The importance of creating a moving inventory list

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People are often not aware of how many things they possess. It’s only when they start packing that they see everything they have. And that makes moving is the perfect time to rediscover your long-forgotten belongings. But it also shows us how easy it is to forget some things. And I guess you wouldn’t want to move to your new home only to discover that you’ve forgotten your favorite book or something else. That’s why no matter if you’re moving to Oxford MS or somewhere completely else you will want to have a moving inventory list by your side. There are numerous reasons why this is a good idea. And if you continue reading you’ll see the importance of creating a moving inventory list.

What to do before making that list

Those long-forgotten things I’ve mentioned above are probably the things you don’t really use or need. And therefore, those are the things you should get rid of. That’s right! I’m talking about decluttering here and there are various reasons why you should do that. However, it’s important to point out that you should do this step before making your moving inventory list because then that list should be much shorter. One more thing that will also be lower is your moving cost. The amount of money you will have to pay a moving company will be significantly lower if you have fewer things for them to move. The reason is that the weight of the cargo is one of the biggest factors when they are calculating the final price of your move. 

a boy and a pile of clothes
You should be left with a pile of clothes and other things once you are done decluttering

Now, there are a few things you can do with those items you don’t want to take with you. You can, for example, donate them to organizations like Habitat for Humanity or others. Or you can organize a garage sale and make some extra money.

How to create a good moving inventory list

After you’ve decluttered your belongings, it’s time for creating a moving inventory checklist. If you are wondering what your moving inventory list should contain, the answer is simple. The best inventory list has every single thing you plan on moving to your new home. There are various ways of how you can make this list and what categories you can make. But the important thing is to write down everything you are moving and to do it in the form of a list. That way you are making sure that you don’t forget anything in your old home.

a list - creating a moving inventory list
The reason why a list works the best is that it’s easy to find information and it’s not cluttered

You should choose which information you want to include in this list based on your will and your time. If you have enough time you can include as many details as you can. And movers from some moving companies Memphis TN have recommended that you include pictures. Of course, you don’t have to take a picture of every item you possess. That would be a big waste of time and I don’t have to tell you how precious time is when you are in the middle of the moving process. However, you should take the time to take a picture of your valuable belongings. This way you have proof that your valuables were in great condition before moving should that change for any reason.

Creating a moving inventory list and insurance

If you hire professional movers that are reliable and capable your belongings shouldn’t get damaged. That’s why you should search for a moving company that has great reviews to handle your move. However, even the best movers in the world can face some difficulties and wind up in unplanned situations. And the result of those situations is, of course, in most situations damage to your belongings. That’s why top moving companies like Spyder Moving Services recommend that you get insurance. Luckily, there are various types of insurance to choose from.

coins and a wooden house -
The better insurance you get the easier it will be later on if something happens to your household.

The reason why a moving inventory list and the insurance go together is simple. When you write down all the items you are moving to your new place it’s more than easy to track down if you have lost something along the way. You just have to go through the list and cross out what is delivered to your new home. Just imagine the opposite situation and you’ll know what I mean. Would you see if a pair of shoes you don’t wear that often is missing while you are surrounded by a million moving boxes? Furthermore, if something is damaged you can just circle it on the list. Then once you have gone through the list you’ll see exactly what is missing and what is damaged. And all that’s left to do is get the compensation from the insurance. You can even use that moving inventory list you’ve created as a piece of evidence.

How to label moving boxes like a pro

One last pro-tip for creating a moving inventory list is that you connect it to labeling boxes. But let’s talk first about the smartest way to label your moving boxes. This will make packing and unpacking much quicker and easier. So, here are some tips for labeling:

  • Each and every moving box should have its own number written on it.
  • Every box should have the name of the room where it is supposed to go. You should write this name on three sides of the box and it should be big so that it can be clearly seen
  • It would also be smart to write a small inventory list for each box and place one copy in the box and stick the other copy on the box.

The best inventory list will reflect this labeling tips. Now, you have two options for creating a moving inventory list. The first one is to just write the number of the box next to every item that that box contains. While the other and more complicated one is to write the number of the box and its designated room and then under that all the items that are in the said box. This will make unpacking so much efficient because you’ll know in every moment where each item is. And you’ll be that closer to enjoying your new home!