Things about Memphis that even locals don’t know

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When you move to a new place, you won’t know much about it. You might have read some things on the internet, but that’s about it. Everything else there is will be left for the time after you move with Spyder Moving and Storage. For such a big city, it will take time to explore it. But could you believe that there are things about Memphis that even locals don’t know? Those things might not be fundamental, but they are interesting facts that can give you more insight into the city.

What are some interesting things about Memphis that even locals don’t know?

Memphis is an interesting place with lots of history. It is still a lively place where people come and go with the help of reliable Memphis apartment movers. But once you become a resident yourself, you will see what the hype is about. With time, you will hear rumors that are not so known about, which makes the place even more interesting. Some of the best things about Memphis that even locals don’t know are:

  • The oldest tavern
  • The place that Elvis called home
  • The fact that you can walk to Arkansas from Memphis
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Once you get to know the place, you will see what the hype is about

The Green Beetle

Beale Street is a famous street in Memphis, where there is always a place to party. These few blocks represent the second most popular partying street in the USA, right after Bourbon Street in New Orleans. But this place takes all the fame away from The Green Beetle. This tavern was opened in 1939, and it must always keep its original name. It has changed owners quite a few times over the years, but now it is owned by the founder’s grandson who restored it to its previous glory. Many locals like to hang out here, the same as newcomers who moved with the help of some moving labor in Memphis. It is a great way to relax after a move. But very few know the year that this place dates from.

Memphis was Elvises home

Elvis was born in Tupelo MS, which is just a few hours away from Memphis. But at the age of 22, he bought his mansion in Memphis and never stopped calling it home. He died on the premises of his home, and both he and his family are buried there in the Meditation Garden. It is the second most visited private home in the USA, and numerous people visit it every year from all around the world. Even if you are not a fan of Elvis, it is a nice trip to make after moving with some commercial movers Memphis. Expect people that are visiting you to want to visit this place as well.

Walking from Arkansas to Memphis

When you want to go to another state, you usually do it by car. But in Memphis, you can do it on foot. Further south next to a popular street, there is a bridge with a walkway on it. This makes it possible for bikers and pedestrians to cross the Mississippi River and get to Arkansas. Since you will be doing this on foot, you should first get to know your new neighborhood and the city, since public transport can be confusing.

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Some of the things about Memphis that even local residents don’t know are that you can talk to another state

A final thought on the things about Memphis that even locals don’t know

Same as every city, this one also has certain things about Memphis that even locals don’t know. But if you are very dedicated to learning everything there is about a new place, you will at least have time to do this. If you also want to have motivation after moving, do it with some of the best moving companies in Memphis.