Tips for exploring Biloxi MS

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Biloxi is a lovely town in Mississippi that is considered one of the oldest communities in the country. And now that your movers Biloxi MS just unloaded your last box, you want to start exploring Biloxi MS. You want to learn everything you can about this lovely place. And you want to enjoy your new home. We got some great tips on how to do it and where to begin. One thing is for sure, you will love living in Biloxi MS.

How to start exploring Biloxi MS?

There are a lot of moving companies in Mississippi and if you choose the best one – they will have some great tips for you about Biloxi MS. They will know some things that are not common knowledge. But your exploring of Biloxi should start with proper online research. You need to look around you, check the map, check the online community, and find something that you might like. 

Visit the shoreline

Biloxi Ms has a great shoreline. It is long almost 62 miles, and you can access it from almost anywhere. But make sure to unpack first your bathing suits, so you can enjoy the whole day at the beach. You can rent a boat, you can go kayaking or fishing. You can visit Ship Island. Or you can simply bring a book and enjoy the lovely beach of Biloxi MS. You can explore Biloxi however you feel comfortable.

shoreline in Biloxi
Visit the shoreline in Biloxi! You will love it

Visit the Biloxi lighthouse

One of the most popular landmarks in Biloxi is the lighthouse. Most people that relocate to Biloxi MS start exploring this lovely city from the Biloxi lighthouse. Thi unique lighthouse has survived a lot of hurricanes, and it is a very popular attraction. People who visit this place are amazed by the view of the Gulf Coast. We advise you to take a tour with the guide since you will learn a lot.

Ship Island is one of the most popular places to start exploring Biloxi MS

12 miles from the coast of Biloxi you can find Ship Island. And it is a very popular place for a day trip. It was built to defend the coast in the War of 1812. There are a lot of different activities that you can enjoy here. You can swim, you can walk around the island and you can learn a lot while exploring one of Biloxi’s popular places. Ship Island is a unique place that you and your family will love.

women with kids
You can enjoy Ship Island with your family

MGM Park is great for sport lovers

If you love sport, and you can not wait to see Biloxi Shuckers, you should hurry up with the unpacking process. Unpack, recycle cardboard boxes and hurry to visit MGM Park. This is a relatively new stadium, and people love its vibe. They always love to come back and enjoy a good game of baseball! Your life in Biloxi will be fun, exciting and you will always have something new to explore in Biloxi MS.