Tips for helping kids settle into a new home

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After the stress of packing, which is imminent even with the help of one of the best moving companies Olive Branch, you need to settle into the new space. For children and teens, this may be the hardest adjustment they have to make. Saying goodbye to old friends is especially hard. But the excitement of moving to a new home can sometimes help reduce the initial discontent they might feel. In order to help them make an easier transition, here are some tips and suggestions for helping kids settle into a new home.

Girl with a teddy bear
Make sure every member of the family packed an essentials box for themselves.

Taking a tour of your new home the best way to help kids settle into a new home

Even if everyone has seen the house before, take a tour to get familiar with your new abode. Walkthrough the space discussing with your children what each room will be, describing how it’ll look, what activities will happen there and ask what each member thinks about organizing the space. It can really do a lot with helping kids settle into a new home. Go through every room, including the yard and garage. But then let them take their own time to explore the space as they wish.

  • For some families, we suggest playing hide and seek or tag. This game will work great for helping kids settle into a new home because it encourages them to explore.
  • You can even make a treasure hunt, with teams and prizes. Examples of questions that are great with helping kids settle into a new home: which room is the largest? Which room faces east or has two closets? How many tiles are on the front of the fireplace? This is a fun way to really get used to your new premises.

Helping kids settle into a new home: unpack their rooms first

Actually, the first room you should unpack is the kitchen. But don’t spend too much in there. Just unpack the basics for a start. These are the things you’ll use the most for the next few days. After that, start with the kids’ rooms. Getting each child to unpack their own stuff (with maybe with the help of our residential movers) is an amazing tool for helping kids settle into a new home. They will immediately feel like the new space is theirs. Generally, the rule is, the sooner a child’s room is ready, the quicker they’ll adjust to space — because it will mean playtime!

Girl smiling laying on the floor
Encourage your children to pack everything together so that all the things that are meaningful for them can be unpacked first.

Get back into a routine as quickly as possible

Keep bedtime hours, mealtimes and playtimes as they were before moving. We understand it’s complicated — but an essential part of the moving process is settling in the family. If you can afford it, it is also smart to consider hiring our unpackers to help you ours. Call us, because what may take you days or weeks to complete, our unpackers can complete in just one day.