The ultimate renter’s guide to Memphis

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Memphis, known for its rich musical history and savory barbecue, presents a unique blend of urban living and southern charm that entices individuals across the country. The city offers a variety of neighborhoods with diverse characteristics, each with its own set of rental opportunities. The ultimate renter’s guide to Memphis will help prospective tenants navigate the city’s vibrant communities, understand its cost of living, consider crime rates, immerse in its lifestyle, and make the most of its entertainment scene. We’ll also provide valuable renting tips and make helpful comparisons with other cities. Whether you’re a young professional seeking a dynamic downtown vibe or a family looking for suburban tranquility, Memphis has many offerings that can accommodate your living preferences. Also, among so many things you are to do, make sure to rely on Spyder Moving and Storage Tennessee since they will surely fulfill all your requirements.

The ultimate renter’s guide to Memphis starts with the best neighborhoods

One thing that makes Memphis so desirable to people is the existence of so many distinct neighborhoods. Still, your personal preferences will make the difference. Hence, we are to present several neighborhoods in Memphis you can move with the help of your professional movers Memphis TN. Hopefully, you will find them quite interesting.


Downtown Memphis is the city’s heart, filled with a vibrant vibe that reflects its rich musical heritage. Along with the iconic Beale Street, this neighborhood is a cultural hotspot teeming with blues clubs, eclectic eateries, and art galleries. The riverfront views of the Mississippi River add a picturesque quality to this urban area. Living downtown offers a unique blend of historic and contemporary, with converted lofts in century-old buildings sitting alongside modern luxury apartments.

Downtown Memphis as one of the neighborhoods the ultimate renters guide would warmly suggest
Downtown Memphis is not just a neighborhood, it’s a lifestyle.


One of the best local moving companies Memphis will be happy to handle your relocation to Midtown. This neighborhood is known for its cultural, artsy, and eclectic feel, which makes it an inviting place with a warm, community-oriented feel. You’ll also love the historic Overton Park, Memphis Zoo, and the Brooks Museum, it’s a haven for arts and nature lovers. Midtown boasts architecturally diverse homes, ranging from Victorian-style houses to 1920s bungalows, with many available for rent. It’s renowned for its dynamic culinary scene, from upscale dining to local bistros. Midtown’s vibrant streets are adorned with independent bookshops, vintage stores, and arts and crafts shops. This is only one of the things that give it its reputation as the city’s artistic hub and a perfect spot for creative souls.

East Memphis

East Memphis presents a suburban retreat nestled within the city’s boundaries. Known for its upscale residential areas, it boasts tree-lined streets, stately homes, and a lot of apartment complexes. East Memphis offers numerous shopping destinations like the upscale Shops of Saddle Creek and Laurelwood Shopping Center, and it is also home to the city’s business district, making it an attractive locale for professionals. It features numerous parks, including the expansive Shelby Farms Park, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

South Memphis

One of the oldest portions of Memphis is certainly South Memphis. It is a neighborhood steeped in history and a rich African-American heritage. It was once home to notable figures like Aretha Franklin, and that’s surely reflected in South Memphis’ cultural significance. The soul food restaurants and blues joints are amazing! Housing primarily consists of single-family homes, many available for rent, providing an affordable option for many residents. The neighborhood is also home to the Stax Museum of American Soul Music, a must-visit attraction showcasing the cultural legacy of the area.

North Memphis

North Memphis is a neighborhood with a distinct character, influenced by its rich history and sense of community. This area features a range of housing options, from charming historic homes to more modern single-family residences. A noteworthy aspect of North Memphis is its commitment to revitalization, with projects aimed at enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Here, you can enjoy several parks and great green spaces for recreation. North Memphis also provides a dynamic food scene, with a mix of old-school barbecue joints and new, innovative eateries.

What are the safest neighborhoods in Memphis?

The safety of a neighborhood can often be evaluated based on factors such as crime rates, the presence of neighborhood watch programs, community engagement, and the availability of public services. According to the ultimate renter’s Guide to Memphis, here are a few of the neighborhoods in Memphis that are considered safe:

  • Spring Creek / Crossroads
  • Sanga Point
  • South Germantown
  • Windyke Area
  • Lakes of Forest Hill
  • Lenow
  • Ragan Farms
  • Richwood
  • Normandy Meadows East / Richland Acres
  • Sea Isle Park East 

The best thing about Memphis is its affordability

Memphis boasts one of the lowest costs of living among major American cities. The affordable lifestyle is one of the city’s key attractions, with residents enjoying lower housing costs, groceries, transportation, and healthcare expenses. As a matter of fact, the overall cost of living is approximately 13% lower than the national average. You must admit that this is outstanding for such a large city.

a man counting money while analyzing the ultimate renters guide to Memphis
Living in Memphis will surely save you money.

In housing, a significant aspect of living costs, Memphis truly shines. In comparison to the U.S. average, the housing costs are almost 57% lower. Rent and property prices are considerably lower than in other comparable cities. For instance, compared to Atlanta, another major southern city, Memphis’s median home cost is nearly 50% less. The lower housing costs extend to rentals as well, making it an affordable place for tenants.

When moving from Memphis to Nashville you may expect more job opportunities in certain sectors. The situation is similar in Austin as well. Still, the higher salaries often come with increased living costs. For those seeking an affordable urban lifestyle without the hefty price tag, Memphis stands out as a compelling option.

What are the rent prices?

Thanks to the ultimate renter’s guide to Memphis, you should know the average rent price for an apartment in Memphis is relatively affordable compared to other U.S. cities, hovering around $1,000 per month. Of course, actual rent costs can vary based on the neighborhood, the type of housing, and the size of the property. For instance, if you rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center, you may expect an average monthly rent of $1,069. On the other hand, the price is a bit lower outside the center, so keep that in mind if the prices sound too steep. More upscale areas, such as East Memphis or Downtown, may command higher rents than other neighborhoods.

a couple talking to a man in front of the building
The Ultimate Renter’s Guide assures you that rent prices are quite affordable in Memphis.

In terms of utilities, including electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage, the monthly cost for a 915 sq ft apartment is estimated to be around $235. Internet service, an essential utility for many, can be expected to cost around $66 per month.

Groceries in Memphis are generally affordable, with costs below the national average. A loaf of bread, for instance, could cost around $2-$3, while a gallon of milk might be around $3.50-$4.

Public transportation in Memphis is also relatively low-cost. A one-way ticket for local transportation is $1.50, while a monthly pass costs 42.50.

Unlike the costs, crime rates are not that good

Memphis faces challenges with crime, reporting higher rates than the national average, similar to many urban centers. Hence, it has a crime rate of 81 per one thousand residents. It’s important to note that crime rates can significantly vary between different neighborhoods within the city.

two kids playing with leaves in autumn
If you’re moving to Memphis with kids, make sure to find a safe neighborhood.

When compared to Nashville, another major city in Tennessee, Memphis reported higher rates of both property crime and violent crime. In a broader comparison, cities like Atlanta and Detroit also reported high crime rates, somewhat on par with Memphis. However, cities like Austin and Denver generally reported lower crime rates.

Despite these statistics, there’s a concerted effort by local law enforcement and community organizations to reduce crime in Memphis. Bear this in mind before you contact furniture movers Memphis TN has to offer. After all, many neighborhoods in Memphis are relatively safe and continue to see improvements in safety.

How to stay safe?

As a resident or visitor in Memphis, it’s advisable to take some common-sense precautions to stay safe:

  1. Stay informed: Be aware of which neighborhoods have higher crime rates and stay cautious in those areas, especially after dark.
  2. Community engagement: Participate in or support community watch programs. These programs not only deter crime but also foster a sense of community.
  3. Secure your home: If you’re renting, ensure your residence is equipped with proper locks, and consider a security system if appropriate.
  4. Public transportation: Use well-lit and frequently used bus stops and transit stations.

Lifestyle and entertainment options are amazing

Memphis offers an enticing lifestyle and entertainment scene flavored by its rich history and vibrant culture. Be certain you won’t regret hiring Memphis moving helpers since coming here will be your best decision. A true hub for music, Memphis is famous as the birthplace of blues, the home of Sun Studio, where Elvis Presley began his career, and the location of the world-famous Beale Street with its array of blues clubs and live music venues. The city hosts the Beale Street Music Festival annually, attracting music lovers from around the globe.

people walking in Beale Street in Memphis as this is the place the ultimate renters guide recognizes as one of the best places in Memphis
The ultimate renter’s guide to Memphis points out the significance of Beale Street for music fans.

Furthermore, the Memphis food scene, much like its music, is legendary. Known for its signature Memphis-style barbecue, the city is a culinary destination, with a variety of delicious fare available from food trucks to upscale restaurants. Central BBQ, Gus’s Fried Chicken, and the Rendezvous are just a few local favorites. Farmer’s markets like the one in Cooper-Young offer locally-sourced goods and provide a taste of the region’s agricultural offerings.

Enjoy numerous attractions

Memphis also has a number of major attractions that provide a myriad of experiences. Graceland, Elvis Presley’s residence, is a pilgrimage for fans of the King. The National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel offers a deeply moving look at the American civil rights movement. For family-friendly options, the Memphis Zoo and the Pink Palace Museum are popular choices.

Memphis Zoo as one of the places the ultimate renters guide to Memphis suggests to its residents
Make sure to enjoy yourself with your kids in this lovely city.

Outdoor enthusiasts also have plenty of options. The city is home to over 160 parks, including the massive Shelby Farms Park, which spans 4,500 acres, offering opportunities for hiking, biking, paddle boarding, and more. The Mississippi River Park, with its Riverwalk and RiverFit fitness trail, provides beautiful views of the river. Memphis also hosts the Memphis in May International Festival, which includes the Great American River Run half-marathon and 5K.

Follow our renting tips

According to the ultimate renter’s guide to Memphis, there are a few strategies and tips that can enhance your experience and help you secure a rental property that suits your needs. First of all, rental activity tends to slow down during the winter months, from November to February. During this period, you might have less competition and more negotiating power as landlords might be eager to fill vacancies. The same rules apply when booking long distance movers Memphis. Then, consider the average time to find a property. While this can vary greatly depending on personal circumstances and the specific housing market conditions at a given time, generally, prospective renters should start looking 4-6 weeks before their intended move-in date. This provides ample time to research, visit different properties, and make an informed decision.

Should you negotiate the rent?

One thing is certain, there’s no need to negotiate with your movers since relying on Memphis apartment movers is your best decision. However, rent prices can often be negotiated, especially in a less competitive market. Here are a few strategies:

  1. Know the Market: Research average rent prices in the neighborhood so you know what’s reasonable. Use platforms like Zillow or Rent Jungle for this.
  2. Highlight Your Strengths as a Tenant: A good credit score, stable income, and good references can make you an attractive tenant and give you some leverage.
  3. Longer Lease: If you’re planning to stay for a while, offering to sign a longer lease could persuade the landlord to lower the monthly rent.

Discovering your perfect home

Altogether, Memphis, with its rich cultural tapestry, diverse neighborhoods, and affordable living costs, offers an appealing landscape for renters. Whether it’s the vibrant pulse of Downtown, the artistic energy of Midtown, or the tranquil suburban feel of East Memphis, there’s a corner of this city that caters to varied lifestyle preferences. While the city faces challenges with crime, many neighborhoods are safe and continuously improving. Memphis’s lively music scene, delectable food culture, and abundant outdoor spaces make it a city full of experiences waiting to be discovered. The ultimate renter’s guide to Memphis aims to provide the insights needed to navigate Memphis’s rental market confidently, making the journey to finding your new home in this vibrant city a bit easier.