The benefits of living in Cordova TN

Finding a place to live and raise your family is not easy. You need to see all the pros and cons of a city. Not a single city in the world is perfect and without flaws. You need to see if the city’s flaws are something you can live with. Of course in every city, there are many benefits to find. Just take a look at the list of amazing benefits of living in Cordova TN. Additionally, you can find many moving companies in Tennessee with a high level of professionalism for your move. Cordova is a community in Tennessee with the majority having been annexed by the City of Memphis. For this reason, Cordova’s benefits will be mostly similar to the benefits of Memphis. Here are a few exemplars of why your decision to move to Cordova TN is a good choice.  

What are the benefits of living in Cordova TN? 

Cordova is a community that’s located at the easternmost border of Memphis. This means that only 20 miles are separating you from downtown Memphis. This is a great advantage if you need to relocate furniture from downtown Memphis with furniture movers Memphis. You won’t have the high mileage expenses to pay. Memphis is not the only city that is close to Cordova. You will also have easy access to the following city.

  • Germantown 
  • Wolfchase 
  • Lenow 
  • Fisherville 

Around 69 000 residents are currently living in Cordova. The majority of residents here are families with kids which makes this place a perfect home if you are moving with kids. The fact that many children live here can make moving more interesting for your kids as they can make new friends very easily and fast. 

a street in Memphis
Memphis is extremely close to Cordova

Costs of living and property in Cordova 

You should be happy to hear that living costs are lower than the national average. The prices of family homes are also following this trend as the median price for a home is $240,000. Of course, the prices can get very high depending on the parts of the town and the size of the house. The renting costs follow a similar rule as for buying the property. In any case, you won’t have a problem finding a perfect place to live with items moved by movers Cordova TN. 

One of the biggest benefits of Cordova would many great job opportunities which means you won’t have a problem finding a job for yourself. After spending many hours working, you can recharge your batteries at Shelby Farms Park. This park offers a great variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, boating, etc.  

big house
Houses are quite affordable

 Fun activities of Cordova 

You can’t move into a city that is boring and without entertainment. Luckily, Cordova doesn’t fall in this category. Even if it’s not a big city, there are plenty of places for shopping, dining, and entertaining. The kids will absolutely love the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park. The Wolfchase Galleria shopping center has over 120 stores and restaurants that include very famous brands. Also, the biggest benefits of living in Cordova TN are a short drive to nearby places. 

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