The downsides of self-packing efforts

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Packing is considered the most difficult part of the moving process. Some estimates even say that the average American home contains around 300,000 items. Whether this number is correct or not, you are probably aware that packing your entire home requires a lot of effort and good organizational skills. Besides transportation, this is probably the biggest reason why people decide to hire movers Jackson MS when they are preparing for a move. However, apart from numerous downsides of self-packing efforts, some people still think that doing it without professional help is a wise choice. If you are thinking the same, in this article you will learn that packing on your own may not be such a smart move after all.

The difficulty of organizing your moving schedule is one of the first downsides of self-packing efforts that you will come across

As you probably know, moving is one of the most complicated and difficult things that you can do in life. Besides finding a perfect home, hiring residential movers, dealing with utility companies, moving insurances, cleaning, decluttering, etc., you also need to find a perfect time to pack your items. The combination of all those things represents a big organizational challenge. So, in the beginning, a lot of people struggle with organizing and schedule.

A woman planning a schedule
Knowing when to start packing is one of the major downsides of self-packing efforts

How it all looks in real life

Everyone knows that preparing a moving plan is the most important part of the moving process. But knowing exactly when to tackle packing can be a problem, especially for people who don’t have previous experience with moving. If you do it too early, you will have trouble handling your everyday tasks. This can be particularly difficult when you are moving your business. If, on the other hand, you start your packing late, you may come into a situation where you have to pack your items improperly just so you can finish in time.  Finding perfect timing will be the first downside of self-packing efforts.

How will you determine the precise amount of required packing supplies if you are packing on your own?

If you decided to tackle the packing process all by yourself, surely you have thought about packing supplies. One of the problems of self-packing efforts, especially for inexperienced people is determining the exact amount of packing supplies. Ok, maybe you think that this is not such a big issue. But determining the precise amount of packing supplies can be a lifesaver in this complicated time-limited process of moving. That is why movers Starkville MS will spend a lot of time to precisely estimate the size of a moving inventory before they begin.

The downsides of self-packing efforts and not getting the required amount of packing supplies

Here are the problems. If you acquire less that you optimally need, you will need to waste precious time to buy more. Presuming that the packing supply store is not just around the corner. Or, if you decide that there isn’t enough time to go shopping, you may decide to overload your available boxes. Ok, maybe you are thinking that you can simply buy a lot of boxes and wraps. But, as moving is very expensive, wasting money on packing supplies (that are also not cheap) is not by any means recommended. Also, except for cardboard boxes, most of the packing supplies are made from plastic. And we all know that wasting plastic is not an environmentally responsible thing to do.

Calculating prices
Packing supplies are not cheap so you need to precisely determine how many boxes to get

How to estimate the precise amount of packing supplies?

One of the best solutions for this problem is to ask your movers for advice. They know all about packing and can surely give you the best estimate. The second solution is to hire packing and unpacking services and forget about all the problems of self-packing efforts. Your third option is to go online and find a moving box calculator. Those are not particularly precise, but if you have no other options, it can give you an indication.

Wasting time and money on buying packing materials is one of the weaknesses of self-packing efforts

Besides estimating the number of boxes and wraps, one of the disadvantages of self-packing efforts is in acquiring them. When you decide to hire professional packing services, they will also bring packing materials. When you are packing on your own, you will need to spend time searching for a place to get them. You will need to waste time and gas to go to the store. Finally, you have to spend money to buy them. Again, they are not cheap. For an average 2-bedroom apartment, you will need to spend around $100 only on boxes. But where are all wraps, bags, packing tapes, moving blankets, straps, labels, etc.? That is a major drawback of self-packing that no one really thinks about.

What you can do about it?

Luckily, there are a few ways to cut the costs of packing supplies. If you know people who recently moved, maybe they could give you their old boxes (if they still have them). On the other hand, you can try liquor stores, bookstores, or a grocery in your neighborhood. But this will waste more of your time. Finally, you can go online and try to find free boxes on Craigslist. Or even your Facebook community groups.

The biggest downside of self-packing

Between all those problems of DIY packing efforts, the biggest one is certainly the packing itself. Not only that is a tiring and stressful process, but it also requires some knowledge and skills. When people think about packing, they all consider stuffing boxes with items. But if you want your items to survive the transport, and to have less trouble with unpacking you will have to know what you are doing.

  • How to pack and protect fragile and valuable items is one of the main downsides of self-packing efforts
  • Not to overload the boxes
  • How to protect your items from rain and cold
  • What to do with large and bulky items
  • In which order to pack your items
  • How to properly label boxes
Pile of cardboard boxes
You need to know a few things about packing before you decide on a DIY approach

Avoid self-packing – hire professionals

Those are the major downsides of self-packing efforts. Unfortunately, you may encounter many more issues if you decide on this approach. Why would you do this to yourself? Use the internet, find a moving company with a good reputation, let them bother with this ordeal, and you can spend your time relaxing.