Tips for moving from Olive Branch to Oxford MS

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Whether you are moving to another city, state, or even neighborhood, moving can be stressful. Moving from Olive Branch to Oxford MS won’t take much of your time since the distance is around 60 miles. But it will take your time in planning and organizing. Moving companies Olive Branch MS can help you with that! If you have a lack of time for preparation and organization due to your busy work schedule. Here are some tips and tricks for moving from Olive Branch to Oxford MS! Before moving to any city you need to do some research. About the city itself, its surroundings, public transportations, school, etc. How far is it from your work, what are the living costs, rents, bills? That way you can set a budget, list of priorities that your apartment should have.

Things you need to know about Oxford MS before moving from Olive Branch

  • It was founded in 1837, and named after the British city of Oxford and its Oxford University.
  • It is the home of the University of Mississippi, founded in 1848, also commonly known as “Ole Miss”.
  • Nearly 50 buildings throughout the city are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, with about a dozen sites predating the Civil War.
  • The Lafayette County Courthouse is one of the most visited historic buildings which opened in 1872.
  • The city of Oxford has a “Star” rating – the highest ranking available in Mississippi.
  • Rowan Oak is the former home of novelist William Faulkner, which is a Greek Revival house constructed in the 1840s.
search-moving from Olive Branch to Oxford MS
Research your new city before the move.

It’s packing time

You should always make a plan! When it comes to packing preparation is the key! Start by sorting out your belongings. That way you will be able to see which stuff you can take with you. It is also a perfect time to get rid of the unnecessary things that have been collecting dust for years in your closet. You can sell them online, recycle them, or donate to a charity organization. And since the weather in Oxford is hot, you can also consider storing some of your winter clothes using storage. Moving to Oxford MS you can also find local companies who can help you with packing. If you don’t have the time for it and your budget allows you.

Now that you are set, it is time to find a reliable moving company. Which can also provide you with a service of unpacking your belongings after the move. So be sure to check that out. 

Pack properly your belongings.

Find a reliable moving company

This is not an easy task! When choosing your professional movers in Oxford, you should always check the following things:

  • Information on the company’s website – anything you can find on the company’s website will be useful information. Go through it to see the quality of your potential movers.
  • Address – make sure to visit the address in person to make sure it really exists.
  •  License number – Be sure to check this especially since some fraudulent companies use valid numbers from different movers.
  •  Things that will help you move from Olive Branch to Oxford MS – Insurance! This is really important in case your belongings get damaged, stolen, or lost. That way you can get reimbursed if the worst-case scenario happens. This is a must!

Moving from Olive Branch to Oxford MS doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful. It all depends on your movers. So double-check everything, and choose the best possible option for you.