The benefits of living in Atoka TN

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Do you want to live in a small town? Then, Atoka TN might be a perfect place for you. With only 8,387 residents, it has a lot of things to offer. Atoka is actually a local government area, first built back in the 19th century to be a railway station. The town population has had significant growth since the late 90s. Nowadays, more and more people want to live in this small Tennessee town. For this reason, make sure to hire movers Tennessee on time and start planning your relocation soon. To see if you really want to live here, here are all the benefits of living in Atoka TN. 

The first set of pros of living here 

First of all, it is quite affordable to live in Atoka TN. There is no income tax for your salary or wages. In addition to this, property taxes are low when compared to the national average. So, you will spend less money when living in Atoka due to the state’s tax policies. This means having more money to organize your relocation. For this reason, you should not hesitate to hire professional moving companies. You can also even use parking services Memphis for your household. 

In addition to this, you need to think about the cost of living in this city. The median income is around $87,000 while the median home value is around $200,000. If you plan to buy a house, the average mortgage amount is around $1200. This is not bad considering the high median income. On the other hand, if you plan to rent your place, the median rent would be around $150 per month. Whether you’re going to buy or rent a house, you should find a real estate agency. You can ask your Atoka TN movers for some recommendations. 

white house
You can buy a good house in the city

The benefits of living in Atoka TN – nature and schools 

One of the biggest benefits of living in this city would be the nature surrounding it. After a stressful relocation with long-distance movers Tennessee, it is time to relax and enjoy your new city. The best way would be to spend time in nature. For this reason, here are all the best places. 

  • Adkison Park 
  • Atoka Greenway Trail 
  • Nancy Lane Park 
  • Pioneer Park 
  • Walker Park 

If you plan to move with your children, then you need to think about education in the city. Atoka Public schools are part of Tipton County schools. They have 8 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, and lastly four high schools.  

The benefits of living in Atoka TN would be lake
Atoka is surrounded by beautiful nature

Transportation in the city 

Lastly, the benefits of living in Atoka TN would be transportation. Since the city is quite small, you will need to own a car. The biggest advantage would be the railway system that goes through Atoka. As for the highways, U.S. Route 51 passes through this city from Shelby County while Highway 14 goes through the west part. Lastly, you should not forget about the Mississippi River that is only 20 minutes away from the city. You can either use the bridge across the River or travel by ship.