Things you shouldn’t keep on your attic

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The attic can be a dangerous place to store things because of the extreme temperature swings, the possibility of moths, and the unstable piles of boxes. You want to maximize your attic storage, but many delicate materials won’t do well in a location that is both freezing cold and sweltering hot. Our list of items that should never be stored in the attic, as well as those that should be able to withstand the harsh conditions of the attic, is here to help you make the most of every square inch of storage space. If you follow the steps outlined below, you can extend the life of all of your most treasured family mementos, including photos, Christmas decorations, and wool blankets. Here are 6 things you shouldn’t keep on your attic.

Things you shouldn’t keep on your attic

Many things that we usually store in our attic, would actually be better off elsewhere. The attic more often than not is not the best place for preserving some of your valuables. The best example of this is old photo albums and old photographs. We’re sure you have at least one photo book sitting in your attic. Old photographs and films can be damaged by the wide temperature swings that are common in most attics. If you want to preserve them, you’d be better off storing them somewhere else. You can contact our storage services if you want to clear out your attic and better preserve all your memories.

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To keep your items in the best conditions possible, follow this advice.

1. Paint

Temperature changes in the attic can wreak havoc on paint cans stored in the attic and basement, rendering them unusable. Keeping extra paint in a climate-controlled area of your home, like a spare closet or cabinet, is a good idea. If you have any paint left in the can, transfer it into a smaller airtight container with the date, paint color name, and the room it belongs to.

2. Instruments

Don’t put your violin away just because you haven’t played it in years. Temperature changes are once again to blame. Wood can expand or contract as the temperature changes, which could lead to warping in wooden instruments. If you need professional help relocating your instruments, Spyder Moving Services Tennessee is always here for you.

3. Anything made out of wool, silk, and linen

Moths love these natural fibers and eat them in large quantities. In addition, they can be quite costly. After washing and drying your expensive wool sweaters, store them in an airtight container in a temperature-controlled area to prevent moth holes. Our local movers Memphis TN will be happy to help you relocate them to a safer place.

4. Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture should not be stored in the attic, for the same reason that instruments should not be. Temperature changes could cause the wood to warp and eventually crack. It’s better to store them in a storage unit. The professional movers Memphis TN will gladly assist you with storing your furniture elsewhere.

wooden table and chair
Amongst the things you shouldn’t keep on your attic are wooden furniture as well.

5. Candles

Tapers, votives, and tealights are all at risk of melting if your attic is particularly warm during the summer. Candles should be kept out of the living room and dining room, and in a spare closet.

6. Important documentation

Important papers can be safely stored in the attic because they are less likely to be moved or misplaced. However, the attic’s conditions can lead to water damage or accelerate the deterioration of documents stored there. If you don’t have room in your desk or home office for all of your important documents, consider putting them in a designated spot. Keep your documents and things you shouldn’t keep on your attic out of there.