Tennessee roadtrip destinations for nature lovers

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There are many people that love to travel. Some travel to other counties or states, learning about the culture in their cities. Through their architecture, music, food, and behavior. As well as their temples and everyday living. But others like to travel and explore nature parts. Learning about the animals, landscape, trees, and flowers. Between the two the only difference is accessibility. Not all parts are walkable and sometimes can be dangerous when going alone. So what are some Tennessee roadtrip destinations for nature lovers? A big number of people used Memphis moving companies and relocated closer to some of their favorite parts of Tennessee.

What is a perfect road trip?

A road trip is a journey made by a car, bus, and other vehicles. But in order to be prepared and have fun on some of the best Tennessee road trip destinations for nature lovers, you need to know how to plan one. Movers in Tennessee have a lot of experience in moving people who fell in love with the beauty of Tennessee while on a casual road trip. Why? Because it has a lot to offer. Anyway, do you know how to plan a road trip? Driving your car will help you feel closer to your surroundings, and in a way will give you a better experience. And don’t worry in order to have a successful road tip you don’t need a lot of planning.

Cars on the road wisiting Tennessee roadtrip destinations for nature lovers
Tennessee roadtrip destinations for nature lovers are abundant. There are many places to choose from, and many things to see. So no matter the amount of time you have there are always gonna be things left for the nest time.

Where are you going?

To start off you need to decide where you are going. The destination is of course the most important part. If this is your first road trip don’t pick locations that are too far away from your home. A road trip is also one if it takes you only a day. Let’s say for your first road trip you pick a nice mountain close to your home. Or a small town that’s only a couple of hours by car. This way you will have a nice ride, have a chance to enjoy new scenery, and practice for your longer trips.

Pick out your route

When you pick your destination, you need to pick out the route as well. And what most people do is, pick a path that has nice scenery along the way. The best way to do this is by using a map or the internet. When picking a route for Tennessee road trip destinations for nature lovers people tend to pick back roads. As the standard highways don’t have the same feel.

a girl looking at a map
Using a map may be one of the funniest parts of the road trip. Trying to find your way on it, while feeling the excitement and making sure you don’t get lost, is a big part of enjoying.

Check your vehicle

If you have just moved with the help of local moving companies Memphis, and find yourself wanting to explore the surrounding nature. Then before you decide to set off on a road trip don’t forget to check your vehicle. Some cars are not meant for road trips. Some vehicles like convertibles, sports cars, small crossover SUVs, and so on are best suited for road trips. Though even they need to be checked before you set off. Make sure you have enough gas!

Mark the stops

When you decide your route mark some stops as well. It’s not safe or fun to constantly just drive. Find some nice places along the way where you can stop and enjoy yourself. Or maybe a stop at the gas station to get some drinks or food, or gas. Take time to properly rest or you can change drivers at those times. Driving while tired is a danger on the road not only to yourself and your companions. But other people as well. So take care of yourself and the people in your surroundings.

Bring the music

While the driver’s full attention should always be on the road, the passengers might get bored. So some music or other form of entertainment might be welcomed while you are visiting Tennessee road trip destinations for nature lovers. Not only will this make the trip fun and more memorable. But there will be a nice atmosphere.

Friends in a car heading off to one of the Tennessee roadtrip destinations for nature lovers
Everyone should have fun and enjoy a road trip. This is best with music and car games along the way.

The beauty of Tennessee

Are you looking for things you can see on a Tennessee road trip destination for nature lovers? Well, let us help you. Tennessee is a beautiful state. Proven day by day with all of the hard work movers Arlington TN do in order to help all of the people who fell for its beauty move in. Known for its country music, beautiful views, and Tennessee Hot Chicken it’s no wonder many have it on their bucket list. There are so many places to visit and see. So much in fact that you could make several road trips just for Tennessee and still manage not to see it all.

Visit the falls

There are the Great Smoky Mountains blessed Tennessee with some of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever see. So if not all of them at least some must be on your Tennessee roadtrip destinations for nature lovers list.

  • Cummins Falls–  Just nine miles north of Cookeville on the Blackburn Fork State Scenic River are Cummins Falls. This area has been a place for the citizens of  Jackson and Putnam as well as tourists to swim during warm months. It’s 75 feet tall. And is the eighth largest waterfall in Tennessee.
  • Burgess Falls–  Located on the Falling Water River these four beautiful waterfalls have been famous for their beauty. Not to mention that the fourth one is the most magnificent one. As it plunges all the way down the 130feet into the gorge.
  • Fall Creek Falls– How can you plan a trip to Tennessee roadtrip destinations for nature lovers without these beautiful Falls? Especially taking into consideration there are many camping places around it. Where you can spend the night and enjoy the landscape and the sound of water.
  • Twin Falls- Also a nice place to see. Especially if you are a fan of nature. After you visit you want to live near them as well trust us.
Waterfall at dus
Waterfalls are one of the world’s most beautiful scenes. Why? Because no matter how many you see, the other one is always different.

Nature lovers dream

There are places that are practically calling nature lovers to visit. And some of those places are sometimes the reason why many people decide it’s time to call Senatobia MS movers and change their residence. Just so they can be closer to those places that give them the feeling of safety and peace. Well, those places are like stars in the sky in Tennessee. Too many to count. Some of them are quite known, while others are like little hidden gems waiting for you to find them.

Twin Arches

The Twin Arches are the most impressive rock arches in the eastern United States. The problem here is you can’t drive up to them. So what most people do when they plan out the Tennessee roadtrip destinations for nature lovers is make sure to note a stop. Here they start hiking! The trail is a 7-mile walk. And by following the Twin Arches Loop clockwise, you will find yourself 400 feet from the arches to Charit Creek Lodge. Here you will find restrooms, accommodations as well as refreshments. Will this be worth contacting movers Germantown TN and moving closer? We will see.

Rock Island State Park

This is an 883-acre park. Located on the headwaters of Center Hill Lake at the confluence of the Caney Fork, Collins, and Rocky Rivers. With some of the most beautiful Flora and Fauna, this park is a nice place for all nature lovers. It also includes the Caney Fork Gorge. And make sure that you are extremely careful around the Gorge especially if you are not alone and are traveling with kids. 

Lookout Mountain

This is a perfect Tennessee road trip destination for nature lovers. Located close to downtown Chattanooga, it offers out-of-the-ordinary experiences. Just by walking through it, you will see all of its historical and natural beauty.

Person sitting next to a lake
People sometimes enjoy nature because of the calming effect it has on them. So many people with different problems run into parks and next to lakes and rivers to relax.

Cherohala Skyway

If the earlier examples were not enough to make you consider calling movers Jackson TN and finding a new forever home surrounded by the beauty of Tennessee then this might help. This is a place that has it all! Beautiful hiking trails, magnificent waterfalls, and a beautiful road to drive through. It has even been featured on Discovery Channel.

Seasons in the Tennessee roadtrip destinations for nature lovers

Fall is maybe one of the best times to visit Tennessee and see its nature. Why? Well, when planning out Tennessee road trip destinations for nature lovers you have to take the time into account. During fall everything is covered in the shades of orange, yellow, and red. Giving the feeling of warmth and comfort. People that moved to Tennessee with the help of movers Somerville TN as well as the people who lived there for generations all love fall. And take this time of year as the perfect time to go hiking.

Woods during fall that make some of the great Tennessee roadtrip destinations for nature lovers
Painted in flames, tucked in under the cushioned snow, blooming with new flowers or green – you can see some of the many Tennessee roadtrip destinations for nature lovers in different seasons.

Port Royal State Park

The Port Royal State Park might be small, but inside of it, there is a huge story. In the year 1797, a small town was established. Its name was Port Royal. And this town took on the tool of the regional tobacco town. The park is 30 acres and has many historical tours, as well as ones for nature lovers. With lots of events and activities, it’s a nice stop for you and your kids.

Ocoee Scenic Byway

With a beautiful road, and even better views this place is a must-see. So it’s no wonder it’s on the list of Tennessee roadtrip destinations for nature lovers. This place does not only look nice but offers some action as well. It offers a wide variety of rafting, boating, swimming, and historic sites related to the Civil War and Cherokee Indian culture.

A lot more to offer

There certainly are even more places for nature lovers to see and visit. But there are many more places next to that as well. With a wide range of towns filled with tradition, history, and culture. It’s no wonder that Tennessee over the years has attracted many new residents. Many moving companies Collierville TN are flourishing along with the surrounding nature stimulated by the sheer amount of work.

With cities filled with art galleries, museums,  gardens, and historical sites it is a shame not to visit. We understand most people come for nature. But there is beauty even in architecture and the past. So while you are at it why not make a stop at one of the cities? Stroll the streets and see all the wonders of Tennessee. Try the local foods, during in the bars, dance to the beautiful music. And meet new people. Learn all the things you never knew before and enjoy.

There are many different Tennessee roadtrip destinations for nature lovers. Each has its unique charm. And just by stopping and being there for a little while, you can experience at least a tiny portion. And in our opinion, it’s worth it!