The importance of researching movers before hiring them

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If you were already moving before, you understand the importance of researching movers before hiring them. However, maybe you are moving for the first time. So, finding movers doesn’t look too complicated to you. Finally, there are so many advertisements. So, the offer is rather high. It seems perfectly easy to call a few companies and check their quotes. Of curse, you just have to check if they are doing the long-distance relocations. Or if they will accept the short distance move. Still, that is far from enough to find a reliable moving company like Oakland TN movers. So, here are some tips for those moving for the first time. Following them, you will ensure safe and stress-free relocation.

Why researching movers before hiring them is necessary?

Annually, we can witness millions of moves in the USA. Thus, the demand is attracting many to start moving jobs. However, not all of them can do it in a proper way. Or they are missing the necessary licenses and certificates. And the worst thing is that, among many hones people, there are also many scammers. So, to avoid moving problems, inform yourself better about the companies which look good to you.

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Check online reviews of the moving companies.

Before hiring movers, define what type of move do you need?

By checking the websites of the moving companies, you will see if they are offering:

  • Local moves
  • Long-distance move
  • Interstate move

Some companies will have only local moves in their offer. So, they are not for you if you are planning an interstate move. After completing this basic check, you can continue by checking the other parameters that are relevant for you.

Make inquiries about the moving companies

By this time, you already have a shortlist of the moving companies you took into consideration. Now, take your list and call friends and relatives. They may know some details that are not available online. Or some of your co-workers were already using the services of Spyder Moving Services TN. Their good impression of the company is a good sign for you. It is coming from people that you know. And to whom you trust. And they can tell you about movers behavior, the readiness of the company to solve any moving issue. Also, they can tell you about the additional services the company gave them for free.

Checking the online reviews of the moving companies

It is a good idea to check several moving companies before you make the final decision. On your list, there will be companies that your friends don’t have direct information about. For such companies, you have to find and read online reviews. Usually, people are leaving reviews if they were dissatisfied with the moving company. Or, if they were very pleased with the services they got. Find as many platforms and read as many reviews as you can. Pay attention if a company has a successful track record. This means, in reviews, you will notice remarks like:

  • They are on time
  • They kept the rates fair
  • Our possessions were delivered in good condition
  • The staff was kind
  • Their moving truck and equipment were in good condition and clean

Also, while reading reviews, you will notice that some texts are repeating from platform to platform. By rule, either good or bad, those reviews are very long, the text is always the same, and there are no details. Disregard them. Such reviews are not genuine.

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Meet the moving company representatives.

To continue research, meet the moving company representatives

After reading reviews, your list of possible movers is for sure shorter. You have crossed out those with many negative reviews. Now, before you set the appointment with moving representatives, prepare the list of questions. And don’t hesitate to ask the representative of long-distance movers Memphis anything you consider relevant. And be very specific about the needs that you have. Don’t forget to ask:

  • What kind of insurance does their company offers, and what percentage do they cover
  • Can they provide you with proof of insurance or an “Insurance Certificate”
  • Ask about their license
  • How they are solving the customers’ complaints

Every reliable moving company will promptly show their certificates. If they hesitate or find excuses, they are not a company for you.

Also, every interstate moving company must be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation and has a DOT number. If they are operating locally, they must have the proper certificates issued by their state administration.

Research if the moving company has transparent moving costs

When you are talking to moving company representatives, ask them about the breakdown of the moving costs. Of course, you already got the cost estimation. However, ask them about all the services that the given price includes. A company like movers Somerville TN will gladly present the breakdown of the costs. This will spare both sides of possible misunderstandings. Also, if they are moving you long-distance, you need to know about costs of fuel, highway toll, etc. In case they are on you, you have to adjust your moving budget.

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Make a deal with the moving company that is best for you.

What else is important when you are researching movers before hiring them?

You are ready to pay for a safe and carefree move. So, do all possible checks before you decide to hire a moving company. Besides what we already discussed, there are a few other things. Check them also, to be on the safe side.

  • Inventory – every reliable moving company will make the inventory of all your belongings that they are taking. That way, when they are delivering belongings back to you, the list on the Bill of Landing has to correspond to this one.
  • Deposit – moving companies can take some deposits. However, if they ask for a large deposit before moving, you should be careful. They can easily be one of the fraudulent companies.
  • Name changing – don’t sign the contract with the companies that keep changing their name – such companies are doing that to avoid being assessed by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Contract – never sign any blank contract with a moving company. Or the one that is too complicated for you to understand. If so, rather hire an experienced lawyer to read it before signing.

After the throughout research, you are ready to hire the moving company

If you were following all the recommendations, now you have complete knowledge about the moving company. You know what to expect. And you understand the importance of researching movers before hiring them. Also, you know exactly what your rights are and how to handle possible unexpected situations. Now, after acquiring all this knowledge about hiring movers, you understand how many mistakes you could make. Luckily, you avoided all unpleasant situations. And next time you decide to move, you will already know what you have to check.