Tennessee cities where Californians feel at home

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With over 6.8 million people living in Tennessee, you will certainly like the charm and uniqueness of this amazing place, as there is something for anyone. This southern gem is the place of so many opposites. This is the only place where you can see rural and urban areas mixed perfectly in one setting. Considering all this, it is not surprising that so many Californians choose Tennessee as their perfect destination for a living. If you don’t understand why someone would leave sunny California and move to Tennessee, there are many reasons for this. The state is located just over 1,800 miles east of California. The capital is Nashville, one of the most famous cities in the United States, also called the “Music City”. There are many Tennessee cities where Californians feel at home. They hire Spyder Moving and Storage to take them to this unique place. Read more and find out about the best places to settle and start a new life.

#1 Nashville is a dream come true for many

Yes, you are right! “Music City” is the number one city on our list. It is not surprising that Tennessee’s capital ranks first on the list of the best places Californians choose to move to. Nashville is nestled by the Cumberland River, and it is one of the most famous and attractive cities to live in America. It is popular for its great nightlife and honkey-tonk scene, and those who live there would never dream of leaving the place. There is always something to do in this city with plenty of nice restaurants, festivals, parades, musical performances, and art galleries, as well as a thriving art district. This city’s character is what distinguishes it as one of the prettiest Tennessee cities where Californians feel at home.

For those moving to Tennessee, living in Nashville surely has good and bad sides. The real estate market is more affordable and people find it adequate. Compared to California, Tennessee has much lower housing costs. While the prices are getting higher due to the high demand for apartments and homes, Nashville is still on the list of the most affordable cities in terms of housing. There are a variety of homes and new apartments that will keep you close to all the major happenings and events in this beautiful Music City.

Nashville buildings and lights at night
Nashville is one of the Tennessee cities where Californians feel at home. The ‘Music City” is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years

#2 Brentwood – a not-so-hidden gem

Brentwood is on the list of one of the best places in Tennessee for Californians since there are numerous things that make it special. It is also one of the best cities in entire America. This Nashville suburb is constantly growing, with around 42,000 people living in the place. While Brentwood real estate costs are not among the highest in Tennessee, residing in this city comes with a reputation as well as luxury. Because it is part of Williamson County, you might be neighbors with a celebrity. This is very desirable and exciting for Californians who like to be at the center of attention, but away from the crowd. Brentwood is home to many famous musicians, due to its proximity to Nashville, which can make for some pretty exciting outings.

Another reason why so many moving companies in Tennessee relocate Californians to Brentwood is the pristine environment. Brentwood promotes a strong sense of community, which strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a safe environment. With plenty of parks in the area featuring open fields, your loved ones will experience the natural beauty of Tennessee firsthand. Californians enjoy living in Brentwood because it is near the National Airport and has an accessible commercial district. Moreover, they can make use of a lovely public library, as well as excellent schools.

The view of Brentwood, one of the Tennessee cities where Californians feel at home
Brentwood is a place with wonderful views and plenty of possibilities for outdoor activities

#3 Franklin is one of the Tennessee cities where Californians feel at home

Franklin is a city located on the south side of Nashville. Its housing costs are 9% lower than other places in the state, while the utilities are about 10% lower. This is giving residents a great opportunity to spend their budget on other ventures. Franklin provides a dense suburban feel, perfect for families. As a result, Californians find life in Franklin more convenient. The city got its name after Benjamin Franklin, was founded in 1799, and played an important role in the American past. The place has a long history, and Californians can enjoy plenty of historic museums and tours to some of the largest field hospitals.

The Franklin Bridge at night
Franklin will offer beautiful nature mixed with an urban feel. You will find all the amenities here, as Franklin is one of the major crossroads in Tennessee

Hundreds of dining spots, museums, antique stores, fashion boutiques, and Victorian-style buildings make this town “the best southern town” in 2014. Furthermore, the place is crowded with friendly people and communities. Californians hire some of the best residential movers in Tennessee to relocate them to Franklin. They like to enjoy festivals and parades that are held each year and spend time outside.

#4 Germantown – an affordable city with a rich history

Germantown is surely one of the Tennessee cities where Californians feel at home. It may be the place for you if are considering relocating somewhere around Memphis. Around 40,000 people are currently living in Germantown. Therefore, this Memphis suburb is ideal for Californians who are retired or young professionals. Moreover, living in Germantown is very affordable thanks to the lower costs and Tennessee’s lack of an income tax. Even though the area’s residential income is among the most expensive in the state, Californians still find life in Germantown more convenient.

What makes Germantown special is the lowest crime rate in the area, but also some of the highest-rated school districts. Just 14 miles away from a big city, this city is an ideal location because it is close to some major amenities. Therefore, if you are planning to move to Germantown, you can hire the nearby packing services Memphis TN recommends. Another thing Californians value is the city’s historical importance. The Memphis-Charleston Railroad is located in Germantown. This is one of the most important historical spots that residents take pride in.

#5 Nolensville – a tiny piece of paradise

Nolensville’s charm stems from the fact that it is extremely small. This Nashville suburb was founded in 1789 by William Nolen. The small size of this community is unique in the country. It has only 6,400 residents. Therefore, the place is perfect for Californians who want to live with families in a peaceful area. You can simply get to know all of your neighbors here. Because families adore this town, Californians move their business here with the help of commercial movers. Moreover, Nolensville has one of the highest percentages of families, and the number is still growing. While properties in this tiny town are somewhat pricey, its proximity to Nashville is considered advantageous. Nolensville is on the list because it provides residents with a rural feel and a small-town vibe.

People hiking in Nolensville, one of Tennessee cities where Californians feel at home
Tennessee has it all! Whether you want a small place with wonderful nature or a large urban area, you can find your place here

#6 Atoka – the best of both worlds

Another small place that is attracting a lot of attention is Atoka. This small town is abundantly diverse in its population. If you live in California, but you want to raise your family in a quiet place, Atoka is perfect for that. The place takes pride in its excellent school system which attracts many young Californians. Moreover, there are plenty of things to do here, despite being a small town. Located in Tipton County, which can be easily accessed by Atoka TN movers.

Over the last five years, Atoka has seen a small but consistent increase in population, making it a popular choice for Tennessee cities where Californians feel at home. The population has grown by 1.4 % in the last year, and there are now 9139 people living here. Living in Atoka can have a pretty suburban atmosphere. It is a nice mix of rural and large suburban areas. Moreover, this is a good chance to earn money, but still, be close to larger communities.

#7 Collierville – a town with a unique feel

Collierville, another suburb in Memphis, is located in Shelby County, around 30 miles away from downtown Memphis. Collierville is the state’s largest town, with around 44,000 people living in it. Two things make Collierville a special place. First, it is a very inexpensive area, because the cost of living is low. Second, it is a very affluent town. Many families in this small town earn approximately $110,000 every year, which is extremely high in comparison to other places. Collierville has beautiful real estate, with both large modern and old-fashioned homes, as well as popular retail options.

The town’s historic square is located in the center of Collierville. This walkable neighborhood is a nice shopping destination. There are plenty of local shops, quirky cafes, and a big park where summer concerts are held. Californians can enjoy a large shopping center, some great private schools, and other amenities. It is not surprising that Collierville is one of Tennessee’s most popular places to feel at home.

A dog standing on the road in a suburb
Suburban areas are great for families. Californians mostly choose these places to run away from hustle and bustle of a big city

#8 Brownsville is also one of the Tennessee cities where Californians feel at home

You would be surprised how many Californians leave their place to move to Brownsville. This small town is gaining popularity among people of all ages. It is peaceful, charming, and beautiful. The median home price is around $78,900. This enables many people to own their homes, but the rent is not high either. Moreover, the overall costs are 30 % lower than the rest of the country, which is great for Californians. However, one of the major reasons why they hire Brownsville TN movers to take them to this place is the weather. Unlike California where the weather is always hot, Brownsville’s weather is more comfortable. This makes a great climate for people who like to spend time outside and enjoy outdoor activities. What is more, the unemployment rate in the town is low. New job positions are open each year, which attracts many young people and startups.

#9 Last but not least, Chattanooga

Chattanooga is known as the “Scenic City”. This city is located at the bottom of the Appalachians, and it is the 4th biggest city in the state. Four major highways cross Chattanooga, which makes it easier to go to other major cities in Tennessee. Californians love Chattanooga’s breathtaking views and affordable lifestyle. The city takes pride in its excellent schools and universities, such as Chattanooga State University College. The residents can visit the local shops, fun eateries, and gorgeous natural scenery. Moreover, there are miles of greenery and a 10-mile path along the river to the downtown of the place. This is a great destination for Californians who are outdoor enthusiasts due to its breathtaking beauty. Spend your time hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, or fishing for bass. Chattanooga’s outdoor wonders make it a great place for Californians.

A couple painting the wall and kissing on the cheek
You will certainly not make a mistake if you decide to relocate to one of the Tennessee cities where Californians feel at home. Your happiness is waiting for you just around the corner

Why do people leave California?

California is surely an amazing place to live. Beautiful sandy beaches, blue skies, and beach parties are appealing to anyone. However, more and more Californians decide to settle in another community. The main reason why people leave the state of California is the high-income tax.  The taxes are currently at 13.3%, but the government wants to increase it to 17 %.  Californians need to pay a very high amount of money for taxes, utilities, housing costs, and gas. Most of them live there for years but are still unable to own their homes. Moreover, high temperatures are not comfortable for everyone. Due to the rising temperatures, the number of wildfires is going up. Not only is this destroying the natural habitat of the land, but also many people lost their homes in devastating fires. As a result, Californians mostly go to Tennessee, Washington, Arizona, and other similar states.

Final words

As much as it sounds unbelievable, Californians often move to other places. There are plenty of nice cities and towns where they can settle and start afresh. Whatever your motivations for moving, it is not easy to relocate to an unknown place. However, there are many Tennessee cities where Californians feel at home. If you like large, urban areas, you can move to Franklin or Chattanooga. On the other hand, if you prefer rural places, you can choose Brownsville or Germantown. Whichever place you decide to settle in, you can rest assured that your life will change for the better. Plenty of people relocate to some of the great cities in Tennessee each year. You can be one of them if you hire some moving companies to help you out. Moving doesn’t need to be hard if you prepare carefully and do some research in advance.