The risks of getting relocated by friends

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It is time to move home and as you already know, there will be many challenges tied to the process. You must organize, obtain packing materials, calculate your budget, and find one of the Tennessee long distance moving companies to assist. But in case your budget does not allow you to use the moving companies assistance, you will probably decide on getting relocated by friends. Whether they are your friends, relatives, neighbors, or coworkers, they must know what a relocation brings. And today, we will point out the risks of involving inexperienced people in the hectic moving environment. Let’s find out together what is the best solution.

Organize your relocation first

Something you must do yourself is to create a moving plan. Yes, your friends can assist as well but you are the one who knows best what is inside your home and how to handle it all. Maybe you can appoint your friends to run some errands, chores, and make a few phone calls. But the rest is on you. Therefore, inspect the whole environment to figure out all the steps you must take. Create a moving checklist and include all your belongings, furniture, and other household items. This way you’ll know how many packing supplies you need and how much it will cost. Then, sit down and crunch your numbers to realize the size of your moving budget. Hopefully, you’ll have enough to cover the mandatory requirements like packing supplies, truck rental, and a road toll.

A person making a plan
Create a moving plan first, then decide who will help you with moving.

Getting relocated by friends might slow you down

It all comes down to a good organization and swift execution. And if you decide on getting relocated by friends the whole process might be slowed down. What does this mean? Simply because you must contact all your friends and inform them about the move. Some would flat out refuse due to their personal situations. Others might have no time on their busy schedules. And others will accept but there will be some requirements that come with it.

Some of your friends will be concerned about the safety, others will ask for you to change a date or time of the day when you move. And not to mention, even if they are your friends, it doesn’t mean they are up to it at all. This is physical labor and maybe they cant lift enough or do not know how to pack things in the right way. And there will be thousands of questions. Some will be stupid and others productive. But the whole process will induce a lot of stress and waste your valuable time. So, before you ask any of your friends to help out, figure out if it will slow you down or speed up the moving process.

Packing can be tricky

As soon as you figured out how many things you must pack, you should obtain all the necessary packing supplies. If you decide to let your movers cover this one, check out their packing services Memphis and let professionals pack you entirely. But if you still want to do this one yourself, check out the shortlist of all the basic ones you must obtain:

  • Cardboard boxes or plastic bins
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Labels
getting relocated by friends can be dangerous
Your friends might not know how to handle fragile items. Be careful.

You can always invest a bit more into the safety of your belongings by purchasing corner pads, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, and many others that are out there. But as we said earlier, your budget is probably limited and you want to stick to the regular ones. Now, when it comes to your friends and the assistance they can provide while packing, you’ll know best. If this is your best friend and you know each other well, let them assist you all the way. Start packing gradually room by room and assign tasks among each other. If you are packing the kitchen, you take the dishes and fragile items while they should cover the sharp objects, cutlery, and appliances. Repeat the same process for each room but make sure you have a great oversight of what your friend is doing and the way they are packing.

Getting relocated by friends can be unsafe

Getting relocated by friends can be highly unsafe. As we mentioned before, they might not know how to handle certain tasks. They can always break a thing or two, or even worse. What if they endanger their health or have a moving injury. Therefore you must assign friends that you can trust. Preferably those who are a bit stronger to lift a box or a piece of furniture. Of course, this does not mean they will expose them to extremely hard labor but still, they should be able to pick up a box that is below 50lbs without you being afraid that they will drop it. And above all, this is not at all about your belongings but strictly about the safety of your helpers.

Moving is complicated and it requires knowledge, experience, and tools to do it safely and successfully. Therefore, maybe it would be wise to take a portion of your moving budget and dedicate it to hiring professional movers in Mississippi. Yes, your friends still can help with packing or simply be there and offer emotional support. But all the hard labor and relocating should be performed by professionals. Think about it and make sure your whole moving endeavor is safe.

It is better to hire professional movers

And as we said earlier, moving requires a lot of expertise and knowledge. Your Memphis moving helpers have all the tools, equipment, and experience required to relocate you and your belongings safely. So, you should consider hiring one and set your mind at ease. But before you do, check online which company suits you the most. Compare prices, services, and feedbacks until you find the right one. Give them a call and check if they are licensed and if they possess all the equipment to support your relocation project. Once you come to the agreement, create a moving contract, pick a date, and secure your investment.

Mover holding a couch
Maybe it is better to hire a professional moving team to take care of the hard labor.

Let your friends help at least

In the end, if you decide on using a professional moving company’s services, you can still have your friends around. They can keep you company, have a chat, provide emotional support, and help here and there. You can even exclude yourself from the whole moving process and supervise it while having a great time with your friends. Let your movers pack, do the heavy lifting, and load a moving truck. After all, it is what you are paying them for.

As you can see, getting relocated by friends can be a good thing but it has a lot of cons tied to it. The biggest one is that you must think about all tasks they are performing. Having a constant fear if they will break something will not give you peace and you will be under constant stress. On the other hand, if you trust them enough, you can go with it and hope for the best. Your choice entirely. But at least now you know how it looks like and what comes with the territory. Good luck.