The 10 best places to retire in Mississippi in 2022

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There is a funny saying that if you are as old as Mississippi’s name is long, you are ready to retire. If you wish to retire in this amazing area, you will be privileged to live in a warm and affordable place. Mississippi is the perfect place to call a forever home. The friendly atmosphere of its beautiful fragrant magnolias and the Delta Blues make living here easy and exciting. Sometimes it is not easy to decide where to settle, so people choose to seek help from a professional moving company, such as Spyder Moving Services. Your moving company can help you decide by looking at the most important factors. Are you moving on a budget? Do you want to live in a warm or cold area? You need to answer these questions when you look for the best places to retire in Mississippi in 2022. Read more to see the list of 10 cities we compiled for you.

#1 Clarksdale is the number one place to spend retirement years

Clarksdale, “The Home of the Blues”, is a major city of live entertainment. Many street performers can serenade you with their unique sounds all year long. Retired couples and people who like music will enjoy the atmosphere that fills the streets. The population of elderly citizens is around 15%, which gives people a chance to enjoy many events with their peers. The city is the starting point if you want to learn about the history of the blues and experience it firsthand. Clarksdale is an ideal retirement destination if you want to live in a relaxed, easy-going environment, where music fills the air. If you hire some Mississippi moving company, you will be in Clarksdale in no time. It is not easy to relocate when you are a retiree. Therefore, you should use all the help you can get.

A man playing saxophone
Clarksdale is the place where you can hear people playing blues on every corner. Relax by attending music festivals and enjoy your retirement period

#2 Yazoo City is one of the best places to retire in Mississippi in 2022

If you want to retire to a place where outdoor adventure reigns supreme, look no further than Yazoo City. Some of the best places in town to camp, fish, or hunt are Wolf Lake, Panther Swamp, and the vast Delta National Forest. This “Getaway to the Delta” is a nice, downhome spot to go sailing and relax in retirement. Some of the best residential movers can relocate you to Yazoo City at any time. Unlike Clarksdale which is full of excitement and fun, Yazoo City is quieter and more peaceful. Therefore, retirees will love to breathe the fresh air and enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. As a retiree, you are probably looking for a place where you can recharge your batteries. What is more, the crime rate in Yazoo City is among the lowest in the state, with only 37 cases of violent crimes a year.

#3 If you are a retiree, you will love Greenville

Greenville has a diverse range of activities for retirees. This is obvious if we see that the number of elderly citizens has grown to 15.5%. If you like to spend time outside, then this small town is a great place for you. Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of fishing, camping, and boating opportunities at Ferguson Lake. If you love history, the Mississippi Delta is full of museums and art galleries. Both long-distance and local movers from Mississippi can relocate you to this beautiful place, where you will become immersed in the city’s history. Moreover, Greenville hosts annual music festivals and outdoor concerts in local parks. Residents are proud of their specialty that all retirees will like- southern barbeque restaurants. Furthermore, foodies will have a chance to taste one of the best barbeques in the country.

A person standing on green grass and thinking about the best places to retire in Mississippi in 2022
You can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities in Greenville. Breathe fresh air at the top of the mountain, or go hiking along beautiful grass slopes

#4 Meridian is a popular retirement spot in 2022

Meridian has many great features for retirees and is rich in museums. You can visit the Hall of Fame where you can find lots of famous artists and musicians who originate from Meridian. Nature lovers can enjoy the great outdoors at Bonita Lakes Park which features three parks, and connects walking and biking trails. Furthermore, you will be happy to know that Meridian is one of the fastest-growing cities in America this year. The medium home value is $83,300, and there are 5 hospitals within one mile of the city. As a result, it is not surprising that some of the moving companies Gulfport MS relocate many retirees to Meridian each year. You will not regret retiring to Meridian, as the city’s development is more and more obvious each year.

#5 Greenwood is an attractive retirement spot

Greenwood is another city in Mississippi that is gaining popularity among retirees. Greenwood is well known for its rural atmosphere within a suburban setting. Compared to 2021, more retirees are buying houses in a suburban area of Greenwood this year. The population has grown, and it seems that this trend will continue in the future. The town’s genuine southern hospitality draws a diverse range of visitors, including artists, musicians, filmmakers, craftspeople, nature lovers, and adventurers. There are shops and markets that feature local artists, as well as museums that allow you to learn about the city’s rich history. Therefore, if you are a history buff, you can hire some of the best Mississippi long distance movers to relocate you to the area.

Man and woman sitting by the fireplace, drinking wine, and talking about the best places to retire in Mississippi in 2022
Settling in a new community means doing things that make you feel happy. You will certainly find your place in a wonderful area of Greenwood

#6 West Point is an excellent place to live

West Point is located in Clay County. It provides a peaceful and quiet community with a slow-paced lifestyle. It is well-known for being Mississippi’s first airfield location. The climate is comfortable with good temperatures, and no disasters. There is less than 2 cm of snow each year, so it is perfect for retirees who like mild winter. It is nice to know that West Point is the 42nd most populous city in Mississippi out of 423 cities in total. Its population is around 10,2019 people. The majority are adult retirees who came here to spend their golden years in a beautiful community. They can enjoy the best nightlife clubs, cafes, and billiard places. The best thing is that retirees get special discounts for accommodation and storage services in the area. Furthermore, there are plenty of benefits that will suit everyone’s needs.

#7 Hattiesburg attracts people of different generations

Although it is a suburban area, Hattiesburg is quite populous. Students and adult retirees make the most of the population. This is because Hattiesburg takes pride in its excellent education and famous colleges. The place where suburban feel mixes with entertainment is a jackpot for retirees who want to relax and have fun at the same time. Moreover, Hattiesburg is a small and beautiful town, and the community is very welcoming. The beauty of Hattiesburg is that it maintained its charm and atmosphere. That’s why many retirees choose to move here each year. Thus, moving to Hattiesburg is not hard if you get assistance from moving companies Hattiesburg MS. Feel the perfect hospitality with the right mover by your side.

An elderly couple sitting on the bench by the beach
Hattiesburg is a town of opposites. You will see lots of young people going to college, but also many retired couples enjoying their free time in park

#8 Meet Jackson- the Capital City of the state of Mississippi

Jackson is called the Capital City for a reason. Many elderly say that this is the best place to retire. The stunning Pearl river is an attraction to Jackson. Wonderful views of the river will make you feel relaxed during your golden years. Moreover, it is a safe place where many people retire each season. Although it is a tourist spot, the population of Jackson is increasing every year. In 2022, the population of Jackson has increased by 1.17% compared to last year. There are plenty of museums that retirees like to visit and learn about history, science, and art. Some of the best movers Jackson MS recommends are at your service when it comes to relocation.

#9 Choose Tupelo if you are looking for the best places to retire in Mississippi in 2022

When you retire, you expect to live a peaceful life and relax after many years of work. Therefore, you should choose a place that will provide a soothing atmosphere. According to some of the best movers Tupelo MS offers, Tupelo is one such place.  Is it enough to say that Tupelo is the birthplace of Elvis Presley? What is better than walking down the street and listening to the sounds of beautiful music? If you are not a fan of big cities, you will find what you are looking for here. Tupelo has all it takes for a decent life. There are shopping malls, stores, and supermarkets. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about being stuck in traffic. Tupelo boasts a short commuting time and easy access to major restaurants and walkways. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city in your retirement years, then Tupelo is an excellent choice.

A man sitting at the beach
If you are looking for the best places to retire in Mississippi in 2022, Tupelo is an excellent choice. Enjoy wonderful views where music fills the air with beautiful melodies

#10 Settle in Aberdeen, the town of magnolias

Aberdeen is named one of “10 Great Small Towns for Retirement”. Located on the banks of the Tombigbee River, it is famous for its magnolia-lined streets and gardens. Retirees are offered an affordable cost of living, low taxes, quality medical care, as well as recreational and cultural opportunities. Above all, a warm, welcoming community is the biggest reason many retirees have already made Aberdeen their home. Historical architecture contributes to the town’s charm and beauty. Therefore, not only will you have plenty of benefits to users, but also a chance to enjoy magnificent views and recharge your batteries. There are a plethora of moving companies that can take you to Aberdeen. However, Senatobia MS movers are among the best in the area.

Why do people choose to spend their retirement years in Mississippi?

Is there a better place to retire than Mississippi, with its wide open spaces, lush greenery, and sandy beaches? Mississippi is the most affordable state for retirement, with a cost of living that is 14% lower than the national average. Moreover, this is the lowest total retirement spending in the country. There are 13 certified retirement communities, each one a vibrant and welcoming area. The options in each area are plentiful. What is more, they offer a standard of living unrivaled in the United States. Whether you want to live in the same city as the King of Rock and Roll or enjoy outdoor activities like golfing or festivals, Mississippi has something for everyone. The best evidence of the country’s development is that people who retire in this place, usually make it their forever home.

Trees and mountains at sunset in one of the best places to retire in Mississippi in 2022
Mississippi is the land of possibilities. Whatever your motivations, you will find your place in this stunning country. If you are looking for the best cities to retire in Mississippi in 2022, don’t search more

Closing remarks

People always look for a good place to spend their retirement years. This period is called “a golden time” for a good reason. After decades of work, you can finally settle in a peaceful area and live to the fullest. Mississippi is a great place to retire. It has many certified retirement communities, affordable housing, and low costs of living. Moreover, every town in Mississippi is a warm community, that will welcome retirees and support them in many ways. Whether you choose to move on your own or decide to hire a moving company, retiring in Mississippi can be an enjoyable experience. If you are looking for the best places to retire in Mississippi in 2022, you have come to the right place. Go through this article to see that retiring is a happy time in life, once you find your perfect forever home destination.