The pros and cons of drive up storage?

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Drive-up storage is a unit that allows you to pull up your vehicle and facilitate the loading and unloading of your items. These are garage-like units, usually housed in rows next to one another. Some may be situated inside a building with drive-through aisles, for additional protection from the elements. With the growing demand for extra space, you might be curious about the pros and cons of this type of storage facility. Hence, our expert movers in Tennessee will share a bit more on the topic, in the text that follows.

The versatility of drive-up storage units

You may consider downsizing your home or just keeping a few items off your way. Or perhaps you need extra space for business operation purposes. You may have flair for interior design or other hobbies that ask for an extension of your daily living space. In this, and many other cases, storage units are the ideal solution. Our residential movers Memphis confirm that many people use storage when they remodel or stage their homes for sale as well.

You probably know already that there are various types of storage units. Hence, you should choose the one that fits the requirements of the materials you intend to deposit. However, in this article, we will look into the pros and cons of drive-up storage. This is a self-storage unit, that offers as many benefits as drawbacks. But, it all boils down to your individual needs and circumstances. Bellow, we will list the ups and downs as objectively as possible, and let you decide if this type of storage is right for you. But before we do, let’s see what items, in general, will benefit from a drive up storage unit:

  • Leave your household and personal possessions for short term safekeeping during a move
  • Keep your seasonal decorations, and winter snow equipment in a drive up storage off-season
  • Outdoor recreation equipment, garden, and building supplies will be safe here
  • Metal, plastic, and less delicate furniture can be stored longer
Outdoor storage facility
Drive-up storage offers you convenient access to the unit and your items

Boons and banes of drive-up storage

Without further ado, let’s look into the pros and cons of garage-like storage. Expert commercial movers Memphis report that people do use these types of units for business purposes. Hence, this confirms the relative safety of the units. Besides, here are the main pros and cons you should consider:

  • Convenient access
  • More space
  • Less protection from dust

Easy access to your individual storage unit

As the name suggests, these storage units offer you the benefit of convenient access. The loading and unloading of your inventory are relatively easy and you can manage it with your own vehicle. However, be cautious if you have any cumbersome items, and make a point to prevent yourself from injuries. It’s best to get assistance from heavy item movers and enjoy the benefits of your depot, instead of fixing damages and aching over injuries. Apart from that, the obvious pro of a garage-style storage unit it’s the sheer practical side of it.

You get more space that you don’t need to share

Storage units located out of a building are more spacious. Hence, you get more space to keep your items, only for yourself. It turns out that you will pay less for more space, than opting for a unit enclosed in a building. There is enough space to even store your vehicle in one of these units if this is what suits you best.

A fixture with wine bottles
Self-storage units don’t usually have a climate-control option, and thus aren’t fit for the keeping of delicate items

The downsides of drive-up storage

While the benefits of these types of units are obvious, there are certain things you should take into consideration. Namely, garage type of storage isn’t the best place to keep delicate items for an extended period of time. The roll-up doors don’t offer great protection from dust, hence, expect to find it more here than in a conventional storage unit. Also, make sure to talk to your provider if they have climate-controlled options, as drive-up storage usually doesn’t feature this frill. Besides, if you want to enjoy your peace of mind, consider your options on self-storage insurance coverage. There are quite a few pros of storing inventory in this type of depot. Depends on the monetary value of your things, you may want to look closely into your insurance options, or not mind it at all.

Finally, these are the main pros and cons of using drive-up storage. Weight them thoughtfully based on your individual circumstances, and you may benefit from it. Good luck.