Tips for coordinating large-scale moves

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You are moving again and this time around you have a pretty big relocation on your hands. As you know, you must pack, set aside an appropriate budget, find capable Mississippi movers, cover legalities, and do it all before the moving day is upon you. So, let us help you with a full guide on how coordinating large-scale moves looks like and more importantly, how to handle yours. Let’s go!

Everything begins with a plan

Coordinating large-scale moves is a serious business. There is always a carefully laid out plan involving several parties, a bunch of tools, special moving services, and more. If you want to have a safe large-scale move, you should create a flawless relocation plan. Hence, start by inspecting your entire home. You must cover your loft, basement, garage, backyard, and all rooms inside your house. In case you are living in a large apartment, this will be a bit easier for you. The idea is to gather all the information about the items you want to relocate, furniture, and the environment. You want to know how many items you must pack, if there are any furniture pieces that will create problems during transport and if your home is a safe environment to work in.

several people making a plan for coordinating large-scale moves
No matter the size of the move, you must create the plan and work on your moving logistics right away.

While gathering all this information, list it all down on your moving checklist. It will be a personalized guide that will help you to stay on track. Later on you will add the inventory list as well along with a list with all moving services you have purchased from your movers. Also, you will keep on it all chores, errands, and moving-related responsibilities you should complete before your long distance movers arrive.

Coordinating large-scale moves with a reliable moving company by your side

Coordinating large-scale moves is ten times easier if you hire reliable residential movers. Or should we say, it is nearly impossible to relocate without them? Yes, the bigger the relocation the greater the need for professional moving assistance. Therefore, as soon as you evaluate your situation and gather all info necessary, start browsing online for an adequate moving team. Guided by your search criteria, you will find them in a matter of minutes. Just make sure to narrow it down by comparing reviews, services, and prices. Read a few previous customers’ feedbacks to confirm how they treat their customers. Dig a bit through their websites and once you are ready, start calling them one by one. No matter how many companies you have on your list, all should have the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Adequate tools and equipment.
  • Sizeable moving vehicles.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced manpower.
  • Moving insurance and desirable moving services.
  • Considerable prices.

This is the bare minimum. You can always ask for more depending on your budget and personal needs. But the most important thing is that your movers have permits to operate within the moving industry. You do not need any fraudulent or rogue moving companies now when you are organizing such a large moving project. Hence, do a bit of research before you hire one.

What kind of moving service do you need?

There are several ways to figure out what kind of moving service you need. Of course, you probably already know what you want but depending on your moving situations, there are some things you might do not know that is required. Luckily, your movers do and they will advise you further. So, you can obtain your moving estimates via the phone, online, or on-site. We strongly advise you to use the last option and let your movers pay you a visit. If they send a moving representative over, they will have a much better insight into the complexity of the situation.

a woman evaluating the moving cargo
Your movers will help you to choose the best moving package. Call the mas soon as you are ready.

Movers will weigh your cargo, figure out where to park their vehicles, calculate working hours more precisely, decide on the number of workers they’ll bring, note down if any special tool is needed, inspect the environment, and more. This way your relocation will be safe as it can ever be and you’ll be presented with the precise moving price and a flawless moving plan. Hence, utilize free onsite estimates to obtain the best moving service possible.

A stretching moving budget will help coordinate large-scale moves much better

Obviously, if you have a lot of money to invest you will have a much easier time coordinating everything. Simple as that. But not all of us can spend thousands on a large-scale relocation. Luckily, there are a couple of ways where you can reduce the moving cost a bit. One is the onsite estimate and the precise moving price that we already explained. Simply by knowing the exact moving price, you can dedicate your moving budget precisely without being afraid of any hidden costs and unforeseen events.

On the other hand, you can declutter and downsize a lot and finally remove all old, unused, broken, and outdated items out of your home. This way you will gain more space in your new home, have fewer items to pack, fewer materials to spend on packing, and much less time to spend on your relocation in general because there are fewer items to carry and load into the truck. So, be sure to downsize and get rid of your hoard. It will benefit you greatly.

Packing for the relocation

Packing for a large-scale move is the same as with any other relocation just you’ll have much more to pack. Therefore, go to the nearest hardware store or a home depot and purchase enough cardboard boxes, blister packs, packing tape, and labels. If you have a bit more to invest you can obtain a few plastic bins and customized carton boxes. Those are great for delicate and expensive items that you want to preserve and secure a bit better. Depending on the scale of your relocation, you’ll probably need more than 40 cardboard boxes, but you should always purchase a few more. Better to have a few more than to run out of them in the middle of the packing process.

a pile of cardboard boxes
You will need many cardboard moving boxes if you want to cover a large-scale relocation.

Pack gradually and slowly. Even if you have a lot to pack, do not rush it. If you pack without a purpose you will endanger your items and it will cost you much more in the long run. But if you do not have time to meddle with the boring packing process, simply utilize packing and unpacking services and be done with it.

Moving insurance and legalities

The size of the move does not change the fact that you must take care of your personal and moving-related documents. Therefore, at least a month in advance start updating everything and contact all relevant parties to update them about the change of address. Set up a PO box on time to reroute your bills and mail adequately. And remember, hard copies take a longer time to transfer so keep this in mind if you need them for something. Lastly, purchase moving insurance from your movers or from the insurance company if you think you will need it. It is good to have it if you own a lot of expensive items.

As you can see, coordinating large-scale moves can be easy if you coordinate yourself in the right direction. With a proper plan in hand and with a reliable moving company by your side, you can achieve the impossible. Good luck.