The downsides of hiring movers on Craigslist

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After a lot of planning and preparation, you have decided that you want to relocate. But different people put different things first. Some want to do everything themselves, while others hire one of the professional movers in Mississippi. While looking for various options of available movers, you somehow end up looking for help on Craigslist. It is a convenient site that people use for selling a lot of things and services. Before you engage movers from this site, ask yourself one question, what are the downsides of hiring movers on Craigslist?

Why is Craigslist convenient to use?

  • You can access this website anytime, anywhere, like the moving labor in Memphis. It is just a click away, and you have so many different options to choose from. You just need to narrow down your search to the area and type of moving service that you are looking for. Find the number of the service provider and call them for the details. Hiring movers on Craigslist is that simple.
  • One of the reasons why a lot of people use Craigslist is the fact that they can always bargain for the price. This results in a lower price for the buyer and a deal for the seller in most cases. The final result is that both sides are satisfied.
  • By using moving services advertised on Craigslist, you can help unemployed people or students to earn money. Helping people who are in need of some extra cash is always a nice thing to do.
  • Help for a last-minute relocation can be found much easier here than anywhere else. Professional companies would probably deny your request for a hurried last-minute move. Movers on Craigslist are more flexible when it comes to time.

With all the good sides listed above, it seems like hiring relocation help from this site is a good idea. If you get lucky, you could get the job done for an affordable price. But in most cases, people end up unsatisfied.

Couple shopping online
The fact that it is so easy to access makes it convenient

Hiring movers on Craigslist – the risks

After reading the following paragraph, you will see that the bad sides of hiring movers via Craigslist outweigh the goods ones.

Generally uninterested in the job

As stated before, people who advertise their services here are mostly doing it just to get extra money. And that is their only motivation. They usually invite some friends, rent a truck or use their own and do it when they have free time. Unlike them, all of the packing services Memphis TN do their job like the professionals that they are. Craigslist movers mostly don’t care about the final outcome and satisfaction with the moving experience, as long as they get paid.

They chose the time of the move

Movers hired from Craigslist will start and finish your relocation when they decide. Giving extra money as motivation may help more than yelling at them to hurry up. If you do choose the second option, be aware of the fact that they can leave you in the middle of the process if they decide so. With residential moving services, you will at least know that they will finish what they started.

Clock on a white wall
Craigslist movers choose their own working hours

Most don’t own a license

If they owned a license, they would also have their own website. Without having a website, they are more probable to be scammers. This type of mover is also more probable to break your belongings and even steal some of them if given the chance. Since they don’t have insurance, you are left to deal with your broken belongings on your own. Suing them will only result in wasted time, while they can sue you if they get injured because they don’t have workers’ insurance.

Hiring movers on Craigslist – conclusion

Taking everything that was previously said into consideration, it is advised to stay away from Craigslist movers. Moving is a difficult task that requires real professionals to be done properly. If you need more help finding good movers, check out this guide on how to find quality movers. We wish you good luck in finding the right movers and happy relocation!