Tips for finding a storage facility in Memphis

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People store their belongings in storage facilities for different reasons. Whatever your reason, a storage facility is a perfect solution when you need a space to place your possessions for a period of time. There’s a piece of mind that comes with it, as your things will be safely packed away. But, how to choose the right company for you? Here at Spyder Moving, we came up with a guide for finding a storage facility in Memphis. Read on and you’ll surely find the right space.

4 things to consider when finding a storage facility in Memphis

Get specific about items you plan to store

In order to know what type and size of storage you need, you have to know exactly what you plan on storing. Create an inventory list of those things. A list like this will help you narrow down the search for the right storage space. Different storage facilities offer different sizes of units, as well as different storage features. Finding a perfectly-sized unit is crucial. After you move with a little help from some of the best local movers Memphis TN has to offer, it’s time to do your research and choose a storage facility.

Computer, coffer, phone and notepad on a table
Creating a list of all the belongings you plan to store will help you choose an adequate space.

Look for a convenient location

However long you need to store your items, chances are you’ll need some of them earlier than others. Or, if you need to store your car, for example, someone will have to take it out for a spin every once in a while. This is why you should think about location when finding a storage facility in Memphis. Choose a facility that is easily accessible to you. Many Memphis moving companies offer storage solutions, so find one located near you.

Finding a storage facility in Memphis requires deciding whether you need climate control

Climate control is one of the most notable factors to think about. In case you have to store items sensitive to extreme temperatures, a climate-controlled unit is the way to go. Some items are particularly prone to damage from cold, heat, or humidity. Nevertheless, when you rent a climate-controlled unit to store them in, they stay in great shape. When it comes to long-term storage, an indoor storage unit made of weather-resistant steel will best protect your items.

Surveillance camera
One of the most important security features in a storage facility is a surveillance camera.

Think about security

When finding a storage facility in Memphis, safety should be your priority. Theft is often a big concern. if you want to reduce the risk of having something stolen, find a storage facility with more than one layer of security. Some of the more popular security features include:

  • Alarms and an environment with good lighting
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Fire safety technology

Make sure to ask questions when deciding which facility to use. You need to know whether the storage facility is secure enough to store your items however long you need. Spyder Moving Company Tennessee can meet all your storage-related needs, including safety.