The best CO cities for digital nomads

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Welcome to the state of Colorado. Today, Spyder Moving and Storage CO will help you learn all about moving to and finding the best CO cities for digital nomads. Since we’re already familiar with the state and have moved loads of homes and offices to this location, we’re happy to share our extensive knowledge with you to help you relocate as successfully as possible. Not only that but we’ve also researched the best places for those that work remotely and travel often so that you can find the best places by just reading through this article. We’ll introduce to you these cities, tell you what can you do there, and present to you why are they suitable for digital nomads. Let’s dive in and explore the state of Colorado and its cities together.

Our first pick is Colorado Springs

For some of you out there, this might come as a surprise. We’ve chosen Colorado Springs as the first option because it’s the safest; it has everything and it’s for everyone (mostly) so we hope that it didn’t come as a big surprise. Now, we as local movers Colorado Springs have seen an influx of freelancers, remote workers, and digital nomads since the start of the pandemic back in 2020. First of all, it isn’t as expensive as other major cities; for example New York or Los Angles. The average rent in Colorado spring is $1,250 which has increased by 16% since 2021. But the real estate prices are increasing 7.1% year after year; now current median apartment price is $449.9K. Another reason is that it’s quite affordable since the cost of living is just 5% higher than the national average.

A man sitting in the park typing on his computer while searching for the best CO cities for digital nomads;
Colorado Springs is one of the best CO cities for digital nomads.

On the other hand, it’s a great place to live because the city is clean. There are many green areas and parks, it’s in proximity to nature. So for nature lovers and people who enjoy green spaces, and animals, it’s a great pick. Now when it comes to internet prices they’re different depending mostly from company to company. Since we are one of the moving companies Colorado that move a lot of digital nomads; we understand how important is the internet for you. Here are the prices:

  • DirectLink is $49.95/month for the package starting at 30 – 250 Mbps
  • Spectrum is $49.99/month for the package starting at 300 – 1,000 Mbps
  • Xfinity is $29.99/month for the package starting at 15 – 2,000 Mbps

Since digital nomads have the best humor in the world, you know who you’ll meet here; Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski, and Stan Marsh.

The second best CO city for digital nomads is Denver

Welcome to the capital of Colorado. Maybe you thought that it’ll be the first pick, but, although amazing, it has some drawbacks. First of all, Denver is double the size of Colorado Springs. It’s also much more densely populated. This means that the traffic jams you run into will probably double. On the other hand, there are definitely certain advantages to Denver – for example, it’s a bit faster-paced city. If you’re from NYC or LA and you like the hustle and bustle, you’ll adore Denver. Colorado Springs is for those who like a more laid-back type of city. Another reason why is this good is that Google opened a campus in a city called Boulder. It’s not far away so if you have to go there sometimes it’s only 28 miles or 35 minutes ride. Movers Denver trusts and relies on will help you wherever you need to move in the state of Colorado.

A traffic jam;
Traffic jams are most likely to happen in Denver.

Did you know that the residential movers Denver offers can pack your whole house in under 4 hours? Not only that but they can unpack them even faster. So while you’re saying goodbye to your hometown or a previous place, they’ll do the hard work. You can enjoy the holiday season because it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go these days. One extra tip is that, during the winter, moving is the cheapest. So if you’re looking for a part of the year when you can move with a big discount (Black Friday discounts) it’s December and January. If you’re in book your free estimate now and if you want to try and DIY the move, you can find a lot of free tips in our blog section.

Our third pick is the Parker

This place isn’t as big as the previous two cities and it’s a municipality. This municipality will give you a real suburban feel and it’s located in the Denver metropolitan area. Movers Parker CO will tell you that most people that moved here recently are remote workers and digital nomads. The reception is good when it comes to cable, internet, and cell phone coverage. The place is different than Denver and Colorado springs, that’s why so many digital nomads love it. First of all, it’s much calmer, it has about 59,000 residents and the majority over 84% own their own homes. Crime rates are low and it’s good for nightlife. Diversity is okay but it’s not too diverse like in New York, it’s great for families and couples because schools are excellent here.

There are plenty of moving companies Parker CO that will help you out with the move. Since this is one of the best CO cities for digital nomads you should think about hiring the best movers to help you move. But we warned that there are many scammers out there who will try and trick you. So be careful when researching online; look at the comments and reviews with a pinch of salt; think about the dates because if they’re all posted within the same day or hour, that’s possibly a fake review. Also if the comments use some weird language or it seems like it’s written by an AI it probably is so it’s another reg flag. Finally, think about names if it’s Peter Peterson or John Johnson it’s probably a made-up name, especially if they appear on many review websites.

People at the party;
You can expect great nightlife in Parker.

Lakewood is one of the best CO cities for digital nomads

Lakewood like Parker isn’t a city but more like a house municipal in West Denver. It has better nightlife and it’s more diverse than a park. Although it’s three times bigger so it makes sense in a way. So why might digital nomads like it? First of all, it’s located in the metropolitan area of Denver and it’s only 7.8 miles away from Downtime Denver. Secondly, the cost of living is okay for Colorado so it’s $1,430 for one bedroom apartment compared with Manhattan where the price in December this year has reached over $5000 for the same commodity. Thirdly the median home price is $398,200. With all of this said it’s like living in Brooklyn but being just a couple of minutes away from Manhattan.

Moving companies Lakewood CO have a tip for you when it comes to decluttering. First of all, you can use some of these rules, first, one is called one year rule. This means that you should throw away or sell items that you haven’t used within a year or more. Some people apply this rule for 6 months or any other time that you think is suitable. The second rule that people use is called the 20/20 rule it’s simple if the item is worth less than $20 donate it, throw it away, or sell it. Finally, the best decluttering rule is to divide your list of items into different categories. For example, some of them can be trash, recycle, keep, donate, sell and repair. These categories are highly customizable so you can add or remove any as you like. You should do all of this while creating an inventory.

A couple talking about the best CO cities for digital nomads;
The best CO cities for digital nomads are those with low costs of living.

Centennial is another great city in Colorado

This city is a great place for digital nomads who are like great beer too. First of all, there is a big Cherry Creek State Park where you can make some of the best pictures and it included a lake too. It’s a Cherry Creek Reservoir which is part of a 4,000-acre park located between Centennial and Denver. It is under the Denver metropolitan area, but it’s like living in the great outdoors at the same time. Now let’s get to the beers, some of the most famous breweries are here in Centennial, for example, there is the Halfpenny Brewing Co there is also a famous Resolute Brewing Company. We prefer that you like to have a good meal too, so you can explore different events that they’ve got included, you can find all on their website.

We want you to know that we at movers Centennial CO are with you the whole way. So if you’re stuck anywhere in the moving process and you can’t figure something out give us a call. This is especially true if you’re trying to DIY the move and you get something wrong. Yes, we know that you can try and use tips and tricks from our blog; or you can google anything these days; but do you think you can google skills and learn everything as you wish, within a matter of hours? That’s why we’re here for you, there are many options, different packages, etc. that we can offer you. Nevertheless, you can get a discount during the late fall and the whole winter; since that isn’t the season for moving and people are less prone to moving because it’s cold.

Inside a brewery;
Some of the best beers in Colorado are produced here in Centennial.

Highlands Ranch natural heaven is located in proximity to Denver

If you prefer to bike and not use a lot of means of transportation, Highlands Ranch is the perfect choice out of all the best CO cities for digital nomads. Most nomads who prefer to exercise, hike, jog, and are environmentally conscious tend to be here. Also here you’ll see various types of pets, from dogs to cats, alligators, tigers you name it and it’s here in Highlands Ranch Colorado. Here you’ll find more than 2000 acres of open space and over 70 miles of paved and unpaved pathways that lead to great adventures. Also here you’ll find 16 parks some of which are Redstone Park, Plum Valley Park, Chatfield State Park, etc. Chatfield has a great Chatfield State Park Campground and a great reservoir (lake). During summer you can enjoy the Chatfield Park Swim beach.

Now movers Highlands Ranch CO can help you out with moving just about anything that you think of. First of all, we’ve talked about residential moves but we’ve also specialized in long-distance and interstate moving. It’s hard to move from New York to Seattle, trust us, you’ll have to arrange a lot of things plus you’ll be on a tight schedule. We’ve also got great programs for students, but if you’re a digital nomad and you’ve got a firearm we can handle that too. Also, we have packing services and piano moving, so if you own a piano we’ve got your Bach. We have commercial moving with specialized experts in moving office spaces and heavy equipment. If all of this isn’t enough and you can’t put your things together think about renting storage.

A park filled with young people talking about the best CO cities for digital nomads;
If nature is your thing that this Highlands Ranch is a place for you.

Final thoughts on the best CO cities for digital nomads

So there you have it, these were our top picks as the best CO cities for digital nomads. If you want something like New York or Los Angeles you can go to Denver or Colorado Springs. On the other side of the spectrum, we’ve got Highlands Ranch with an eco-friendly approach. If you like some great beers and food you can stay in Centennial. Not far away from Downtown Denver is Lakewood with some great real estate and rent prices. Parker is a mix of everything from great walking tours to great breweries. We hope that you’ll like Colorado as a digital nomad. There are a lot of things to do and see, plus it’s not expensive. Have a great time here and we hope that you’ll have a stress-free move.