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Tennessee storage renting is something that everyone should be aware of and should know how to do. The importance of storage is largely overlooked unless it’s used for work. But it’s quite useful for everyday uses as well. Even helpful during moves, and sometimes just used to store important items. Even as a place to put your summer items during winter and vice versa. Many Memphis moving companies have storage as a service in their catalogs. Especially as of late as it’s becoming more and more advanced and popular.

Why is storage important?

Renting Tennessee storage is becoming more and more popular. But it has existed for a while now. Though people in the past have been under the impression that storage was meant only for business. For some time now movers in Tennessee have noticed a rise in private storage uses. But what is the importance of storage and why has it become more and more popular?

A storage worker doing his job
Tennessee storage renting is becoming more and more popular.

Storage workers are highly professional and take their jobs seriously. As they are in charge of someone else’s personal belongings.Storage is used in homes and offices to conceal the piles of clutter that don’t have a designated “place”. So it’s no wonder that storage in companies was used for this as well. Taking into consideration that an average American spends an unnecessary amount of time looking for misplaced items this made the importance of Organisation show its colors. So storage units started to be a place where people would leave some of their important items and at the same time store them.

There are many types of storage units. And with that comes an enormous spectrum of uses and ways to make your everyday life easier. Not to mention that usually, these places have tight security as well as insurance. So sometimes your items might be safer here than at home.

Types of Tennessee storage renting

Before you immerse yourself in Tennessee storage renting you should know what you are looking for. There are different types of storage. Meant for storing different items, bigger or smaller in size, and easy or a little harder to access. Depending on what local moving companies Memphis has to offer.

Utilized by renters, homeowners, small and large businesses, college students, seniors, and other personnel. Its mostly used to store furnishings, appliances, clothing, sporting equipment, bicycles, sentimental items, holiday items, motorized vehicles, and more. Usually, most of the stuff that’s in your stick or home garage can go into storage. Usually used when moving after a while it became a normal practice to use it even when you are not doing so.

In Tennessee storage renting is often compared with warehouses
There are many different types of storage.

Even though they share a concept, renting Tennessee storage has been proven to be easier and better for businesses than warehouse renting. Especially if the business is just starting or is on the small side.And so after it became more common Brownsville TN movers and other companies have upped their game creating different types of storage to fit your needs and items. Some of them are drive-up storage, climate-controlled storage, business storage, student storage, 24h storage, vehicle storage, elderly storage, and so on.

  • Drive up storage- This storage provides the highest level of convenience. It works best for people who want to load or unload their goods as quickly as possible. All you have to do is drive up to your movers Cordova TN and request storage with specifying that it should be drive-up storage.
  • Climate control- This is the storage that is most commonly offered to people. Perfect for furniture and antiques it’s also highly secure storage. With some additions like humid control, it also becomes a nice place for storing special items. So it’s no wonder that it’s a favorite of many collectors.
  • Business storage- It’s a nice thing for businesses of all sizes. Offering max security with good prices. As well as other benefits. It’s no wonder that it is becoming more and more popular. As the common warehouses are sometimes quite pricy and lack security in comparison. Used to store some of your company paperwork as well as furniture or even the company goods.
  • Student storage- The name says it all. This is storage made exclusively for Students. Used to store their items while they are on and off college from clothes to appliances. As sometimes dorm rooms are small and don’t have space for all of their belonging they have found the answer in renting storage. This is extremely popular in college cities.
  • 24h storage- There are sometimes situations that require instant attention. And people who are in a hurry need fast and available storage. That’s why movers Germantown TN found a solution in making storage open 24/7 every day of the week. Offering the same benefits as other storage the only difference is its accessibility as well as the fact you can reach them at any time in the day.
  • Vehicle storage- Like the name itself says this storage is meant for vehicles of all kinds. If you are moving or even just looking for a place where you can keep your vehicles while cleaning or renovating your garage. This option has become popular even with people who are going on holiday and need a safe space to keep their cars.
  • Elderly storage- At one point when an elderly person wants to go to a senior home or move to a smaller apartment, they come to face the same problem. Lack of space. It’s a known fact that the elderly accumulate many possessions throughout their life. And senior homes and smaller apartments can’t hold them all. So a special type of storage with certain elder benefits was made in order to help them with their needs.
A couple looking at their laptop researching Tennessee storage renting
No matter why you need a storage unit it’s without a doubt you will find a type that fits your needs.

How to rent a storage unit

Tennessee storage renting is not hard. Over the years it’s become quite easy to rent storage units. Most storage renting works the same. You should look up storage companies near you or the place you are moving to. After you found the storage to your liking find out their rules and regulations. Even though movers Jackson TN offers the same benefits there are still some differences between companies.

Then take note of why you need storage and for how long. Is it just sessional storage? Or maybe you need one just while moving. Knowing how long and for what helps a lot when deciding what storage to get.

  • Decide what are you storing
  • Find what type of storage you want
  • Based on the item size and number decide the best storage size
  • Write a budget
  • Find out if the company offers insurance
  • Search for the type of storage you want to rent
  • Reserve a storage unit online or in person by signing a storage unit agreement or contract
  • Get a move-in date
  • Invest in a good lock for added security

All you need in order to rent a unit is a valid, government-issued form of ID. Other options include a driver’s license, passport, state ID, or military ID. When reserving the storage unit, you’ll need to sign a binding storage unit agreement or contract. Obviously, don’t sign without thoroughly reading it first.

Driving liceance
When renting storage, you need proof of identity. It can come in any type of government-issued document.

Online or in-person renting of Tennessee storage?

Some Tennessee storage renting requires prior appointments, though most accept walk-ins. So for people who moved and need storage prior research into it is of great help. Contact movers Somerville TN over the phone and ask their employees about their renting policies. This way you will be ready in advance.

But sometimes you can’t come in person. So a good option is renting it online. And while you are online you can search on sites and forums about people’s experiences with the companies in question or just storage in general.

Online bookings in most cases can be done anytime including when the company is closed. But even then your spot is guaranteed. There are even some companies that will allow online deposits and monthly payments ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time.

How long can you rent?

In most cases of renting storage in Tennessee, you don’t have a fixated amount of time. As long as you can pay for it the spot is yours. The most important thing is that you know for how long you need it. This way be it long or short-term storage you will find something that fits your needs. There are even cases where people rent storage indefinitely as an extra space for personal or work-related items. What’s even more surprising is that some companies have a 3-4 month minimum. One thing you need to keep in mind is that if you want to cancel your storage you will need to tell your company a certain number of days in advance.

Even though some companies have a minimum for months rented, most do not have a maximum. As long as you pay your fees on time every month, you can stay as long as you want.

How to decide the cost?

The cost of Tennessee storage renting is strongly based on the size of the storage you need as well as the time you will be using it for. Even though not all moving companies Collierville TN are the same most do offer month-to-month based deals. Before you sign anything ask about policies and payment. Some do offer month-to-month, but there are others that have a 3month minimum and so on.

Usually, you will be paying once a month on or before the date specified in your rental agreement. If the rental company has the capability to accept payments online, this is the most convenient option. If your payment is late, you’ll be charged a late fee.

To store or not?

There are certain things people do or don’t store. Depending on your needs and wants. If you are for example storing furniture and it’s damaged or you won’t be using it anymore isn’t it better to donate it to The Furniture bank or sell it? If the item is no use to you why even store it? Be careful that you only place items you need. As the size can and will affect your storage prices when renting storage in Tennessee.

A woman holding a donation sign
Sometimes some things are not worth storing. So make sure you donate or sell them. It’s just a waste of space putting something we won’t be needing.

It’s best to declutter and make sure all the items you entrust to Senatobia MS movers are indeed meant for storage. This way you won’t be spending unnecessary money.

Rental agreement

There are some things every rental agreement should have.

  • Description of the unit
  • Length of the lease
  • Amount of your rent
  • Payment due date
  • Your security deposit
  • Payment methods (credit card, check, online)
  • Non-payment penalties (when a payment is late, what the late fee is, and what happens if you stop paying rent)
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • Landlord rights and responsibilities
  • Cancellation terms
  • What you can and can’t store
  • The value limit if there’s one
  • The move-out process

The agreement for Tennessee storage renting also referred to as a rental contract, specifies all the terms of your lease. It’s a binding document so you should read it carefully before you sign. Even if you do it online or in person you need to strictly follow what’s in the document.