The benefits of living in Tupelo MS

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It doesn’t matter where you live, or where you want to move to, every place has something beautiful about it. Professionals like Spyder Moving have helped you relocate and settle into your new home. Everything you have to do now is exploring and getting to know the new city. Every city has sights that need to be seen and new people to meet. So does Tupelo, a city in Mississippi. Below you can find some of the benefits of living in Tupelo MS.

Get to know the city of Tupelo

As mentioned before, Tupelo is a city in Mississippi, USA. With 38,000 people, it is the sixth-largest city in this state. It is the cultural, industrial, and commercial center of North Mississippi. Tupelo used to be the hub of the American furniture manufacturing industry, but now it is growing due to healthcare, retail and financial services. This city also has a deep connection to music history, because it is the birthplace of the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley.

Vinyl albums next to a player
Tupelo is the birthplace of the legendary Elvis Presley

Benefits of living in Tupelo MS

Tupelo is considered one of the best places to live in Mississippi. It offers a suburban feel and local movers Oxford MS can relocate you easily and stress-free. Residents usually own the homes that they live in. This city is a good place for families since it is a calm place with schools that have high ratings. Tupelo is also home to many young professionals. Here are some benefits of living in Tupelo MS.


This takes into consideration the following factors:

  • Quality of education
  • Crime rate
  • Cost of living (benefits of living in Tupelo MS are lower costs, more on that below)
  • The overall happiness of the residents

The livability score of Tupelo is above average, which means that the quality of life in this city is better than in other cities.

Education is one of the benefits of living in Tupelo MS

If you have children, this is a perfect place for your family. The quality of education ranks high on the national level and is considered better than in other cities in the state. Some of the factors considered are enrollment rates and student and parent reviews.

Teacher asking a question in class
The quality of education in Tupelo is on a high level, making it perfect for families with kids


In Tupelo, crime rates are lower than in other suburban areas in the state and nationally. If you live here or consider moving to this city, make sure to check out some of the moving companies Tupelo MS has to offer. If a safe city is your priority, then don’t hesitate to move here.

Cost of living

When choosing a new place to move to, the cost of living is a really important factor. Residential movers available here will relocate you for a reasonable price.  The living costs are lower in Tupelo than in other parts of the state and country. Things like groceries, transportation, health care, miscellaneous goods, and services are more affordable.

Considering everything, Tupelo is a great place to move to. It doesn’t have traffic jams like big cities, but you still have quite a lot of things to do here.

Benefits of living in Tupelo MS – conclusion

Tupelo is a great place to relocate to if you have or want to start a family, or if you are looking for a place to retire to. The fact that the city is peaceful makes it perfect if you are a person like the previously mentioned. If you cannot completely eliminate the stress on moving day, at least you can rest assured that you are moving to a city that can offer a stress-free life. We wish you a happy and relaxed relocation!