Tips for millennials settling in Tennessee

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If you just moved to TN – welcome! Or, if you are thinking about moving to Tennessee we can offer you some useful tips and advice in the following article. And if you were born anywhere between the 1980s to mid-1990s, then these following tips will help you even more since we created them specifically for millennials settling in Tennessee.

What’s up in Tennessee?

Tennessee is a state located in the southeast of the US. It’s the 16th most populous and the 36th most extensive US state. Tennessee’s nicknames are Butternut State and Volunteer State. The capital of TN is Nashville. Based on the 2020 census, TN has 6.772 million people living in the state. This state is famous for its music scene. The city of Memphis is home to Elvis Presley and the place where rock’n’roll was born. Nashville is also home to many country artists and numerous country festivals. Other than Nashville and Memphis, the two other biggest and most known cities in TN are Knoxville and Chattanooga. If you happen to be moving to Memphis,professional movers Memphis TN would be the best choice to assist your move.

Except for music, Volunteer State people are also crazy about football. They’re not called Volunteers because they like to work without being paid for it but because of the Tennessee Volunteers football team. The Vols have been playing football for 130 seasons, ever since 1891 and they are 11th on the all-time win-loss percentage records list.

However, the most important fact for millennials settling in Tennessee is probably that TN is considered to be an affordable state to live in. Property taxes are reasonable, living costs are low and there are no state income taxes. This is the main reason why people move to TN. It allows them to save more of their paycheck money. The cost of homes in TN is lower than the nation’s average too. With this in mind, you don’t have to worry about paying a fortune for moving. Moving companies in Barlett can offer you a moving quote as quickly as right now!

Does it matter where you are moving from to TN?

Americans share a lot of similar values and ideas, but each coast and part of the US has some specific characteristics. So, is it possible to experience somewhat of a culture shock as a millennial settling in Tennessee? It’s not the same moving from Mississippi to Tennessee or moving from California or New York to TN. Well, we can’t talk to everyone, but here are some things you can expect in TN and you can decide if you like them or not by yourself:

  • Summers in Tennessee are hot and humid. So maybe don’t move in the summer if it’s not necessary.
  • If you are a music lover, you will feel at home. So much of music history is right here in Tennessee 
  • If you love whiskey, look no further! TN whiskey is a category of its own
  • There are plenty of fairs and festivals in this state
  • Museum of Civil Rights is also in Tennessee
  • Beautiful Great Smoky Mountains National Park is also located in TN
  • If you’re interested in exploring caves, you can find thousands of them in Tennessee
  • Traffic gets heavy in Tennessee. Especially in Nashville and Memphis.
  • High school grads can get free community college through The Tennessee Promise program

All in all, Tennessee is a booming state and there are more and more big cities forming. TN officials and communities are working hard and together and the results are visible. Seems like millennials settling in Tennessee are making a smart move by choosing to relocate there. Furniture movers Memphis TN offer more tips on moving to TN in general and Memphis in particular since we did mention traffic there can get a bit heavy. Talk to your movers to organize the best time for your move.

What else should millennials settling in Tennessee know?

If you are one of many millennials settling in Tennessee, here’s what you should know. First of all, if you haven’t chosen your moving team yet, look for reliable movers in Tennessee and find the ones that suit your needs.

Research shows that most millennials work online. A recent survey of employed millennials found that more than half (61%) of participants today remain in the job they are currently at, not because the job fulfills them, but for completely different reasons. So, if you are moving to change your workplace, let’s see what you can do about it.

What do millennials want from their work in Tennessee?

A millennial working online
Most millennials are working online and remotely. However, if you are planning to find an on-site job in Tennessee, you can!

If you are bringing your online work to Tennessee and you are working remotely, you don’t have much to worry about as you can work from anywhere. Just make sure you organize your room nicely so the atmosphere you’re working in is pleasant. Maybe add a plant or two next to your computer. However, if you are looking for a new working place in the state of Tennesseekeep the following things in mind:

Look for a higher salary

When asked what would help a job fulfill them more, 87% of millennials answered – a higher salary. So if you are just moving here, this may come as a bit of a surprise to generations who have been willing to work for less money in exchange for a job they love and that fulfills them. Before you start looking into Tennessee long distance moving companies see your business opportunities.

Nevertheless, this honest and practical answer should come as no surprise given the years of low wages and swimming in debt that transcends national borders. More than 44 million Americans have an average of $ 33,000 in student debt, while millennials between the ages of 25 and 34 have an incredible $42,000 in debt. That’s why many millennials live beyond their means or current earnings. With many millennials being unable to cover their basic living expenses. 4 out of 10 millennials say that their daily expenses such as groceries, child care, and utilities are the main reasons for credit card debt.

Always strive for the balance between private and work life

A lot of millennials settling in Tennessee are young parents
A portion of millennials settling in Tennessee is young mothers who are balancing their work life and parent role.

Millennials start families and not only do they have children, but their parents also enter an age when they will need additional help and financial support to maintain their wellbeing. To adapt to the new conditions and requirements of workers, companies must emphasize flexible working hours, work from home and become more advanced in how they structure the typical working day.

Get the office respect that you deserve

As individual characteristics are associated with each generation, millennials are accompanied by certain stereotypes. Simply put, millennials have different work habits and work ethic that differs from the habits of their parents. Millennials indeed respect authority, but they respect it the most when it is deserved, not forced. Nobody wants to work for a boss who is in demand and leads with the attitude “because I said so”. This is why more and more workplaces are transforming and employees are being trained to balance the work environment.

Millennials have different needs than Gen Z

Many use the term “millennials” as a way to negatively and collectively describe young adults who are “lazy and obsessed with technology.” However, studies show that millennials are far from lazy and that there are some key differences between millennials and the latest generation that is just becoming a workforce, that is, generation Z.

As we said, millennials were born between the early 1980 and mid-1990s, and Gen Z between the mid-1990s and 2010. Based on the sources, there is a slight overlap, where some researchers state that millennials were born before the year 2000. Although both generations are members of the digital world, millennials experienced a period before smartphones that were not their initial everyday life while Gen Z was “born into smartphones”. That’s why millennials are quite different than Gen Z.

Look for a team

If you are a millennial settling in Tennessee, look for a good work team. Most millennials are brought up with the “I can” attitude and perform better while working in teams. Moreover, millennials have experience being in a team and are taught to believe that teams can achieve more.

Use your flexibility

A team of millennials working together
Millennials living and working in Tennessee have high ambitions and strong work ethics.

Millennials have been taught to juggle several activities such as sports, travel, philanthropy, family gatherings, etc. They expect a healthy work-life balance. They also look for flexible working hours that are less rigid than the usual 9-5. This way, you can use your flexibility to settle in Tennessee better. Search for activities and sports or look for new friends. Your generation relies on a structured lifestyle so use it to your advantage. With structure comes planning and organization; as a result, millennials are motivated by long-term career paths.

Start your networking

If there’s one thing that’s sure about millennials, it’s that they are good at networking. Millennials have become the most connected generation in history in the digital age. So, since millennials are so so well versed in email, messaging, text messaging, and the Internet – use it. If you need moving services, contact usAnd if your needs are not met at work, try searching for different business contacts, new job opportunities – and even friends.