The best ways to label moving boxes

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So, when you finally find a reliable moving company like Spyder moving company and you schedule your moving date – then comes the packing! A lot of people leave packing for the last moment, and then they end up with a lot of potential problems. And when you are packing in a hurry there is a big chance that you will skip the most important step -labeling! You need to label moving boxes, that is the only way you can keep up with all the boxes and unpack easily!

What do you need to label moving boxes?

Well, this is quite a simple task. Depending on the system that you choose – you will need pens in different colors, tape, stickers. Make sure that your pens, preferable markers, are waterproof. Simply, that will prevent a lot of possible problems during relocation. And it will help you when you start unpacking your clothes and all of your belongings.

Use color-coding system

So, this is one of the systems that people often use. If you ask your movers Tupelo NS about advice – they will tell you the same. The color-coding system is one of the most commonly used ways to label moving boxes. You can use different colorful markers or you can use packing tape. It is your choice. You can color-code them by room. For example – everything that goes into the living room will be labeled blue!

different colors for labeling moving boxes
You can use a color-coding system to label your boxes

One of the ways that can make the whole process much more fun is if you start using stickers. If you have kids – you probably have a lot of them. Just make sure that they can not fall off easily.

A system with numbers

if you are a really well-organized person this can be the system for you. Labeling moving boxes might take a while, but in the end, every box will be where it should. You can create inventory, label each box with a number that is corresponding to your inventory list. That way – you will know if the living room should have a total of 5 boxes labeled as number 8. You can share your inventory list with your moving company, it will help them a lot. Also, you can pack by yourself or hire professional packers, the choice is yours.

numbers to label moving moxes
You can use numbers to label your moving boxes

Make sure to label moving boxes on all sides

One of the most important things is to clearly label all of your boxes, on all sides. This will help you a lot once you reach your new home and your moving crew needs to unload boxes. They will be able to unload them easily without rotating the box multiple times until they find the label. Also, if you have boxes with fragile items it is important to clearly mark them to avoid any damage. You can find all the supplies you need for labeling moving boxes on different websites. Just keep in mind that you need to choose a system that will be effective for you and that you easily can follow it and track all of your boxes.