Texas vs Tennessee: the cost of living comparison

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When people decide to move, they will most likely look for a state that falls within their budget. Over their lifetime, most people struggle with the decision of where they should live. If you’re trying to decide between jobs in Tennessee and Texas or are having trouble deciding if the lower cost of living in Texas is worth the move, you’re in the right place. The comparison below may make your choice easier. Spyder Moving and Storage TX will help you learn more about the cost of living in Texas vs Tennessee. Let’s go!

Texas vs Tennessee

If you’re looking to move to Texas or Tennessee, you might be wondering how the cost of living compares. We’ll compare the cost of living in each state so that you can make an informed decision about where to live! Texas has a population of 28,304,596 as of 2019, and its capital is Austin. Tennessee’s population was estimated at 6,664,104 in 2018, and it has Nashville as its capital. Both states have similar climates: hot summers and mild winters. Texas is known for its oil industry and cattle ranching; Tennessee is known for its music scene. Both states have large cities with plenty of entertainment options, but they also have plenty of rural areas that are quieter and more affordable than city life.

city buildings during the night
If you are thinking between Texas vs Tennessee, remember to compare the costs of living

Housing prices in Texas vs Tennessee

If you’re thinking about moving from Texas to Tennessee, you might want to learn more about the cost of living in both states. We’ve got the details on housing, utilities, transportation, and more! From the looks of it, Texas and Tennessee are very similar. They both have stunning landscapes and friendly people—but what about the cost of housing?

If you’re thinking about moving from Texas to Tennessee, we want you to know that you’ll be saving money on housing costs. Here’s how: In Texas, the average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment is $1,050 per month. While in Tennessee, it’s only $750 per month. That’s a savings of over 40%! And when it comes to buying a house, the numbers are even more striking: the average price of a 3-bedroom home in Texas is $220,000. While in Tennessee, it’s just $95,000. That’s nearly an 80% difference!

So if you’re looking for more affordable housing options in your next move, remember that Tennessee is always waiting with open arms.

Transportation costs

When it comes to the cost of living in Texas and Tennessee, there are a lot of similarities. But there are some key differences that can make a big difference in your budget. Transportation is one of the biggest factors in determining where you can afford to live. If you’re trying to save money on gas and insurance, then Texas may be the better option for you. The average cost of gas in Texas is $2.98 per gallon, while Tennessee’s average is $3.04 per gallon. The average cost of insurance for a driver with good credit in Texas is $1,056 per year. Compared to $1,068 for Tennessee drivers with good credit—a difference of only two dollars!

a woman holding a bike
If you like to ride a bike instead of driving a car or taking the subway, then Tennessee is a perfect place for you

But if you’re looking for more options when it comes to public transit solutions or bike-friendly communities, then maybe moving to Tennessee will be more convenient for you. Both states offer extensive bus systems and carpooling options. But let’s imagine that you’re looking for a more pedestrian-friendly environment. Or an area where biking is encouraged as an alternative mode of transportation. Then Tennessee may be the better choice. This is because they have over 50 miles of bike trails and more than 300 miles of paved bike paths. The paths are paved both throughout the state’s metropolitan and rural areas.

Education costs

If you are a student or you are moving your whole family, and you have kids, you may wonder what are educations costs. In Texas, the average tuition for a 4-year public university is $9,410 per year and $11,970 per year at a private university. In Tennessee, the average tuition at a 4-year public university is $9,020 per year and $21,930 per year at a private university. That’s nearly double! In terms of school systems: Texas public schools are ranked #9 in the nation by U.S News & World Report.

On the other hand, Tennessee public schools are ranked #22 by U.S News & World Report. These rankings reflect both public universities and private universities in each state. Tennessee has Vanderbilt University, while Texas has The University of Texas at Austin (UT). So, according to this, Texas might be a more attractive state when it comes to education. If you decide to move here, don’t hesitate and reach out to long distance movers Texas based. They are professional and ready to help you with anything!

Utility costs

You may be surprised to learn that Texas has some of the lowest utility costs in the nation, especially if you’re new to the area and don’t know where to start. In that case, you can also contact interstate moving companies Texas. In Texas, a family of four averages $3,501 per year for utilities (electricity and natural gas). In Tennessee, the same family would average $2,715 per year. That’s a savings of $786 over one year! Water usage in Tennessee is 54 gallons per day (gpd), while water usage in Texas is 44 gpd. However, the cost of water usage in Tennessee is much higher than it is in Texas: $0.79 per gallon versus $0.33 per gallon.

a calculator and some money
A fact that may be useful: Texas has some of the lowest utility costs in the nation

Groceries costs

Groceries are a major expense for most families, and the cost of groceries can vary wildly depending on where you live. The cost of groceries varies from state to state, and they are still rising. If you’re shopping in Texas or Tennessee, you’ll notice that prices are significantly higher than what you’d pay for the same items in other states. The average price of a gallon of milk in Texas is $2.33, compared to $1.65 in Tennessee. The average price of a loaf of bread varies between $3.19 and $3.99, depending on where you live. We hope that all these comparisons between Texas vs Tennessee will help you decide where to move.