Tips for clearing out your closet when moving

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Clearing out your closet before moving is one of the most precious steps that you can make. And yes, if you ever asked yourself when I’m going to clean it, before moving is the right time, believe me. The moving process provides you a good chance to get rid of things you don’t wear or just don’t need. We have prepared some useful tips for easier moving and packing.

What are the steps for getting your clothes ready for a move?

Here is a list of steps that you need to follow for stress-free relocating and clearing closet when you moving:

  1. Take all the things out of the closet
  2. Sort clothes for different seasons
  3. Take what you know that you’re going to keep
  4. Sort things you know that you are going to trow out
  5. Pack all the thing you don’t need now
clothes hanging in a closet
We all have lots of clothes we don’t wear or don’t even know exist

Take all the things out of the closet 

First of all, you will need to take all of the things out. Yes, you hear me well, all the things! You want to things go smoothly, so don’t take it everything out at once. Also, take your hangers out. Make sections, maybe you want to start from the shoes, or maybe from dresses. When you took all out, you will have a different view of things that you have in the closet. Clean the entire inside of your closet while is empty. It’s going to be refreshed in that way. And, your long-distance movers in TN will move you with ease!

Sort your chlotes for diferent seasons

When it comes to clearing out your closet when moving, you should sort things for seasons. Put the sweaters, coats, jackets, and winter clothes on one side. Then try to separate dresses, shirts, skirts and summer clothes on the other side.  It’s going to be easier for you to label the boxes with season clothes, and also it’s easier to unpack. I need to say that is very important to hire professional movers Memphis TN, so you can be sure that your clothes are going to be safe and not ruined.

Clearing out your closet is easier when you sort clothes into three piles

It’s important to know what you’re about to throw, keep, and do you have something to give to charities. I bet you have so many good pieces you’ve never worn. Now, when you are clearing out your closet when moving is the right time to give those things to charities. If you haven’t thought about moving companies, you should consider local movers Memphis TN.

a girl packing clothes
When it comes to clearing your closet when moving, try to take everything you can out of the closet

Things you know right away you can throw

We all haven’t worn stuff for a year, but we still keep them in the closet. It’s the right time to get rid of that stuff. Try to find all the things you don’t fit, or always skipping when it comes to dressing up.

Let’s see what we’ve done

Clearing out your closet and sorting items is going to help you. Take it out, please. If you are worried about finding good movers in Tennessee, you should look at Spyder Moving Services Tennessee. Now, when you’ve cleared your closet, and pack things into boxes with labels, you are definitely ready for a move. Be smart and choose the right moving company for you.