Tips for moving to assisted living in MS

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Moving to assisted living can be quite the change. It isn’t anything to be scared of and will be an amazing change in your everyday life. Making the first steps and coming to terms with the new living situation can be a bit challenging. But if you were worried it never became easier, fret not! Our movers Mississippi are here to offer a helping hand through the entire process.

A woman moving to assisted living
Moving to assisted living will be a huge change in your life.


Health is the most important

No matter if you are the one moving, or someone elderly in your home, the first thing to look out for is health. Making an appointment with your primary care physician for a check-up is the best first step. Be sure to have all the needed medical files at hand. When changing locations, you will be forced to find a new primary physician, so our suggestion is to do some extensive research.

Another thing to look out for and pay attention to is the medication itself. Be careful to get all refills and prescriptions. You never know how long the process of assisted living can take, so you really should be prepared for anything. And finally, schedule specialized medical care in advance if needed. For example, ophthalmologist or dentist.

Choose the right moving company for assisted living

When moving to assisted living, one of the more crucial aspects is the people coordinating your move. You will most likely need to keep everything in the moving process on track and on time. That’s why our experienced movers Olive Branch MS are here to help you each step of the way. You won’t have to worry about anything arriving late or any hidden costs with our transparent policy.

Otherwise, always be sure to get different cost estimates from different companies to be 100% sure you’ve made the best decision for you. Also, search for any kind of discount movers offer.

Pack efficiently

If you’re downsizing or simply own too many things, it’s the right time to purge your closet. All of us have tendencies to save clothes we don’t even wear anymore. Our advice is to follow your gut instinct while packing. Whatever you haven’t worn in quite a while, or doesn’t fit anymore is to be donated. For an even easier time donating, will come to your address to pick everything up.

Man packing efficiently for moving to assisted living
Pack only what you really need and will use it often.

For things that aren’t clothes, just be sure to pack them safely and securely. You wouldn’t want your jewelry or family heirlooms to get damaged.

Last things to take care of when moving to assisted living

You need to change up all the information on your documents. You’ll have to put the new address, new physician’s name. You will need to add your new schedule and contact information for the nurses and doctors to your phone or calendar. Be prepared for a lot of new information to take in.

When moving to assisted living, if you’re moving to Hattiesburg MS, be sure to contact us for the quickest and easiest move. Good luck with your new adventure!