Tips for decluttering your garage space

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Many of us use the garage as a multifunctional storage space. No wonder it is the messiest place in the household. If you accumulated a massive amount of stuff, you are not alone. Decluttering your garage space appears to be quite a challenge. But worry not, as our movers in Tenessee have seen it all. Based on experience, they are here to give you the best tips to organize your garage space. So, let’s start with the plan.

First, make a plan for decluttering your garage space

Spring is coming, and this is the ideal time to consider cleaning up your garage space. Or perhaps, you are changing houses and you need to organize your stuff. If you are moving, make sure you hire movers Memphis TN well ahead of your moving day. This is the best way to make sure you have enough time to organize your process. Including tidying up your garage. Before you head there with a bunch of rubbish bags, make a plan first. Think of how are you going to approach this daunting task. Chances are, you have many things you aren’t sure you need. Additionally, a certain amount of trash has piled up, without you even being aware of it. So, block out at least one full day in your calendar to dedicate to this mission. With a good plan, decluttering your garage space will be done in a breeze.

Garage sign
The first step in decluttering your garage space is to have an idea of what do you want it to look like

How and where to start cleaning your garage

First of all, make an inventory list and decide what items will you keep or toss. Then, think of what are you going to do with things you want to keep. When you start cleaning your garage, to make it easier on yourself, consider packing services Memphis TN as your best solution. In addition to supplying you with the right packing materials, they can do the packing itself for you. In this case, you will conveniently get more time to organize better. Besides, you don’t have to be moving to take professional help for the best results. Once you have a clear picture of what you want to keep, decluttering your garage space will go smoother.

Garage tools
Make a list of things to keep to better organize the decluttering process

Decluttering your garage space made easy

So then, the first thing you need now are heavy-duty trash bags. And some sturdy boxes, to store odd items. At this point, if you are relocating, ideally you have your residential services booked already. Thick this off your to-do list, and let’s start with decluttering your garage space. Here is an easy to follow step by step list:

  • Divide the space into 4 quarters. This gives you a better picture of what your garage should look like.
  •  Keep storage boxes and trash bags near you. Like so, handling of things is minimized, and packing and re-organizing is much easier.
  • Think small and set goals. For example, sort out 2 boxes before noon, and have a break. Afterward, do the same with 2 more in the next hour. Pacing yourself is an effective method to make the process of decluttering your garage space easy.
  • Additional tips: Use vertical space to maximize storage capacity. And don’t be afraid to get rid of things you haven’t used in at least one year. Organize a garage sale or donate them.

Decluttering your garage is decluttering your mind, science agrees. So, make good use of our practical tips above. We wish you success in decluttering your garage space!