Tips for moving valuable art pieces in Memphis

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Memphis, a city in the southwest of Tennessee, is well known for its art life. With live music playing seven nights a week and legendary music sites, museums, and art galleries, it welcomes all visitors. There are conference, event, and breakout spaces at many of Memphis’ musical treasures and attractions. It is full of genuine Southern charm and warmth. Luckily, if you need tips on moving valuable art pieces in Memphis, Spyder Moving and Storage TN might have some tips for you.

Pictures on the wall
There are many types of valuable art pieces.

Choice of transportation is crucial for moving your valuable art pieces in Memphis

As Memphis is known to be the center of art and many artists, it is not surprising that local movers are well-versed in moving art. Moving is always challenging, especially when you need to move valuable items. That’s why you need to be extra careful when looking for Memphis moving services for your valuable art pieces. It is crucial to find professionals who are reliable and trustworthy. Anybody finds packing artwork for a move difficult, but art collectors find it extra challenging. This is due to art’s value and fragility. Letting things fall through the cracks is simple because there are so many moving pieces in the process. One of them shouldn’t be properly transporting your fine art collection.

Hands packing pieces of glass
Good preparation is crucial for moving valuable art pieces in Memphis.

Start with creating an inventory list of all the items you want to move

Once you choose the right moving company, you should start making an inventory list of all the items you want to move. If you are moving all your other belongings, you should check for furniture movers Memphis TN as well. As for the art pieces, list all the priceless paintings and artwork you have in your home first. However, it is not easy to decide whether you want to pack them yourself or want movers to do it for you. If your inventory includes bulky, pricey, or sensitive items, you may consider leaving that to the professionals. They have the resources, experience, and tools to do it successfully. Before you relocate, you should also get any valuables valued and insured.

Invest in the proper supplies for moving to protect valuable art pieces

First, think about the necessary materials you will need. Depending on the item’s size and nature, you will determine the type of packing supplies you should use. You will want to use a variety of tools. Such as tape, cardboard sheets, newsprint, or tissue paper. Make sure to obtain protective, non-acidic paper and lining that you will use for packing. For example, if you are moving glass-framed artwork, you should reconsider specialized boxes. They can be slightly bigger cardboard boxes for better packing. Also, use packaging that will guard against damage. However, corner guards are also an excellent idea for this type of art. When packing and moving sculptures, packing peanuts and bubble wrap are a must. They will prevent damage and act as a buffer.

Valuable art piece sculpture packed in the box for moving
Protecting your artwork with a good packing supply is most important for moving valuable pieces.

Pack your valuable art pieces securely for moving

Making sure everything is securely packed should be one of your top priorities. Damage to any of your goods, especially valuable ones, is the last thing you want to do. When it comes to protecting your priceless artwork, this might be a little complicated. Fortunately, best movers in Memphis will frequently provide extra services for moving artwork that takes into mind how priceless and expensive art is. Moving valuable art pieces in Memphis is very common as the city is known for its art life.

This is how you will prepare unframed pictures for moving

If you are relocating art that hasn’t been framed yet, make sure to grip the painting by the cardboard when handling it. You want to avoid touching the artwork with your palms or fingers. Position the cardboard underneath the artwork and cover the painting’s face with newspaper or tissue paper. Tape the corners and use two sheets of cardboard on each side of the painting. After wrapping it and fixing it, place it between two hardwoods.

Preparing framed valuable art pieces for moving in Memphis

Framed paintings and pictures are usually heavier and occasionally have oddly shaped frames. Most movers can offer sturdy boxes, like mirror pack boxes, that you should use. The frame should have its corners protected before completely wrapping it in bubble wrap. To keep the bubble wrap in place, tape the corners. Then you should put two cardboard pieces and tape the painting between them. Layer enough packing peanuts at the bottom of the box and place the painting in the box. Make sure to add more packing peanuts to the sides of the box. The painting should not have a place to move inside the box. Therefore, place enough packing peanuts in it and package it with tape.

Last step in moving valuable art pieces in Memphis

Now your valuable art pieces are ready for moving. If you are not using the moving company, there are some things to consider. Make sure the artwork has enough room in your car. You might want to use moving mats or blankets to prevent it from shifting while transporting it. If a shipper or moving company will transport your artwork, ensure it for its total value. If you are using a shipper, avoid shipping it by ground because there is more chance for harm.

As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider while moving valuable art pieces in Memphis. Like in everything in life, the most important is to prepare well. We are confident that the process will go much more smoothly if you stick to these easy guidelines. You can relocate confidently, knowing that your artwork will arrive safely if you take the necessary precautions and plan beforehand.