The ultimate guide for a successful moving day

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You’ve been planning your relocation for months, and now the moving day is finally here. If you’re wondering if there is a way to ensure you have a successful moving day and avoid mistakes, you’re at the right place. We’ve got just the guide for you! No matter how detailed you were with preparing your relocation, the tasks you have to complete on your moving day should still appear on your checklist. Once your local movers Starkville MS arrive at your doorstep, you have to know exactly how to proceed with this moving process. So, let’s start!

woman writing on a moving box
Making sure your moving day goes smoothly is more than just labeling your moving boxes. There are a few tasks you can do to ensure you have a successful moving day!

What do you need to do to have a successful moving day?

The first thing you have to accomplish in order to have a good moving day happens a few months earlier. When you first start thinking about moving to Mississippi, you have to ensure you’ve got the right moving company for the job. If you hire the wrong crew, your entire plan can fall apart on moving day, no matter how much you planned before. Take some time to properly research your movers and see which one fits your needs. You should feel relieved and happy once your movers show up on your doorstep on moving day. No need to worry whether they will do a good job or not!

If you have a very specific moving date in mind, then you should get in touch with your moving company way earlier. During spring and summer, the movers are very busy, since it’s the peak of the moving season. So, if you really want to secure your date, give them a call at the beginning of the year, to make sure they will be available for you. On the other hand, if you plan to move in the winter months, it’s a bit easier. Then you won’t have to reserve your date that much in advance.

Equip yourself with proper packing materials

If you’re packing by yourself, getting the quality packing materials is very important. This doesn’t only include boxes, but also tape and wrapping materials. You can get the moving boxes at most stores, but you should keep in mind that you should get a few different sizes. If the box is too big, the items inside may move during transport and get damaged. Something that can help you with this issue is packing peanuts. These are foamy little balls that you can use to fill up the box and to ensure the items inside can’t move.

A good tip is to try and get free moving boxes. Many stores will happily save them for you if you kindly ask in advance, as they’ll usually just recycle them. Walk around your block and ask – you’ll be surprised at how many you can get this way! Getting free moving boxes is a great way to save some cash and increase your moving budget. On the other hand, if you choose to ask for packing help from your movers, ask if they are going to supply their own materials or not.

cardboard boxes on a bed
Get a few different sizes of moving boxes – not everything will fit into a small! Also, not everything needs to go into a large box, or else it can easily get damaged.

Let your movers know if you have any bulky or heavy items

This probably goes without saying, but you should discuss this with your Mississippi movers before the moving day comes up. The more your moving team knows about the specifics of your relocation, the more successful moving day you’ll have. For instance, if you have furniture you cannot easily disassemble, let them know. The movers will have to bring the proper equipment to carry it to the moving truck. They have a moving dolly and straps to secure the large objects so they don’t fall and get damaged.

When it comes to arranging the moving boxes, it’s best if you have them all ready before the movers show up. Tape everything up and label them properly. In case some boxes contain items that are more fragile, write that on the box! That way, the crew will know not to put anything on top of those boxes and it’ll be easier to sort everything in the truck. Another good tip to make this easier for everyone that’s carrying boxes is to write the labels on all sides of the box. No need to turn it around a few times just to find out what’s inside!

A successful moving day happens when everyone is relaxed

Being stressed on your moving day is something that can ruin your entire day. No matter how much you’ve planned ahead and how much you trust your movers, you are bound to be a bit stressed on moving day. However, you should actively try to avoid this! Go over your moving checklist one last time the day before the move. This will ensure you’ve completed every task on the list. Walk around the house before the movers arrive to make sure you won’t leave anything behind. Open all drawers and closets to see that they are really empty.

person waking up
Go to bed early the day before your moving day if you want to feel rested for a long day ahead.

Last, but not least, get enough refreshments for the day. Both for yourself and for your moving crew! Especially if you are going to be moving on a hot summer day. Get a few cold bottles of water and soda, to help you cool down while moving things to the truck. Cookies and snacks wouldn’t hurt, either! On top of it all, get a good night’s sleep the day before. A successful moving day will only come when you’re fully rested!