Tips for packing a motorcycle for transport

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Moving your motorcycle is a complex task. It entails many responsibilities, like understanding and sorting a mountain of paperwork and associated costs. It’s good to consider taking assistance from our trusted Spyder Moving Services and ensure the safe transfer of your valuable possession. Besides, how can you tackle the process of packing a motorcycle for transport? Take your lead from our pro tips in the text that follows.

Before you start packing a motorcycle for transport

Moving your motorbike a short distance is easy, you can simply ride it. But the story changes if you need to ship it overseas, or out of state. Your best bet is to rely on Tennessee long distance moving companies for some much-needed expert assistance. Before you embark on the assignment of packing your motorbike for transfer, take note of few important points, that will make your project easy. First and foremost, allow ample time to properly prepare your motorcycle for transport. Then, take into account these brief reminders.

  • Before packing a motorcycle for transport, give it a thorough wash. The benefit of this is double. First, it may prevent the need for quarantine at the shipping destination, or costly cleaning bills. Also, it’ll point out any damages.
  • Then, make a list and mark scratches, damages, and other issues, and take photos for your record.
  • Remove any additional accessories, such as a GPS.
  • Talk to your mover and clarify if you need to drain the fuel and oil of the tanks. There might be several transport conditions, as well as quarantine rules on the other end, that you need to be aware of in advance.

Use these points as a guide, and talk to your mover. This is a sure way to prepare well and ensure you get the packing of your bike for transfer right.

A man with his bike
Before you start packing a motorcycle for transport, make sure it’s well prepared

Packing your motorcycle for transport – best tips and tricks

Once you’ve prepared your ride as we suggest above, it’s safe to proceed with the packing part. Doing it yourself is certainly one way to go about it. Or, you may consider enlisting pro packing services Memphis, for the best outcome. However, if you’ve decided to pack your bike for yourself, make a point to find a suitable transport box. Check with your local motorcycle dealer if they can provide you with any. Usually, they are happy when they can dispose of the new vehicles overpack free of charge. Besides, the right packing method will vary, depending on what carrier you choose for the transport.

Carrier options for a DIY motorcycle shipping

As we’ve already mentioned, the safest and easiest way to transport your bike is to rely on expert Memphis moving services. Anyway, there are 2 main carrier options you should consider for the DIY transport of your bike:

  • Utility trailer – which doesn’t require an elaborate packing of a motorcycle for transport. It’s the most common way of DIY bike shipping. You can easily hook up the trailer to the back of a vehicle, and use a wooden plank as a ramp. It’s also worth noting that this may be a solid solution for transport on shorter distances. Otherwise, you may be risking the safety of your bike, which can result in costly damages.
  • Moving truck or enclosed trailer – this is a safer option, as it enables you to protect your bike better from potential mishaps on the road.
A car with an enclosed trailer
You can transport your bike the DIY way with the help of a trailer, however, the safest option is to take some pro help

How to secure your bike onto a trailer?

After securing your carrier, your next step should be loading and securing your bike. You’ll need to obtain a wheel chock that will prevent the front wheel from moving while in transit. Additionally, it will keep your motorcycle stationary, and prevent it from damages. Also, you’ll need ratchet straps or chains, to connect them to each handlebar and secure them to a fixed point on the side or floor of the trailer or the truck. This is how to safely carry out the packing of your bike for transport, the DIY way. For overseas shipping, however, you will have to take the assistance of a pro mover. And even on shorter distances, if you rely on your mover’s expert help, you’ll enjoy more peace of mind and a much safer transporting project.

Withal, these are our best tips for packing a motorcycle for transport. Follow them, to ensure the safe and smooth relocation of your bike. Good luck.