Tips for organizing paperwork when moving

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Organizing paperwork when moving is a great way to start off a decluttering process. We all know how unimportant papers seem to be piling on and on. However, you can’t just throw away everything. More often than not important documents are jumbled up in the same place as all unimportant ones. If your paperwork is perfectly organized in color-coated binders – kudos to you! Unfortunately, most people are simply not that neat and organized all the time. So once you start planning your move, hire expert movers to handle other tedious moving tasks for you, and get down to sorting!

Organize paperwork before packing for an easier move

Deciding to hire movers with quality packing services Memphis residents deem reliable is great when it comes to packing household items. However, only you can know what papers you need or not need. To organize paperwork when moving quickly, follow these simple steps.

A woman lying on the floor surrounded by documents.
Sorting documents is the first step towards organizing paperwork when moving!

Start off the process of organizing paperwork when moving with sorting

Sorting is perhaps the longest part of organizing paperwork. While doing this you should look at every paper and make groups of documents based on how you plan on storing them later on. To do this comfortably it’s best to sit on the floor if you don’t have a large enough desk. Surround yourself with papers and sort through them.

Declutter what you don’t need

Once you’ve sorted through your papers dispose of the ones you don’t need. There are many Memphis moving services, but unfortunately disposing of unwanted paperwork is not one of them. That means that you’ll have to do it on your own. It’s best to immediately take your unwanted papers out so there’s no unnecessary cluttering around the house. Recycle if possible, of course. But other than that, don’t hold onto what you don’t need!

Shop for stationery

Once you’ve sorted and decluttered your documents it’s time to get some files or binders depending on your preferences. Think about what you’d like your filing system to look like. Once you’re sure of what you need it’s time to go shopping! That said, it’s good practice to buy a separate file for important moving documents you are going to need during a move. Pack those documents separately and keep them close to you at all times.

Organizing paperwork when moving is the best time to start a brand new filing system

Quality Tennessee long distance moving companies can handle intense long distance moves with no problems. However, to learn proper filing you can’t rely on your movers. Fortunately, you don’t have to shadow an economist in a company to learn to do so. Simply reading a helpful article will do. During this step, it’s up to you to decide how you wish to label your files and binders. Once you’re done with labeling, fill the files and binders with matching paperwork and sort them in the order you like.

Four binders neatly placed in a box.
Taking time to start a filing system when packing for a move can be very helpful in the future!

Pack your brand new files in a box

Once organizing your documents is all done it’s time to prepare your brand new filing system for a move. It’s best to place the files or binders in a box in the correct order. Once the box is full, close it with duct tape and label it. If you need more than one box label them in an order stating what the box is and the number.

Organize your paperwork today so it’s easy to find what you need tomorrow

A messy document drawer is what most of us struggle with. However, organizing paperwork when moving can change how you store your documents forever! Take a few hours out of your day to sort, declutter, and organize all your documents and there’s no doubt your future self will thank you for it.