The pros and cons of living in a loft

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Lately, living in a loft has become very popular. Thus, the demand for such kind of real estate is increasing. Originally, the term “loft” was used for the top floor of a structure. The term was mostly used for the converted attics of the industrial buildings. However, the term was afterward used for the whole industrial buildings converted into living and working spaces. Nowadays, real estate companies are listing various types of lofts. Some are original. However, some are just mimicking the looks and feel of lofts. Regardless of the loft type that you are moving to, you may find the assistance of Spyder Moving Services MS very welcome.

Living in a loft you may like to know a bit of its history

We can track the trend of loft apartments in cities like New York. In the 1960s,  a group of artists turned former industrial buildings into working and living spaces. They did it in the area of lower Manhattan. At that time, they were paying very low rents to live there. However, over the years, many artists were evicted. The building owners, realizing the potential, turned the original artists’ lofts into luxury versions. Some of those lofts are nowadays selling for millions of dollars.

Wooden bed frame with white cover with kitchen elements and other spaces that you enjoy living in a loft.
A loft apartment is not offering much privacy.

The popularity of industrial-style architecture

Nowadays, industrial-style architecture is not limited to living space. Such interior design, mimicking residential lofts, is present in restaurants, cafes, offices, hotels, etc. Usually, they are not built in the converted warehouses. They are built from scratch to look like they were converted.

The loft apartment and privacy

If you are residing in a loft, you know that it is an open space, without internal walls.  As the loft apartments are spacious, it is rather common to share them with roommates. Also, it is not unusual that the family is living in such an apartment. Everyone loves the open kitchen – dining room – living room area. However, bathrooms and sleeping rooms are exceptions. The bottom line, everyone needs some privacy.

Some loft apartments are even following vertical structures. As the ceiling in the loft apartments is very high, it’s rather common to see a staircase going up to the platforms. People are often using them as sleeping rooms. In case you move into such an apartment, you will for sure need the help of heavy item movers. They have the skills and tools to move the furniture to such high places.

Main characteristics of loft apartments

There are certain characteristics that are common to loft apartments. Once in loft apartments, you are getting quickly used to them. Such characteristics are:

  • original brick walls
  • exposed piping and ductwork
  • concrete flooring
  • distressed wood
  • a lot of metal and glass surfaces
  • open floor plans
  • large floor-to-ceiling windows
  • high ceilings

    Five bulb lights.
    Living in a spacious apartment you have to be ready for high utility bills.

Depending on the loft size, the tenants may divide the space into smaller portions. Sometimes, they are making brick walls to separate their sleeping or working area. In some cases, they are using temporary walls and dividers. In that way, they can change the apartment looks as they wish.

Sustainable architecture

You may often hear that loft apartments are a form of sustainable architecture. The reason behind this opinion is that they are saving the old buildings. They are repurposing them and making them nice. So, instead of unpleasant rotting hips of bricks, they are offering nice and interesting sight.

Here are the pros and cons of living in loft apartments

Before you sign a lease contract or buy a loft apartment, you should consider several things. Like with any other real estate, there are pros and cons to living in lost apartments.

The pros of living in a loft apartment

Here are the main pros that can attract you to move to a loft apartment, using the services of movers Biloxi MS.

They are spacious

The main advantage of the loft apartments is that they are spacious. Besides, the high ceiling is making the space look even bigger. So, after moving in, you will not luck the space to arrange your belongings. And there will be a lot of space for work, playing, and finding a quiet corner to rest. Also, such a huge space is ideal for decorations and playing with various artwork.

Getting trendy home

The exposed bricks and rustic style will add a trendy look to your home. And the truth is that you will love this industrial architecture type. Moreover, most people love their homes to be stylish. So, you will, for sure, be proud of your new home.

The flexibility that the whole family will like

In ordinary apartments, the family members have defined spaces. So, a loft is giving them the flexibility to play with space, flex walls, and curtains. They can also change the furniture set-up, whenever they feel like it. So, they will never feel bored with their living space. And they will for sure be thankful to movers Oxford MS for bringing them into this wonderful place.

Living in the loft apartment, you will have a lot of natural light

With the high ceilings and huge windows, the whole loft will be flooded with light. So, during the day, you can enjoy yourself in a bright and spacious place. However, the night will also bring clear views of the city lights. 


A man on the treadmill.
In case you like gyms, you may find such amenities in the ordinary apartment building.

The cons of moving into a loft apartment

So, there are also some disadvantages of moving into a loft apartment. Here are some of them:

You can expect the high utility bills

Living in such a huge place, you will need better hitting during the winter months. Also, the huge windows are not the best insulation. So, you can expect a lot of heat to be lost in vain. During the summer months, however, you will have to count on high cooling costs. Without strong cooling, your apartment would easily turn into a greenhouse.

A lack of storage space

In a loft apartment, you will have a lot of space. Still, you will miss kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets. So, be ready to find some custom solutions to solve this issue.

A lack of privacy

This is yet another big issue against moving into the loft apartment. The mobile internal walls will not provide you with much privacy. On the contrary, you may easily face some unpleasant situations.

Expect the loft apartment to be noisy and smelly

You have to be prepared for this inconvenience that comes with wide space. Without walls and separated spaces, the smell from the kitchen will spread all over. Also, the ringing of someone’s cell phone during the night will easily disturb all tenants.

Considering the pros and cons, you can decide if the loft apartment is right for you

Now, you know exactly what is a loft, and what you can expect moving into one. In case you love spacious places, you will be fine living in a loft. You will enjoy it in an expansive, unique space with rustic touches. However, the lofts are missing some amenities like a gym, and swimming pool. If you like those recreational activities, living in an ordinary apartment building will suit you better. Also, such an apartment will be better for you in case you like a cozy refuge and well-defined spaces.