The different kinds of moving estimates

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Moving from one address to another can be stressful and challenging. From getting everything set to move to finding and hiring a reliable moving company, there is a lot to do. Since there are a lot of jobs when the time for moving comes, you may need the help of our movers in Mississippi. Nevertheless, you will have to keep your moving budget in mind all the time. Moving brings many costs, so you need to handle your finances right. Fortunately, many movers provide free moving estimates. So, you should get the different kinds of moving estimates and opt for the one that suits you best. Will you choose “non-binding estimate,” “binding estimate,” and “binding not-to-exceed estimate”? Stay with us and we will explain to you all types of moving estimates. This article will help you find the best solution for you and choose the right kind of estimate.

Prepare to consider different kinds of moving estimates

Today we can’t imagine conducting relocation without hiring movers. Even if you start your moving preparations on time, you will find moving tasks demanding. In case you had moved your home many times before, you understand that professional help is inevitable to perform your move efficiently. When you have reliable movers Olive Branch MS by your side moving becomes smooth. Still, the limited moving budget can keep us away from hiring a full-service moving company.

Woman researching different kinds of moving estimates.
Get ready to research the different kinds of moving estimates.

Once you find one of the most trustworthy moving companies Southaven, you will want to get as much help as you need. On the other hand, you know you must be careful with your budget, so you will determine how much help you could afford. Anyway, the price you will need to pay when hiring movers could depend on the distance you need to cross, who you hire, and what services you opt for. Before you decide you will need to face different kinds of moving estimates.

You can choose between different kinds of moving estimates

As we have mentioned, there are three different kinds of moving estimates:

  • Non-binding moving estimate;
  • Binding estimate;
  • Binding not-to-exceed estimate.

Choosing the estimate that best suits you is crucial for the overall success of your move. For that reason, our Spider Moving Services experts will never recommend blindly agreeing to a moving quote. Regardless of the distance and other factors of your move, remember to get the written moving estimate and never sign a contract without thoroughly doing your research.

Non-binding moving estimate

A non-binding moving estimate is the most usual out of all other kinds of moving estimates you may get. According to its name, a non-binding estimate is not bound by a contract.  This means it is a rough estimate of what your move might cost. If you accept a non-binding moving estimate, you will have to choose will the moving agent will come to your address to examine and estimate your load.  Or, you will accept an estimate over the telephone or through e-mail or. The upside of this type of moving estimate is that they are usually free of charge. On the other hand, the downside of this kind of moving estimate is the price is not accurate and set, which means the costs can change on a moving day. If you need to move all across the Mississippi, this is not a good option for you.

Woman calculating
Make sure to calculate the final price.

Should you choose a binding estimate?

A binding moving estimate means that the moving company guarantees a fixed price based on the estimated weight of your items. After you decide to accept it you will have to sign an agreement. This way you will know exactly what is the costs of your move, even if your belongings exceed the estimated weight. However, if your belongings end up weighing less than estimated, there will be no changes to the price. This still means you will need to pay the agreed price.

Binding not-to-exceed kind of moving estimate

The binding not-to-exceed moving estimate is the most desirable kind of estimate for customers. When you choose it, you are free of paying more even if the weight of your load exceeds the original estimate. Another upside of this type of estimate is that you could end up paying less than first agreed upon. Although there are different kinds of moving estimates, this one can help you save your money.