Things you can leave behind when packing for a move

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Moving can be very difficult, mostly because it includes a lot of packing. And that is a very boring, repetitive, and time-consuming process. The more items you own, the more you will have to pack. And the bigger your moving inventory, the more you will end up paying to Spyder Moving and Storage. Saving money while moving will be a welcome boost to your budget – one you’ll surely need when the renovation costs come into the picture. Reducing your moving inventory is a foolproof way to cut costs when moving. But how are you supposed to decide on which things you can leave behind when packing for a move? We will try to give you a few ideas.

What are the things you can leave behind when packing for a relocation?

It can be heartbreaking to leave things behind, but often it’s for the best. Many people collect items that have no purpose, and once they need to move, they don’t want to give up on something that they don’t need. The items you can leave behind when packing for a move depend on the person, but some things are universal for everybody. The decision for which items you’ll hire packing and unpacking services to help you take them to your new home is up to you. But the items that you should consider leaving behind are:

  • Old furniture
  • Books
  • Mattresses and pillows
  • Cleaning supplies
A woman packing shoes into a box
Some things you can leave behind when packing for a move will depend on the person

Old furniture

Furniture is difficult and expensive to move. It also takes a lot of effort to do it, even for the most experienced movers in Tennessee. If it is new, expensive furniture that you love and it fits in the aesthetic of our new home, go ahead and move it. But if it is some worn-out piece, don’t bother. You will invest a lot of time for nothing since they will likely get damaged or break after moving. Leave it behind for someone who might need it after moving into your old home.


Books are small items that are unexpectedly heavy for their size. If you have an expensive collection of antique books, you likely won’t even think about leaving them behind. You might even try finding some Memphis moving companies that offer services for this kind of item. But if you have books that can be easily found and you have already read, face the fact, they will just be useless weight and clutter.

Mattresses and pillows

The items that we sleep on are some of the most underestimated when it comes to cleaning. But if we could see all the dirt that gets accumulated there over time, we would clean them more often. But even if you kept up a consistent cleaning schedule, it is time to get new ones. Moving into a new home means starting fresh, and getting a good night’s sleep will help you feel like your freshest self.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are very controversial items when moving. Many people think that it is not worth the effort to move them, and many movers don’t even accept these items. Whatever your opinion is on this, hear us out. Cleaning supplies are mostly liquid, and those can easily spill and cause a mess that is worth much more than you’ll spend restocking your collection.

cleaning supplies in a basin
Cleaning supplies can make a mess when moving

Conclusion on the things you can leave behind when packing for a move

The list of the things you can leave behind when packing for a move is longer than this and depends on the person. If you’ve already decluttered long before hiring your chosen out of the Tennessee long distance moving companies, then you might not have anything to leave behind. After all, the decision is completely up to you.