The neighborhoods to raise a family in Denver

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Raising children is one of the most difficult tasks for parents. One of the most important parts of raising kids is the place where you would live. For this reason, many people face a big challenge to find the appropriate city, neighborhood, and house where they would successfully raise kids. This is a time-consuming task and it takes a lot of energy to do the research on the best living option. There are many different things to consider before contacting Spyder Moving and Storage to help you with the relocation. What you will certainly need is a safe area, with good schools and some interesting activities for kids. Denver is a place that can offer all of the above and much more than that. Therefore, read this article to discover some of the neighborhoods to raise a family in Denver.

Denver is getting more and more popular

The city got the nickname “Mile High” as its elevation is a mile high. But it is not only the high elevation that makes this city a special place.

a family having picnic in the park
Mile High is one of the best places to raise a family in Denver

When it comes to weather, it has almost 300 days of sunlight so you can spend a lot of time outside with your children. It is no wonder that the population of more than 760,000 people is growing every day. Contact one of the moving companies Denver Area and you will rarely have to check the weather forecast. This city offers a great mixture of mountains and beautiful nature together with safe yet urban areas. Being at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, here you can numerous paths for hiking as well as a number of parks where you can go for long walks. You will also have many job opportunities since many new companies are setting foot in Denver.

What are the neighborhoods to raise a family in Denver?

As a parent, you have a huge responsibility to find one of the neighborhoods where you can raise your kids successfully. Weighing your options, there are many things to consider. Since safety is among the top priorities when finding a place to live, you will not have to worry about it in Centennial. Before you contact apartment movers Denver, bear in mind that this is one of the most secure areas in Denver.  The Cherry Creek State Park is in the neighborhood. Therefore, you will have a place to take your kids to have fun outdoors. It is also close to a large reservoir. People there can bring paddleboats or sailboats and spend a fun day on the water. In addition, this 30-square-mile area has Streets at SouthGlenn. It is full of cinemas, restaurants, and shops with a bustling vibe.

Washington Park

This is the recreational area of the city for many different reasons. As it is 5 miles from downtown Denver, it has the vibe of the cool suburban area.

a family in the park
Your family can enjoy many green surfaces

There are many green surfaces, nice lawns, and from fences in the yards. It developed in the 1890s and continues to be one of the most popular places to raise a family. In addition, people with kids are contacting commercial movers Denver to relocate their businesses to this lively area. You will find here plenty of boutiques, restaurants, and bars. Residents recommend visiting the historic South Pearl Street where you can enjoy shopping and dining. Also, its residents are environmentally-conscious and they take care of the area properly so it is fresh and clean. Finally, the schooling system of Denver is very good. In this area, you can find Steele Elementary School as well as St. John’s Church & School.

The urban village – Greenwood Village

Once this was famous farmland with dairies that transformed into an urban community over the years. In a way, it still keeps the historical and rural aspects of the area. However, it has grown into a safe and welcoming neighborhood. Its residents are mainly families with children. For this reason, this is one of the neighborhoods to raise a family in Denver. Contact local movers Denver CO and get to this prestigious suburb of Denver. It is close to a number of parks and trails where you can meet and get friends with your neighbors. In this close-knit neighborhood, both adults and kids can attend different activities such as art classes. Also, there are a number of educational activities throughout the whole year. However, this is one of the most expensive areas in Denver and one of the few that hosts both city and rural lifestyles.

Foodies’ heaven South Park Hill

One of the neighborhoods to raise a family in Denver is certainly South Park Hill. If your family likes artisan food then this is the place to be. There are plenty of different eateries.

People sitting around the table with food
Foodies can find their place in Denver neighborhoods

You can find here both modern restaurants and high-end wineries. In addition to the variety of food, you can also find here shops with unique goods. If you consider contacting long distance moving companies Denver, it is good to know that the area offers more than just shopping. The Denver Zoo is certainly one of the biggest attractions for children in this area. Here they can see many exotic animals such as lions, elephants, and giraffes. When it comes to home prices, it is not as expensive as Greenwood Village or Washington Park. Here you can find a home for $670,000. Here you can buy different homes, such as condos or large, luxurious homes.

The neighborhoods to raise a family in Denver – Wellshire

This neighborhood has similar purchase and rental prices as South Park Hill. The median home price here hovers around $750,000. People in this neighborhood are mostly homeowners and there is a small number of renters. Most of its residents are families with children of different ages. So you will not have to worry whether your kids will find company. Also, this is one of the safest areas in entire Denver. Being a tight-knit community, you can easily meet new people after moving to Colorado. It is interesting that in this area you can find some ranch-style homes which are pretty affordable. There are also more modern brick and stucco homes in the modern part of the neighborhood. One of the most famous schools in the area is Wellshire’s Slavens K-8 School. Your children can get A+ education here which you should not worry about.

Moving to the southwest of Denver to Littleton

Despite its name, this neighborhood has plenty of things to offer to its residents. It is certainly one of the most popular areas in Denver for many different reasons. Although it is close to downtown Denver, it still offers a quiet and intimate atmosphere.

a park with a river
There are many exciting activities in Littletown

However, this is not a boring area by any chance. There are plenty of exciting activities for the whole family. Moving to this area of Denver would mean that you would be around 12 miles away from the city noise. On the other hand, it is not far away for commuters working in downtown Denver. Also, you should not worry about your kids. They can easily make friends with children in the neighborhood and older kids take care of the younger ones. This is one of the neighborhoods to raise a family in Denver also because home prices are pretty affordable.

Berkeley is one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Denver

One of the trendiest areas in Denver is full of restaurants, shops, and bars where you can spend your weekends and afternoons after work. But if you prefer that your children spend a lot of time in the fresh air, they can certainly do that in Berkley. You can visit Berkeley Lake Park and see the beautiful little lake there. If you would be moving during winter, you can still find interesting places to visit. Rocky Mountain Lake Park also has a lake. There you can take your kids and a dog for a long walk. There is also a great playground in this park, where your kids can make new friends with the locals. It is also very exciting to visit the Rocky Mountains so take a trip to see them on the I-70.

Relocating to Fort Logan

Speaking of the crime rate, this is one of the safest areas in Denver which is around 55% safer than the rest of the city. Another great fact about this neighborhood is that has very affordable home prices.

the neighborhoods to raise a family in Denver
Fort Logan is a great area for raising kids

You can buy a home here for less than $250,000. Renting a property can go up to $850. Fort Logan can provide a cozy feeling with many parks and popular schools nearby. Shorten the relocation process and hire furniture movers Denver to help you get into this friendly neighborhood. While you enjoy playing tennis or golf, your children can swim in the pool at Pinehurst Country Club. In this former military post, parents can look for a good K-12 education. Moving here you would be close to Kaiser Elementary or Sheridan High School. These are just some of the great educational systems of Denver and its neighborhoods.

Experience living in City Park

What draws many people of different ages to this area is the fact that there are lots of open spaces as well as pretty affordable costs of living. Not only families with kids, but also young professionals prefer to contact packing service Denver and relocate into this neighborhood. If you prefer to live in the city, but still save money while relocating, then coming here is a great idea. You can take your kids out, walk a dog, and spend a lot of time outside in general. In addition, you will be very close to Denver’s largest parks Cheesman Park and City Park. Since you need to think about your family’s health, there is also St. Joseph’s hospital complex. When it comes to dining and leisure time, you can spend it along Colfax Avenue. Some of the best coffee shops in Denver are in this area.

Discover Cap Hill-one of the oldest neighborhoods to raise a family in Denver

The streets of Cap Hill host some of the oldest Victorian-era homes in Denver. However, these homes are also very affordable. So you should not worry about a purchase or rental prices in this area.

a room with antique furniture
Cap Hill is one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Denver

In addition, you can enjoy the gorgeous architecture of these homes which over time were turned into condos, townhomes, or apartments. Although the streets are in the very center of Denver, they are also still green and provide fresh air. Make moving interesting for kids and tell them you are moving into a villa from old fairy-tales. In this lively area, you can also enjoy the urban feeling of the center of the city as well as green parks and open space areas. Your family can enjoy restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and shops. Also, you can visit the Colorado Capitol building and the Denver Art Museum.

Families are discovering Congress Park

In recent years, one of the neighborhoods to raise a family in Denver has become Congress Park. Nowadays, around 45% of the population of the area makes families with children. The district named one of the schools in the area as the top-ranking school of Denver and that is Teller Elementary School. Congress Park also got the ranking as one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Denver. There are plenty of activities that the park offers for different generations of people.

a racket on the tennis court
You can play some tennis or golf in Congress Park

You can gather here with friends and enjoy tennis and pickleball courts. Kids can splash in the outdoor pool or play in the softball fields. Finally, the Denver Botanic Gardens and the City Park are in the neighborhood. Plenty of dining options in some famous restaurants add to the multiple fun options that you can find in the area.

When looking for the neighborhoods to raise a family in Denver, there are many different factors to consider. This is not an easy decision to make, especially when there are plenty of options to choose from. So take your time to do some research and choose the right place for you and your family that you will enjoy together for years to come.