The best places for single parents in Tennessee

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One of the hardest things in the world is being a single parent. All of the responsibilities that are usually split between two parents are carried by only one person. Add on top of that a move and it becomes so chaotic it’s hard to even imagine. But what if, next to all of that, you still can’t decide where to move? Are there actually places where single parents will feel more comfortable? What are some of the best places for single parents in Tennessee? The easiest part of moving is contacting Tennessee long distance movers, but there are many other things we need to take care of as well.

What are the qualities the best places for single parents in Tennessee?

Usually when families move there are certain things they look for. Like the home locations as well and so on. But what do single parents look for when moving to Tennessee? Well you see Tennessee in general has a very good education system, and as such is a dream come true for any parent. Especially those that put a lot of effort and attention into their kid’s education.

That being said there are many good schools located in Tennessee. Meaning that you can concentrate on finding a school near your workplace, and with that in mind pick a home. Single parents have it tough, as they are all their child has, so being close to them on daily bases is a must. Top places for single parents in Tennessee are not few in number.

A mother showing her son the best places for single parents in Tennessee
Before moving try to discuss it with your kid. Show them the best places for single parents in Tennessee and ask their opinions. Let them be involved with the moving process as well. Not only is that helpful for you, but the kids will probably feel less scared of moving.

And local movers TN are always ready to help you out. If you already have some family or friends near your home, ask them to explain the basics of the local public transport. And pick out a safe area where your kid can go out and play. Although not all kids can go out alone, the older ones can. Having a yard is also a nice thing. And there are many areas in Tennessee suburbs that can offer exactly that.

Moving to Nashville

After you look at places for single parents in Tennessee and pick one be ready to work fast! For example Nashville. The biggest city and the capital of the state of Tennessee. With all of its attractions, schools, parks, and so on, is one of the best places for single parents. And you will learn to appreciate it. But when you decide on the location, and the home you want to move into you need to work fast!

Contact Spyder Moving and Storage, and do your best to arrange a meeting as soon as possible. As a single parent, you don’t really have much time to lose. You will need to make a moving plan, a packing plan, and make plans for your kids while the moving is going on… There are so many things to do, but only one of you. So make sure you do everything on time.

If by chance while you are looking for the best places for single parents in Tennessee you spot something you like, don’t wait on it too long! Nashville has been rapidly growing and the number of people moving in is astonishing! And the best proof of that is the increase in demand for moving companies and their services.

Dad and the kid holding hands
Moving is hard and stressful. Not only to you. So allow your kid to be more involved. This way he can accept the idea of moving easier. Make some time to spend with them as well as to take them out to relax a little.


The founding of the Town of Atoka can be dated to Portersville’s 1838 charter by historians and genealogists. Portersville’s charter was accepted by Atoka as its own. Sgt. Joseph B. Adkison, an Atoka resident who received the Medal of Honor during World War I, is buried close by. Within the boundaries of the town are five public parks. Ever since the 1990 census, when there were just 659 people living in the town, its population has increased dramatically. The county seat, Covington, has the biggest population.

The best places for single parents in Tennessee are usually a personal opinion. But there are some universal ideals when raising kids. And with those ideals in mind, we compiled a list of places we believe could possibly be the best. For example, if you are from Atoka and want to contact Atoka TN movers in order to move you first need to pick a place that fits you well.


The American state of Tennessee contains the city of Memphis. It is located along the Mississippi River and serves as Shelby County’s seat in the state’s southwest. Memphis is still the second-most populated city in Tennessee, behind Nashville, with a populace of 633,104 according to the 2020 U.S. census. It is the biggest city along the Mississippi River, the 28th largest city in the US, and the 6th most populated city in the Southeast.

This is one of the southern United States’ more historically and culturally significant cities it offers a wide range of topographies and distinctive neighborhoods. The are many affordable movers Memphis TN has to offer. And as such with its many charms it is one of the best cities for single parents in Tennessee.


Being the center of Tennessee this place is sometimes referred to as the “Heart of Tennessee”.It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state. As well as the home to the  Middle Tennessee State University. The best part is the costs of living here are quite low. And as such is a nice fit for a single-parent home. Many single parents struggle to work constantly in order to provide for their small families. 

With a famous university and good schooling system, this place is good for parents and kids to concentrate on learning.

Green Hills

One of the best places for single parents in Tennessee is also Green Hills. This place is in Nashville. Located only minutes away from the airport. But there is a catch. It is quite common for some homes here to be priced in millions. And as such this is quite an expensive place to live. Not all single parents can afford it. But there are single parents even among the rich and famous. So it’s no wonder many decide this is a place for them.

Homes in Tennessee
When looking for where to live you need to know your preferences. Do you want to rent or buy an apartment or may you need a home with a yard? Whatever you choose you won’t make a mistake.


Along the recently finished sections of the Memphis & Paducah Railroad, on the property, Brighton was founded in the year 1873. Witnesses to the rise of single-parent homes moving into Tennessee are movers Brighton TN. Why? Because Tennessee is safe. And what parent needs more reasons? Safety, as well as nice education. It’s a total jackpot. Especially in this little town that keeps growing more and more in recent years.

Signal Mountain

This is a suburb of Chattanooga located in Hamilton County. This is a place that is famed for its beauty. With its picture-perfect views during the whole year. But without a doubt, the best time is during autumn. This is one of the best places for single parents in Tennessee because of its gorgeous outdoors. Your children would love to play here. And this is a place where you can let them out alone without worrying. Why? Because this is actually one of the safest Tennessee areas.


There are many ways to move to Nolensville. Either alone, with the help of friends and family, as well as with professional help. People from Arlington can hire some of the best movers, in order to move into a different Tennessee city. Whatever method you pick the point is that this is one of the best places for single parents in Tennessee. It is a small town. With beautiful nature all around it. Having one of the lowest crime rates, good schools, and new homes this place ranks high on our scale.

Pine tree forest
There are many beautiful things to be seen in Tennessee, and there will always be new places to visit as well. From forests to waterfalls the wonders of nature here are unmatched. It’s a nice idea to take your kids on a small trip before you move here.


There are many movers Arlington TN can offer you in case you wish to move. This beautiful small town is one of the best-hidden gems Tennessee can offer. It is a lovely city filled with nice families that lived here for generations. If you wish to be in a safe environment surrounded by nature and many family-owned shops, cafes and restaurants then this is the place for you.


Tennessee is a state famed for its waters. So it’s no wonder that many of the best places for singles in Tennessee have access to rivers or lakes. This is a family-oriented community. Witch means you as a single parent will be welcomed with open arms. Located on Old Hickory Lake, it has many houses waiting for you. 

The crime rate here is low. As well as costs of living. There are many locally owned shops and stores giving the community an even greater sense of closeness. You as well as your children would be safe and in a nice environment. Not to mention that you will have many people to help you out. As this is a mostly family-oriented community.


This is a young city. But don’t worry it’s no mistake that it’s on our list of the best places for single parents in TN. Here you will have a wide range of homes to choose from. Although moving to Tennessee is not easy, it’s a new start for you and your family. And can there be a better start than here? A new town on the rise, with many homes in all price ranges. 

You can find affordable homes as well as luxury ones with ease. So there is something for everyone. Many jobs are also on the market, as well as new schools with excellent education systems.

Homes in one block
After deciding you will move, take your budget into consideration. If you can’t afford some places don’t worry your dream home is waiting for you. There are many nice areas that have cheaper housing.


Are you someone that came to Tennessee from abroad? Are you looking for a place where there are people similar to you? Well, you see there are many communities like that in Tennessee. And one of them is Germantown. This beautiful Memphis suburb is exactly like the name says mostly populated by Germans. Having nice affordable homes, as well as a nice schooling system, is apparent why it is one of the best cities for single parents in Tennessee

Being one of Memphis’s suburbs means there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops to choose from. But one of the biggest things that attract single parents is without a doubt the healthcare facilities. 

Mount Juliete

With homes priced from $400,000 to $600,000, this neighborhood is the reason for the local house market to go insane. Being located between beautiful lakes, there are many families interested in its properties. Adorned by many nice restaurants, cafes as well as an endless range of lake activities it is no wonder it became so popular. We can’t name the best places for single parents in Tennessee without mentioning Mount Juliete.

An excellent school system, low crime rates, healthcare, and so on are all some of the reasons parents decide to move there. Although it is currently really affordable to move here and get a house, without a doubt that will change. As many people have expressed interest, and many moved there as well. So grab your home before the prices go up!

man packing boxes
After you decide where to move, we hope bout you and your kid will be happy. Look for good moving companies and also inquire about their services. If any of them can make you’re moving easier they are highly welcomed.

Spring Hill

Being a small family-oriented community, this is a perfect place for those looking to escape city life. Many educated young professionals move here with their families. Making the community relatively young but still welcoming and professional. Also, the costs of living here are actually quite affordable. 


Located near Nashville is Brentwood. Actually, there are many reasons why this is one of the top places for single parents in Tennessee. The school here is the first in the whole state. The town center is stunning and maintained regularly. You and the kid’s safety is not even a question because it has a low crime rate. But on the other hand, the cost of living is huge as well.

Take your pick out of the best places for single parents in TN

Moving is hard, but there are great choices on this list of the best places for single parents in Tennessee. It is easier for both you and your kids if the new environment is good. So think it through. New people and schools can look intimidating but all of that is just one big propriety. There is no need to be scared of the unknown. Just make sure you will be there any time your kid needs you. Without a doubt, it will be easier if you talk and explain everything before the move. So the kid is ready as well!