The Tennessee cities to look out for in 2023

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If you’re considering relocating to another state, the possibility of moving to Tennessee must have at least once crossed your thoughts. You’ve presumably heard about its outstanding climate, vibrant cities, and various attractions that make generations of tourists come back. On their route home, they usually see themselves believing that moving from Mississippi to Tennessee is a good idea. But moving is a major decision that we don’t make lightly. And that is why we made this little guide through The Volunteer State. We will walk you through some of the Tennessee cities to look out for in 2023. It’ll assist you to determine if moving to Tennessee should be your next experience, and will give you some insight into the best places you can call home.

Welcome to The Volunteer State

Are you considering moving to Tennessee? Well, don’t worry – you are not the only one thinking about that. Nashville alone has around 82 people moving in it every day! Known as the birthplace of country music, Memphis-type barbeque, and the beautiful outdoors, Tennessee becomes home to thousands of new citizens every year. Currently, it boasts a population of around 6.829 million residents, making it the 16th most populated state in the entire nation. Located in the upper Southeast of the US, the state of Tennessee extends from the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina all the way to the edges of the Mississippi River.

The Tennessee cities to look out for in 2023 are not rare. This gorgeous state is home to some outstanding places that offer a great quality of life. So it’s no wonder that movers in Tennessee have a lot of work all year round. Tennesseans don’t like to boast, but they have more than just a couple of cities to be proud of.

Unlike some other locations in the US that all look the same, here each of the cities and towns has its own distinctive character, terrain, and appeal. Starting from Memphis on the banks of the Mississippi river to Knoxville in the Appalachian mountains, Tennessee offers an exceptional blend of amazing cities.

People on the streets of one of the Tennessee cities to look out for in 2023
Among the Tennessee cities to look out for in 2023, some have been the best in the state for quite a while now.


One of the Tennessee cities to look out for in 2023 is no other than Nashville! There are a couple of causes that Nashville leads Tennessee’s metropolitan lineup. One of them is that it’s the state capital. The other is that it’s located right in the middle of the state! Also, it has the biggest metro population. Nearly 2 million people call this city home. It’s not just an important place for the state, but the whole Southeast. The nightlife is phenomenal. You can go to Broadway, Five Points, or any of the city’s other sociable hotspots.

Apart from that, it has even more to offer. Nashville’s array of colleges, including Vanderbilt University, brings many young and intelligent people to the city and state. Not to mention it brings a lot more events and occasions to look forward to. Possibly that’s why it’s among the fastest-growing metropolises in the entire nation.


Macon County, Tennessee, is a fabulous area to live and work in.  This community is quite close and proud of its people, companies, enterprises, communities, academies, government, and other organizations. They invite everyone to contact moving companies in Macon TN and join their warm community.  Everyone is warmly welcomed.  This is definitely an area to look out for. It is growing slowly but steadily and in a couple of more years, it will be unimaginable that it was such a small community at one point. Offering great support to residents, it outranks numerous towns in the comfort it provides. Add the stunning scenery surrounding the town on top of that and it becomes a real hidden gem.

A woman removing a sign that says "House for rent"
You can always find nice and affordable housing in Tennessee.


Are you wondering if you should move to Cordova, Tennessee? Is Cordova, Tennessee a fine area to live in? When deciding what places are right for your personality, lifestyle, and personal tastes, there are numerous elements to contemplate including weather, cost of living, neighborhood, job options, population, and things to do. The Tennessee cities to look out for in 2023 also include Cordova. With is not that surprising as the city has been steadily growing over the years. Movers Cordova TN residents recommend have over the years have grown their business even more. The population is around 82693 residents. But why do people come here? Although the schools here are not as good as in other TN areas there are other good qualities to boast about. With the average home price at $67,864, it is also quite affordable in comparison with some other cities in the state.


Are you interested in more of the Tennessee cities to look out for in 2023? Don’t worry – we got you! Next on our list is Lakeland! Lakeland is a city in Tennessee. Boosting a population of 12644 residents, the city is neither big nor small. If you look at the poverty rate of Lakeland you will notice it is 5.7%, making it 59% lower than the federal average. The usual household income in Lakeland is $106,211 a year. If you also compare that to the federal average of $67,500. You will be shocked to learn that nearly 18.7% of families make less than $50,000 a year, in comparison to the 39% of the national rate. A high school degree is a necessary requirement for most jobs in Lakeland. 96% of grown-ups have a high school certificate, in comparison to the 87.7% of grown-ups nationwide.

A lake in Lakeland
There are beautiful sights everywhere, as well as many outdoor activities available for both tourists and residents.

Unemployment is around 3.7%, making it 21% lower than the federal rate. Higher academic achievement can lead to better jobs and lowers the likelihood of economic insecurity. In Lakeland, only 48% of people have a bachelor’s degree. Also, 29% of people have finished some college, but with no degree. Expenses of living in Lakeland are 3% higher than the nationwide average. The average home price is $279,200, making it 21% higher than the nationwide average. Although people here make more money than in other places, this is balanced out by the costs of living which are at times more expensive than in some other places. But at the end of the day, moving companies in Lakeland TN have their hands full, as this location is becoming more and more desirable.


Jackson is located in the county of Madison. Although over the years it didn’t have a significant boom in the resident number, it has maintained a steady number of people moving in yearly. The population has slowly risen without anyone noticing.

This city offers you a life in the middle. Not slow as some small towns and at the same time not as face-paced as a metropolis. You will always be able to find new things to do, and at the same time, your money will last longer than in some other cities. The city’s overall livability score is beyond average. The Tennessee cities to look out for in 2023 of course have to contain Jackson. This is definitely a gem in TN. Among many ways to move here, the moving companies Jackson TN residents recommend are the biggest witnesses to the rise of people interested in this beautiful city.


This canyon town, lodged between the Smokies and the Cumberland Plateau, has been the heart of Appalachian life for ages. From its place along the Tennessee River, a village that started as a clearinghouse for the mountains’ raw resources, developed into a provincial hub for tourism and Appalachian culture. Today it’s the dwelling place of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, the state’s flagship college, and numerous landmarks, like the Tennessee Theatre and the “Sunsphere” from the 1982 World’s Fair. Long distance movers are more and more invested in helping people move here. From all corners of the state and even from further away.

Woman on the bridge in the Appalachian mountains
There are many places to see in the Appalachian mountains. And the best thing you can do is hire a guide.

What is TN known for?

The Great Smoky Mountains, National Park was founded in 1934. Ever since then, it has put Tennessee on the map as a place of unrestricted natural magnificence. The Appalachian Trail advances right through the park along the TN-NC boundary and presents just a bite of the incredible hiking the location has to offer. It’s the most-visited national park in the nation. Not to mention that the state has done a fantastic job completing the wild with some special entertainment opportunities. Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are both exceptional mountain traveler goals just beyond the park’s edges. Gatlinburg is basically a festival in the Appalachians, with its own aquarium, huge courses, and SkyBridge, the lengthiest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America.

Of course, all of the Tennessee cities to look out for in 2023 have one thing in common. Music! Tennessee may be the birthplace of the Blues, but country music represents its prominence today. Some of the earliest countryside music, with its autograph fiddle, arrived out of the state’s mountains. Now, the genre names Nashville as its home. Dozens of celebrities, like Taylor Swift, Jason Isbell, and Chris Stapleton, live in and near Nashville, with even more stars moving in.

A couple on a concert
People here love their music. This is probably the state that takes the most pride in its musical roots.

Low and high costs of living

The Tennessee cities to look out for in 2023 are all different. And as such, some have quite an expensive cost of living while others are very low. So, what are some parts of TN that are expensive and which parts are cheap? In general, your money lasts longer in smaller towns. Actually, 8 Tennessee towns rate in the top 100 for the most promising areas to relocate to. When there are fewer citizens and more room, accommodation prices tend to be smaller.

That’s why areas like Johnson City and Clarksville brag about living expenses well under the national standard and have set themselves as lovely, cheap locations to live. Fortunately for Tennessee, even areas that are more populated are nonetheless extremely affordable. Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Memphis, for example, are fairly cheap especially due to their fair accommodation costs. This causes Tennessee to be one of the rare places where you can get a sophisticated living and not pay high-end prices for it.

Probably the only place in Tennessee where the expenses of living rise above the nationwide average are no other than Nashville. This isn’t some massive jaw-dropper either. Nashville has some of the most excellent communities and houses in the whole country, with amusement and comforts to correspond.

Viewing everything it has to present, it’s phenomenal that the Nashville metro area’s general living costs are only slightly higher than the nationwide average. More reasonable neighborhoods outside Nashville, like Murfreesboro, somewhat make living in Nashville more achievable. And to top it all off, the crew at Spyder Moving and Storage is here to offer help and advice.

Money needed for the costs of living in TN
Living costs warry from place to place. But TN’s overall living costs are quite nice in comparison to some other states.


The Tennessee cities to look out for in 2023 are not just a few. With many different charms and opportunities to offer, it is left to you and your personal tastes to pick the best of the best. Of course, considering the different environment and special characteristics of cities and towns here we don’t doubt you will have a hard time choosing one. But don’t worry. You can always pick one and later on travel and explore the rest as a tourist! This way you will meet new people and get to know your new state even better. With all of the wonderful nature, the state offers mixed with small and big cities, good music, great bars, restaurants, and charming people, we doubt you will regret it. The best part is even if you don’t travel, you will always find new things to do. And the people around you will welcome you with warm hearts and open hands!