the inside and outside. Fill your aquarium with a cushion and wrap it from all sides. Use packing tape to finalize the process and you are safe to move it.

Pack and swim away!

Now you are ready to get your aquarium into the truck. Once you secure the whole batch, you can either do it alone or with the help of your moving team. If your aquarium is small, do it alone. If not, let movers do it entirely. And make sure you purchase the moving insurance in case they damage it. But do not worry, your fishes are safe and you will easily file a moving complaint when the time comes. All that is important is for your pets to arrive on the other side safely. And for the aquarium, you can always purchase a new one.

Hopefully, now you know enough about packing and moving an aquarium. Depending on your situation, we are sure you’ll make some changes and adapt. All that is important is to find an adequate moving company and let them do their magic. Good luck and stay safe.