The most common challenges of moving to college

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Are you facing the common challenges of moving to college? Congratulations on getting in and taking the first step towards obtaining the degree! While you may encounter numerous challenges of moving, that’s nothing that can’t be overcome easily with quality movers like Movers Biloxi MS. Before anything, packing for college should be fun. To do it right and make the process easy for yourself, start preparing well in advance. That way, you’ll be able to overcome all of the bumps on the road on time. Getting well-educated about the moving process is going to make it much easier. To find out how to approach the whole process and find out more about the common challenges of moving to college, keep on reading!

a woman decluttering and thinking about the common challenges of moving to college
Getting rid of the items that you don’t need is the first step to deciding what you want to bring to the college with yourself.

Decluttering is one of the common challenges of moving to college

Decluttering your items is one of the most common challenges of moving to college. Moving Companies Starkville MS can help you get rid of your belongings, but you’ll have to decide what has to go first. It’s not an easy decision, but it’s the one that truly has to be made. Make sure you eliminate the items that you don’t need in the “first purge”. That way, you can donate them, pack them, and put them away, or even sell them. During the “second purge” you should decide which of those things is something that you will truly need, not something you want to bring just because you think you can. Because once you start packing all of the other items, you’ll realize that maybe you should get rid of some clothes.

Deciding what clothes to bring is another common challenge

After decluttering, you’ll have to decide which clothes and items to bring. That’s also one of the common challenges of moving to college. You often won’t want to give up some pieces of your clothing, or some other item for that matter.

To avoid one of the most common challenges of moving to college, think about this:

  • Do you really need this item?
  • Is the item appropriate for the weather/conditions that it will be used in?
  • Does it have more pros than cons?
  • Will it take too much space that you can use to place more useful items?
  • Is the item something that you’ll have to use immediately after you’ve moved?

Those are just some of the questions that you should ask yourself before deciding whether or not you’re going to bring something. Making an objective evaluation by asking rational questions will lead you to the conclusion about which belongings you should bring faster than you think.

You might need to bring an electrical appliance like a microwave or coffee pot too!

Deciding which electronic devices to bring

Electronic devices are a crucial part of studying. They are the devices that provide numerous information, as well as the devices where you get to watch your online classes. You should bring computers, tablets and mobile phones with you. They are always useful, and if one breaks, having another as a back up is a necessity. But those aren’t only devices that you should think about bringing. Maybe you’ll need to bring the hairdryer, coffee maker, microwave or a fridge. Consult your apartment landlord and see which of those items you’ll have available. You can always buy the new ones after you move to your apartment, but since you’ll have the student budget, it’s best if you try to take care of as many items as possible.

Managing to pack your items well

After you’ve decided which items you do want to bring, the next step is packing them well.

Tips for packing:

  • Roll your clothes. As far as science goes, no one knows why rolling your clothes allows you to place more of it, but it does. Furthermore, it’s a convenient way to keep it in the good condition. You can also pack your clothes in plastic bags, but it’s much more practical to pack them outside of the bags.
  • Use the bags which you can suck the air from. That way, you can pack the pillows and bathrobes without taking up a lot of volume in the suitcase. Aim to pack almost all of the items that inflate when the pressure isn’t applied to them, this way.
  • Buy quality suitcases or rent plastic bins. You don’t want your suitcase’s zipper getting stuck the last night and causing you to freak out. Make sure you invest properly in the suitcases or consider buying, or even better, renting the plastic bins. Plastic bins aren’t only the moving material that you can easily get rid of, they’re also the best way to prevent the water from affecting your belongings.
  • Don’t overstuff the suitcase.
  • Bring the additional linen or have it sent to you.
  • Big fluffy items can go on the top over the irregularly-shaped ones. That way, you’re sure that the suitcase is going to close, while at the same time it’s going to protect the not-so-flexible items that are just one layer underneath.
man packing
You can use the cardboard boxes for soft items, but most of your other items should be packed in quality suitcases or plastic bins.

One of the common challenges of moving to college is also the transport of belongings

Transporting the items to college is one of the common challenges of moving to college. Hiring a quality moving company will help you get your items packed and transported fast and without any inconveniences. When you choose to go with the quality moving company, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your items will be handled with the utmost care. Spyder Moving is a company whose only goal is to tailor the move to every person individually and perform it perfectly. Call us and see why we’re the best company to handle your college move!